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Moebius Cast-On

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Cast-Ons, Moebius

Video: Moebius Cast-On

Difficulty: Advanced

Moebius Ring

The moebius cast-on was invented by Cat Bordhi as a way to start a loop with one twist in it.

The cast-on itself is similar to a provisional cast-on, but then setting up the moebius and checking it to find the twist make the endeavor more complicated.

Working the first round can be a little slow and confusing - I've demonstrated the cast-on all the way through knitting the first round so that you won't get stuck.


1. Looking for the twist in your moebius is probably the hardest part of the cast-on. Just follow the cable of your circular needles with your eyes and fingers, gently moving the stitches if needed, until you see the spot where the cables cross each other.

2. Be aware: the crossing may be at or near your needle tips, where you might not be expecting it. This is perfectly fine.

3. As you knit into the cast-on, insert your needle tip from front to back into each "triangle" as it presents itself.

4. You will need to use your fingers to massage the stitches and push them around the moebius and up onto your left-hand needle. Don't worry, it's only like this at the beginning.

5. Wondering how I made such a tiny moebius for the photo? Thought it was impossible to make a tiny moebius without felting? Wrong. Magic Loop to the rescue again. That's right - with Magic Loop you can knit anything in the round, of any diameter - even a moebius. I won't pretend it wasn't a pain in the butt, but it can be done.

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