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Chinese Waitress Cast-On

Characteristics: has matching bind-off, recommended, reversible, stretchy
Difficulty: Intermediate

The Chinese Waitress Cast-On is a beautiful, reversible, and stretchy short-tail cast-on.

It was taught to knitting author Cap Sease's friend by a waitress in a Beijing restaurant, hence the great name.

Not only is this cast-on very stretchy, it also doesn't curl on stockinette, and it creates a reversible double-chain effect along the bottom edge that is very pretty.

I recommend this cast-on for Garter stitch as well. Use a needle one to two sizes smaller than on your project to make the cast-on blend into Garter stitch.

For those of you who are just bored by other cast-ons, this one is for you. It's different and interesting, but not hard.

Recommended Materials: Optional: Crochet hook


1. Try using a crochet hook instead of your right needle as an alternate way to do this cast-on.

2. When you go to bind off the stitch, hold the working yarn tight in order to tighten the last stitch on the needle. This makes it easier to bring the other stitch over it and off the needle.

3. Don't forget to bring the yarn over the front of the left-hand needle before you wrap it around the right-hand needle.

4. Remember to remove the right-hand needle and replace it in the stitch facing the other direction before you start each new stitch.

5. To make the last cast-on stitch look just as good as the rest of them, bring your yarn between your needle tips to the front of your work after creating the last stitch but before placing it on the left-hand needle.

More Information

For a matching bind-off, try Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off or a one-stitch I-Cord Bind-Off.

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