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Video: Crochet Provisional Cast-On

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

The crochet provisional cast-on is very convenient because it's so easy to remove.

It works the same way as the Chain Cast-On, only you'll be using a piece of waste yarn to cast on the first row . After you cast on, work the stitches in your working yarn according to your pattern.

When it's time to remove the cast-on, simply pull the tail - the chain will unravel easily.

To do a provisional cast-on for ribbing, work the first row after the cast-on in all knits or all purls. Then start the ribbing. This ensures the chain of provisional yarn unravels easily.

Extra Materials Needed: Crochet hook in same size called for on yarn label, stitch marker


1. After you have cast on the stitches you need, create one last loop but don't place it on your needle. Just remove the crochet hook and put in a stitch marker. This is the key to making the cast-on easy to remove later on.

2. When you remove the waste yarn and put the stitches on your left-hand needle, insert the needle from front to back to make sure the stitches are facing the right way.

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