Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

Are You in Love With Knitting, but Frustrated by the Types of Projects You're Limited to Right Now?

A Step-by-Step Video Class

Those two-at-a-time socks aren't going to knit themselves! To knit anything you want, you need technique. Master every skill needed to complete advanced projects with ease.


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You Deserve to Become a Fearless Knitter Who Can Knit Anything Your Heart Desires

I've made it my mission to create clear, easy-to-follow videos and knitting instruction that help you make breakthroughs in your knitting.

In this comprehensive video guide, I created nine video-based modules, each one building on the skills you learned in the previous section, so you're learning in an easy, step-by-step way without getting overwhelmed or frustrated.

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Ready to Become a Knitting Superstar?


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Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Knitting Superstar Superstar?


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Skills You Will Learn

  • how to knit in the round so you can easily make hats, mittens, gloves, socks, and sweaters without learning with double pointed needles.
  • a variety of choices you have for the perfect cast-on and bind-off for your project- it is those finishing notes which can make or break a project.
  • my tips on exactly which projects you should choose (and when you should start them) so you become an empowered and confident knitter, amazed by what you can knit (instead of frustrated by what you can't!) 
  • the keys to transforming your knitting mistakes into victories with me by your side giving you friendly expert advice and tips.
  • how to choose the perfect yarn for your project, including the best color for your skin tone, most flattering for your body shape, and the highest quality for your budget
  • the simple way to measure your knitting and count rows and stitches 

Class Contents

To date, 3499 happy customers have purchased this Knitting Superstar class.

About this Class

Knitting Superstar Includes
Nine video based modules in a 157-page, easy-to-follow PDF document that will walk you through all the knitting techniques a superstar (someone who can knit anything confidently and easily) needs to know.

Plus, you will receive pictures, step-by-step instructions, patterns, diagrams, handouts, and access to the enthusiastic, supportive community of knitters dedicated to helping each other achieve Knitting Superstardom.

Module 1: Magic Loop

After this module, you'll agree with my students and me: Magic Loop is genius!

We will explore exactly how to knit tubes of any diameter without stretched stitches or laddering.  No more double pointed needles or buying way too many needles for your projects.

You'll also learn how to adapt any pattern written in the round to Magic Loop. 

Module 2: Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks

Toe-up socks are not only a fast and fun project, but also a place to learn so many invaluable techniques that you can then use on other, more advanced projects.

Techniques like short rows, invisible bind-offs, and even going back and adding increases to previous rows when you forget them - these may seem like mysteries now but they won't be for long.

Included: How to knit anything two-at-a-time, the best toe-up cast-on, the no-holes Fleegle heel, and how to create your own (perfect-fitting) sock patterns (yep, even for your husband with size 13 feet).

Module 3: Top-Down Two-at-a-Time Socks

Top-down socks teach you even more challenging techniques like Liat's Limitless Cast-On for Two-at-a-Time Anything, Kitchener stitch, the "pick up and knit," and more - all skills you will use on future projects.

Bonus Tips Included: How to knit backwards, the foolproof way to measure your feet perfectly every time, and a fun + easy lace pattern to keep your socks interesting.

Module 4: Continental Knitting

In this intensive module, you'll learn how to make the switch from American Style to speedy and ergonomic Continental Knitting.

We'll cover different ways to tension the yarn in your left hand, exercises to help your fingers learn their new movements, and tips for how to make the switch without frustration.

Plus you'll learn ergonomic hand and body posture, as well as how to knit without looking (can you say "movie theater"?).

Module 5: How to Knit Faster

89% of knitters knit slower than they should.

In this module, I will show you proven ways students like you have used to knit faster, avoid hand fatigue and pain, and most importantly, enjoy knitting more projects!

Tips range from fixing your tension so that your stitches flow smoothly to avoiding and/or fixing common mistakes that happen when you try to go faster.

Module 6: Top 10 Knitting Mistakes

Knitting mistakes like dropped knit and purl stitches, twisted stitches, too-tight cast-ons and bind-offs... they're all fixable.

Being able to recognize and calmly fix mistakes will enable you to try more challenging projects because when you can fix your mistakes... you can tackle ANYTHING!

Included: 10 videos showing the most common mistakes all knitters make -- how to avoid them, how to recognize them, and how to fix them.

You'll Also Receive Tons of Bonus Materials

Video Knitting Dictionary

Cover image of the downloadable video knitting dictionaryThe key to learning to knit more challenging projects on your own is to learn to read the patterns that go with them.

I created this dictionary with over 30 videos so that any time you run into an unknown abbreviation or technique you'll have me there to teach you how to do it.

Just like when you learn a new language, when you learn to read more difficult patterns you need to have a dependable dictionary. The worst time to go looking on YouTube is when you're stuck in the middle of a project and just NEED to have someone show you the technique without any fuss.

Included: More than 100 common abbreviations defined, plus videos for the 30 most common techniques you'll encounter when knitting on your own.

How to Read Patterns

complicated pattern 2Never get confused by a pattern again! Once you learn the language of knitting, every pattern becomes a roadmap to a beautiful, fun project.

You'll learn: How to check your gauge easily, how to calculate ease for a perfect fit for you, how to understand the different sections of a knitting pattern.

You'll also learn how to read repeats and options, even when the pattern doesn't follow the established conventions.

How to Choose and Buy Yarn

skein-of-green-malabrigo-chunkyChefs know their ingredients and knitters must know theirs too.

When you know the right yarn to pick for each project, you'll avoid limp, saggy clothes, stiff, itchy scarves, and patterns obscured by color variations.

This is so important for having your projects come out the way they should that I've devoted a whole bonus section to it.

Includes: Choosing fibers, weights, and colors of yarn, plus when to save money and when to splurge.

Top 10 Knitting Books

handknit holidays book coverA certified book lover, after knitting for 15 years I've amassed a wonderful collection of knitting books that have helped me improve.

I give you the list of my top 10.

Includes: Everything from pattern books to stitch dictionaries to my #1 guide to learning about yarn.

Tons of Amazing Patterns!

Stack of papersTo learn the hundreds of techniques I teach you in this course, you'll need fun, fast, fashionable patterns to practice with. In this course I include more than 20 patterns that are specifically designed to 1) teach you the techniques easily and 2) look awesome. Plus I show you how to customize patterns to fit you just the way you like. more surprises that you'll have to buy the course to see!

Your Journey to Knitting Superstardom
In this Knitting Superstar course, we embark on a beautiful journey together, that starts with you having at least knitted a scarf, and ends with you being able to knit 90% of the amazing and gorgeous projects out there. And we’re going to get you there fast!

Just a few specific, carefully-chosen projects and a collection of the most important tips and tricks are going to bring you up to a level of knitting that you have NEVER imagined. I promise! You will become a Knitting Superstar.

Best Instructor For All Things Knitted

"Liat is the best teacher/instructor for all things knitted. Her Knitting Superstar Course definitely made me a knitting superstar. I feel fearless when I approach a project now. There were a lot of things I wouldn't even try before taking her course, now I will try anything. Love the way she teaches."
– Myrna P.

Don’t Have To Spend Forever Searching

"Thanks so much… I just ordered the Knitting Superstar!!! Oh my goodness…. so awesome. Now I don't have to spend forever searching for every single little technique or method out there. I cannot tell you how many useless videos I have had to sift through. Thanks again… I can't wait to try the new sock pattern."
– Jeanne T.

Videos Included In This Course

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Knitting Superstar Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

What Is a KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course?

A KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course is just like an in-person knitting class, but better.

  • Clear, distraction-free videos of everything you need to see
  • Instructions get right to the point, so there's NO WAITING
  • Helpful text, written instructions, and illustrations to refer back to
  • Practice projects and tips to help you keep learning
  • Troubleshooting: Fix any mistake you might make - taken from REAL, in-person classes
  • Tips and tricks: learn the tips to help you knit faster, more easily, and more efficiently

You Get: A Premium Online Video Course

  • Online class works on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
  • Set your own username and password to access your products at any time
  • Private "My Classes" page to track and keep all your classes in one place
  • Easily navigate even large classes with navigable sidebar Table of Contents
  • Read, watch, and enjoy your classes online from any device, at any hour of the day

Downloadable Videos for Offline Use*

  • Download course videos straight to your computer or mobile device
  • Enjoy offline video viewing for traveling or slow connections
  • Quickly scroll through videos with no buffering

A Reference PDF of the Class*

  • Download a reference PDF directly to your computer
  • Video placeholders show when to refer to your downloaded videos
  • Refer to all the text of the class without accessing the Internet
  • Save all your classes to your computer so you have them at your fingertips
  • To be used in conjunction with downloaded video files
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one.

*Not Included with KnitFreedom Monthly Subscription

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Knitting Superstar Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

What KnitFreedom Students Say About This Knitting Superstar Knitting Class:

The Course is My Lifeline

[Become a Knitting Superstar] is a masterpiece. I can't be without it. I had a car accident in 1996 and it left me with short term memory loss. The course is my lifeline.

– Sandi K.

Your Teaching and Videos are The Best There Are

OMG! I got your Knitting Superstar course when it first came out, and I can't be without it! I also have your Brioche course, and I can't be without that either. "Superstar" is my knitting Bible, and your Brioche course teaches it in such a way that it's not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it's fun (and beautiful) too!

Your teaching and videos are the best there are, and I've seen quite a few! Keep them and your site up "for-evah" (Boston accent activated)!

– Sandi K.

I Always Reach Out for Your Instructions

I bought your Knitting Superstar in 2011 and I really do not think I would have stayed with [knitting] if it hadn't been for your awesome videos! I have not stopped but love seeing your new things and whenever I get stuck I always reach out for your instructions because you are just that good! I also love seeing your posts!!!!

– Jayne M.

Best Instructor For All Things Knitted

Liat is the best teacher/instructor for all things knitted. Her Knitting Superstar Course definitely made me a knitting superstar. I feel fearless when I approach a project now. There were a lot of things I wouldn't even try before taking her course, now I will try anything. Love the way she teaches.

– Myrna P.

Fallen In Love With Socks

Liat, I LOVE your SuperStar program. Most of all, I have fallen in love with knitting socks – I am quite shocked how much I enjoy making these little buggers. Your instructions and videos are amazing. Your videography is wonderful and clear. Thank you for the attention you put into this.

– Susan M.

So Much More Fun!

Sending you a warm Cheerio from down under and a heartfelt thank you!! I am loving your Superhero course and am taking the time to learn new skills from your videos to better approach my first pair of socks... Your videos are amazing making things so C L E A R !!!...

My goals for 2016 feature mastering the art of Continental Knitting and I call 2016 My Year Of The Sock - a very warm thank you! Am glad I found you- it all seems so doable and you have made it all even so much more fun!!!

– Chokalo

Absolutely Comfortable

I am a huge fan of Liat and her online knitting courses and videos. I am truly an online learner and now knitter thanks to her. Up until one month ago I knew nothing about knitting, but I had an overwhelming desire to learn how to knit socks.

I bought books, I went to a local knitting store in a city I had visited (I do not have one in my town), I looked at tons of You Tube videos and I immediately feel at ease with Liat. Mind you my books purchases and other attempts to learn I feel were a waste of money and a waste of my time. Liat is an amazing teacher and I have so far made several socks which I am very proud of.

I owe that to her Knitting Superstar course and extra courses I purchased. They are filled with a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks. I used to be intimidated about knitting as I was so afraid of making a mistake, not anymore as I know how to fix them!

I have progressed so fast in my skills that I decided to buy her Knitting Mosaics Course. After watching it I can truly say I feel absolutely comfortable trying out this new skill. She breaks everything down and demonstrates everything so clearly, you never have a question. I can't say that about anything else I have tried. I am hoping to apply these techniques to my sock knitting, which I am obsessed with.

Speaking as a newbie, I feel I have gained so much through watching her videos and reading her materials. Every course I have viewed is explained so clearly and easily. If you too are looking to build on your skills or wish to gain a better understanding of anything about knitting, I highly recommend her courses. I hope my comments give you comfort in making your decision. I am not connected with her or her company, just a truly pleased customer. Thank you Liat for making learning how to knit so easy and so enjoyable!

– Cheri S.

Don’t Have To Spend Forever Searching

Thanks so much… I just ordered the Knitting Superstar!!! Oh my goodness…. so awesome. Now I don't have to spend forever searching for every single little technique or method out there. I cannot tell you how many useless videos I have had to sift through. Thanks again… I can't wait to try the new sock pattern.

– Jeanne T.

Taught Me Not To Be Afraid

Liat, Thank you so much for your Knitting Superstar. Without it, I never would have tried Magic Loop, I had long ago given up on making socks, basically I was afraid. You have taught me not only to not be afraid in knitting, but also this is transferring to other areas of life! :)

– Shellie

Buy It! You Won’t Be Sorry

I just wanted to put my two cents in about Liat's Superstar Knitting course. I LOVE this course. Liat shows everything in such detail and step by step. She does it slowly so you can see what she is doing and she shows the stitch and instructions in both continental and english style knitting.

I so want to be a knitting superstar and I wish I had nothing else I had to do but go thru the course faster and knit my days away. Knitting is more than a hobby - it has a calming effect. I would say it's a "zen" thing but I'm not sure I even know what that means - LOL

I did finally just get to learn how to do two at a time knitting. I made some boot cuffs for my first choice on that because I figured it would be an easy pattern to work with. Oh my gosh - what a huge difference it makes to get done and realize your are really DONE. I was knitting one at a time for a long time because I was a little afraid to tackle the two at a time thing but here again - Liat made it easy - I was making it hard when it wasn't. It's so thrilling to realize you don't have to start over doing the same thing again.

I have not tackled the socks yet. That's next on my list. My friends and family have kept me busy knitting fingerless gloves and boot cuffs so haven't gotten to the socks yet but I'm determined! I would love to be able to make a sweater someday and some pretty lace shawls. I know I will get there if I just keep learning with this course as I have time.

This course would be worth any amount of money so even Liat's normal price is so very inexpensive. She has a really nice voice too - pleasant to listen to and one of those voices that is distinct. I can't say enough about how wonderful Liat is as a teacher. You will not be disappointed and you will learn how to knit like a superstar. You can go at your own pace - fast or slow pokey like me but you will amaze yourself. BUY IT - BUY IT - BUY IT - you will not be sorry.

– Vicki S.

Finally, I Am Making Beautiful Things

I want to thank you for your "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." Last winter I decided to take my knitting to another level. I had knitted on and off for years (since I was a teenager..I'm now 60 :)) but was never quite pleased with my finished products. They were "okay" but nothing special and I had never attempted a sweater. I knew that would mean disaster.

First, I took a sock class at my LYS where I learned Magic Loop. That ignited something in me to forge ahead. I found your videos online (probably while googling something I needed for the sock class). The way you communicate really connected with me. You instructions and videos are clear and fun!

So, I bought "Becoming a Knitting Superstar." I went through the course step by step, mostly watching the videos over and over. I would watch them while working on the projects but I would also watch them while I was on my treadmill, waiting in an airport, etc. As I worked through the ebook, something began to click. Here are some of the things I learned that I found most helpful.

1. I learned to "read my work". This has helped tremendously. I don't make nearly the mistakes I used to, because I "catch" them before they are a real problem.

2. Learning how to fix my mistakes was the most freeing thing. I loved all you said about making mistakes. I even shared this with some of the gals at my church. I believe it is a great way to view life! The words goes beyond knitting.

3. I learned to relax. I used to hold my knitting with a death grip. My poor hands cramped up and knitting was not as relaxing as I thought it should be. This also increased my speed...which means I'm less distraught if I have to take something out or start over.

4. I gained confidence. My projects began to "turn out" just as I had hoped. I felt more confident when I went into my LYS. I knew the language. I even knew what questions to ask. As my projects began "turning out", in my head, I could hear you say "that's okay, because you will be making many beautiful things". (You say that somewhere in the Becoming a Superstar ebook...I'm just not sure exactly where.). Finally, I am making beautiful things. I finished my first sweater in August and I can actually wear it! I'm working on my second sweater and am super pleased. It's almost finished--all that's left is finishing up the sleeves. I made a really pretty shawl/scarf that had a lace edge with beading. And of course there are others. I haven't made one single thing since I took the course that I have not been happy about.

– Beth L.

Best $77 I Ever Spent

I want to say thank you to you Liat for your superstar knitting program it was the best $77 I ever spent in my life it has changed my life completely I'm really top. I belong to a knitting group now and I have friends I'm retired and learning how to knit socks it has has changed my life thank you so much I hope you and your family have the greatest Christmas ever because I know I will.

– Kathy K.

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Knitting Superstar Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership


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