Ch. 3 One-Color Brioche in the Round

One-Color Brioche in the RoundYou’re ready for a new challenge.

Brioche knitting in the round is a great set-up for two-color brioche, which I know you’re dying to start. This section will give you the right foundation.

Introducing the Brioche Purl Stitch

I use a new abbreviation in this section, which is:

  • br-p – brioche-purl: purl the next stitch together with the wrap that accompanies it

One Color Brioche in the Round on Magic Loop

You can use any technique to knit in the round with brioche. I show you here on Magic Loop.

Written instructions below the video.

One-Color Brioche In The Round

With larger needles, CO an even number of sts (here, 12 sts).

Set-Up Round: *sl 1 wyif, k1; rep from * to end. PM for BOR.
Round 1: with smaller needles, *br-k1, yf sl1yo; rep from * to end.
Round 2: *yf sl1yo, br-p1; rep from * to end.
Repeat Rounds 1-2 until you are ready to bind off.
Using a large needle, bind off with the Yarnover Bind-Off or any stretchy bind-off.

Tips And Skills To Practice

  • Take care not to lose your yarnover at then end of each round.
  • Try to read your work after the first two rounds, so you don’t have to read the instructions.

Great work! Let’s now do the same thing, only we’re going to incorporate a second color. But first, a quick note about blocking.

Blocking Your Brioche Knitting Project

Now that you might be starting an actual project with brioche, here’s a note about blocking.

Brioche fabric behaves differently than normal knitting when you get it wet. It’s already quite stretchy – when you wet-block it, brioche fabric groooows.

Please exercise caution before you wet-block a finished project; perhaps block a small swatch first.

If you want to block your project, I recommend you steam-block it. Just lay a damp cloth over the project and gently lay a steam iron over the cloth, pressing steam down into the knitting.

Don’t press down with much force or you will flatten the shape of the knitting.

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