Ch. 2 Brioche Knitting with a Selvedge

Let’s build on the skills we’ve just learned.

We’re going to learn a new cast-on, how to knit flat brioche with a selvedge (a one-stitch edge on either side), and a new invisible bind-off.

Here’s what our next swatch will look like:

One-Color Selvedge Brioche

Introduction to Flat Brioche with a Selvedge

Here’s an introduction to brioche knitting with a selvedge.

Italian Cast-On and Tubular Ribbing Set-Up

Let’s get started. When working brioche with a selvedge-stitch edge, note that you always cast on an odd number of stitches.

Here’s how to do the Italian cast-on and the proper set-up rows*.

*Please note: we’re actually going to work three set-up rows – just go straight to the next video when you’ve finished this one and I’ll do the third one with you.

One-Color Brioche Flat With A Selvedge Stitch

Below the video are the written instructions.


  • Sl 1 wyif – slip 1 with yarn in front
  • Sl 1 wyib – slip 1 with yarn in back

Flat Brioche Over An Odd Number Of Stitches

With larger needles, CO 13 sts.
If using Italian Cast-On, follow it with 3 rows of tubular ribbing as follows:
Row 1: K1, (k1, sl 1 wyif) to last 3 sts, k1, p2tog (this purls the last st with the loop that we started with).
Row 2: (K1, sl 1 wyif) to last st, end k1.
Row 3: (Sl 1 wyif, k1) to last st, end k1.

Begin to work in brioche stitch as follows:
Set-Up Row: With smaller needles, sl 1 wyib, *yf sl1yo, k1; rep from * to last st, end k1.
Row 1: Sl 1 wyib, *br-k1, yf sl1yo; rep from * to last st, end k1.
Row 2: Sl 1 wyib, *yf sl1yo, br-k1; rep from * to last st, end k1.
Repeat Rows 1-2 until you are ready to bind off.

Italian Bind-Off

Here’s a great invisible bind-off that will match your cast-on perfectly.

If you already know the Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off, this will be a breeze. But either way, I’ll walk you through the whole process below.

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