I'm Getting a Notice That the Adobe Flash Player Will Not Work After December 2020. How Will I Continue To Access My Paid Classes?

We’re sorry if that notice is a little unsettling! The good news is, you will still definitely have access to your classes - forever.

While the videos will no longer play within your downloaded PDFs because that technology is now obsolete, there are other ways to access your classes.

​You can always access the classes online by going to your My Classes page (click "My Classes" in the KnitFreedom menu bar).

​You can also download the actual video files to your computer or other device by going to your Video Downloads page. That way you can play the videos with no Internet connection. (For further help with how to download your videos, please see this FAQ.)

​In conjunction with your downloaded PDFs, this will mean you have full offline access to your classes, even if the videos are now in their own file and you play them separately from the PDFs.

Last Updated: June 18, 2020

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