The Videos in my Streaming PDFs Won't Play. How Do I Access My Paid Classes?

Unfortunately, Adobe has stopped distributing and updating its Flash Player, which is the technology that made our streaming PDFs run, so we can no longer offer that type of document. The good news is, this shouldn't affect how you interact with our material too much. You will still definitely have access to your classes - forever.

​The online experience isn't affected at all, and you can view your classes as usual by going to your My Classes page (click "My Classes" in the KnitFreedom menu bar).

If you prefer to view your classes offline, this is still absolutely possible, with one small adaptation. You will need to download the PDF and the video files to your computer or other device separately. You can find all the videos for your class at your Video Downloads page. (For further help with how to download your videos, please see this FAQ.)

Once all of the information is downloaded to your computer or other device, you will be able to enjoy your full class without an internet connection. Simply follow along with the class in your downloaded PDF as usual. When you come to a video, instead of seeing it stream in the PDF, what you will see is a placeholder with the name of the video you should watch. You can then easily select that video from among the ones you downloaded and watch it. Then you return to the PDF to continue with the class.

​This will mean you have full offline access to your classes, even if the videos are now in their own file and you play them separately from the PDFs.

Last Updated: August 20, 2020

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