What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza

Context is everything! When you see all the bind-offs together, you can get a complete idea of what is there, how you can use them, and how they fit together. Enjoy! All bind-offs are detailed in the upcoming ebook, I Love Bind-Offs.

Decorative Bind-Offs Sampler

Standard Bind-Offs Sampler

And the

Ribbed Bind-Offs Sampler (1x1 Rib)

Don't forget
2x2 rib...

Seaming Bind-Offs Sampler

But wait!
There's more...

Round Two.... ! Aw yeah:

Seed-Stitch Bind-Offs Sampler

2-Color Bind-Offs Sampler

2x2 RIB
2x2 Rib Bind-Off Sampler

Lace Bind-Offs Sampler

Now you know what all the best bind-offs in the world look like.
But to use them correctly, you'll need to know whether they are...

Therefore, each bind-off in the upcoming course comes with big icons so you can quickly pick the right bind-off, even if you've never done it before.

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204 thoughts on “What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza”

  1. Hi Ann,

    I don’t know of any chart that tells you how much yarn you need. I would estimate twice the amount needed to knit one row of the shawl (on the long edge right before binding off, that is).

    I hope this helps!

  2. Binding off would be so much easier if I knew how much yarn to save to bind off. I recently finished a shawl and I wanted to use all the yarn. I started the bind off when I had about 9 yards of yarn left ( using 2 strands of lace on size 8 us 5mm needles and probably 360 stitches. bottom edge about 108 inches) I decided 9 yards wasn’t going to be enough so I tinked back a row and had 18 yards for the picot bind off. I ran out of one skein just past the half way mark so I added a fingerling yarn in a color as close as I had to finish then I ran out of the 2nd skein about 6 inches from the end. Is there any chart that says for a particular binding you need x number yards of yarn for bind off for x number of inches of knitting?

  3. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could see clearly. alot of the times the picture in the patterns are really helpful..

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