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What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza

Liat Gat - Founder

March 5, 2014

Stretchy bind-offs, seaming bind-offs, invisible bind-offs, bind-offs for lace and garter stitch... they're all here. This post lets you view and compare all the bind-offs featured in my I Love Bind-Offs video course, available now.

Context is everything! When you see all the bind-offs together, you can get a complete idea of what is there, how you can use them, and how they fit together. Enjoy! All bind-offs are detailed in the upcoming ebook, I Love Bind-Offs.

Decorative Bind-Offs Sampler

Standard Bind-Offs Sampler

And the

Ribbed Bind-Offs Sampler (1x1 Rib)

Don’t forget
2×2 rib…

Seaming Bind-Offs Sampler

But wait!
There’s more…

Round Two…. ! Aw yeah:

Seed-Stitch Bind-Offs Sampler

2-Color Bind-Offs Sampler

2×2 RIB
2x2 Rib Bind-Off Sampler

Lace Bind-Offs Sampler

Now you know what all the best bind-offs in the world look like.
But to use them correctly, you’ll need to know whether they are…

Therefore, each bind-off in the upcoming course comes with big icons so you can quickly pick the right bind-off, even if you’ve never done it before.

This Post Was Inspired By “I Love Bind-Offs” — Available Now!

I Love Bind-Offs Ebook Cover

Rated 5 Stars on! Learn More

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Picture your own knitting and complete this sentence:

“Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could __________.”

Leave a comment and let me know what you came up with!

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204 thoughts on “What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza”

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I don’t know of any chart that tells you how much yarn you need. I would estimate twice the amount needed to knit one row of the shawl (on the long edge right before binding off, that is).

    I hope this helps!

  2. Binding off would be so much easier if I knew how much yarn to save to bind off. I recently finished a shawl and I wanted to use all the yarn. I started the bind off when I had about 9 yards of yarn left ( using 2 strands of lace on size 8 us 5mm needles and probably 360 stitches. bottom edge about 108 inches) I decided 9 yards wasn’t going to be enough so I tinked back a row and had 18 yards for the picot bind off. I ran out of one skein just past the half way mark so I added a fingerling yarn in a color as close as I had to finish then I ran out of the 2nd skein about 6 inches from the end. Is there any chart that says for a particular binding you need x number yards of yarn for bind off for x number of inches of knitting?

  3. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could see clearly. alot of the times the picture in the patterns are really helpful..

  4. I probably don’t understand….but as I view some of the “invisible bind offs” I wonder how they would work in the round. It seems like the tubular and kitchener would close up the end…..sorry I’m just struggling to visualize. Can you help?

  5. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if
    (a) I could do it faster without getting it too tight
    (b) I knew which one to use for what
    (c) I kne which one to use when I’ve VERY LITTLE yarn left!

  6. I have been knitting for a long time (over 50 years), but you are encouraging me to become more skilled. Thank you for your excellent tutorials. Sometimes the sound is very soft and I can’t quite hear it. I love your idea to actually knit all those cast on and bind offs. Your web site is the best! I am passing it on to my knitting buddies.

  7. … if I had better choices. That’s it simply put. I’m excited to see your compilation of choices for my projects!

  8. get your ebook already, ’cause I know it’s going to have more than I will ever need and I’ll be able to understand it.

    1. Hi Vera,

      Thank you for your interest!

      Right now it’s not available on Kindle, since it is filled with videos. I will try to make a way to put in on Kindle. I will send out an email when I have done it. It will be in the future, though.

  9. Is it possible to get a printed (rather than ecopy) version of this?

    I love your work, but my computer is so slow that downloading is a pain.

  10. Make it look like it’s part of the item I’m binding off instead of something completely different.

  11. . . . . see what is available and make a good choice without –searching the internet — not be disappointed in the finish – – -ripping out and starting another bind-off !! You are definitely my ‘go-to’ expert !!

  12. I love the idea of matching a bind off to add to Or enhance the look of the garment or blend in, but not knowing what options might look like prevents me from experimenting. Redoing a bind off when it’s too tight is frustrating. As a visual learner, seeing the look of various bind offs in one place would help me choose. Step by step videos really help (why I often use Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off often).

  13. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could find a bind-off that matches my cast-on.” A reference list with matching bind-offs and cast-ons is my dream (I am looking at YOU, channel island cast on!!) Is this what others mean when they say they want a bind-off that matches their project? If so, add my request to that long list! And as always Liat, thank you for all you do!

  14. Liat,
    If you make a laminated “to go” version of the bind-offs, please put the pages on openable rings, so we can take only the page(s) we need with us, if we decide on the bind-off ahead of time.

  15. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if this crucial finishing touch reflected the hours of work and attention to detail that the rest of the item shows instead of looking like an after thought. Whether it’s my work or someone else’s, after the initial glance at the entire project, my eyes go directly to the bind off. (like a quality control check!) Simply put… it makes it, or breaks it!
    Thank you, Liat, for sharing all of your hard earned knowledge with the rest of us. Soooo appreciate your thorough, easy to understand, and always FUN tutorials! This one will be no exception!

  16. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could not be so terrified of dropping stitches off of slippery needles and not knowing how to correct the mistake.”

  17. Would be better if I could switch it up by learning some new techniques. I could match things to my projects better. I am looking forward to your book so that
    I can find some new ideas!!! Hurry up Saturday!!!

  18. If I could figure out what to put the purple edging on. I think it is beautiful. Also agree with all who would like you by my side to advise. You are the best!

  19. Know which BO to use for which purpose. I know several BOs but am not sure when to use them or on which type yarns.

  20. I’m new to the site and this looks great. If this is a sample of what I’m going to see, I’m excited. Thanks for doing all this work for us.

    1. Welcome, Ellen, I’m glad you commented! I have made it my life’s work to get knitters like you the very best, most concise, clear, and helpful instruction on how to do knitting techniques, so that you can knit with enjoyment and confidence.

      If I help you improve your knitting, and your enjoyment of it, then our site is a success. Please feel free to comment any time and let me know how it’s going and how I can help.

  21. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could just have Liat in the co-pilot seat. Besides, having a cup of tea with her would just be the BEST!!!

  22. I’m a very visual person & your video’s are awesome! Do you have plans to do the same thing with cast on’s? I sure hope so.

  23. I could knit faster to make enough items to use all the exciting bind offs that I will learn when I get your book.

  24. Milda Stechyshyn

    Looking forward to having such a fabulous reference for different types of bind-offs. I agree with many of the other comments that a hard copy of the book would be ideal, but even the ebook is highly appreciated.

  25. … if I knew what it would look like before I start – which I will be able to once I can get my hands on your new bind-off book. Finding you online has been the best thing to happen to my knitting, and my enjoyment of it, since I picked up a pair of needles.

  26. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I didn’t have to Google “bindoffs” just to find the right one for my project… Oh! That’s what you’re giving us, so binding off is all of those things now. There’s nothing worse than knitting a project forever and then having a too-loose, too-tight bindoff. Thanks Liat!

  27. Binding off would be so much more fun if it didn’t look poopy when finished. Hope I can write that. ” sigh”

  28. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could __________.”
    Have my finished bind off be appropriate to the knitted item I have spent so many hours knitting with love and care. Your instructions and all the options you provided meet all of those. Thank you

  29. … if I could… remember the ones I need for the project I’m on OR have a book full of all the possible bind-offs! The download will be a HUGE resource, but I’d LOVE to have a book that I could leaf through and decide on my bind-offs!

    What would it take to get a book printed?

    1. Janet, I’m not sure but I’m definitely going to look into it now that so many people have suggested it. I’ll ask my book publisher and see what she says.

  30. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could figure out the best bind-off necessary for use in the pattern (loose, edged, etc.) all in one place without having to wade through other knitting information. Just tell me what I need!!

    1. Elaine, I think the icons will really help you find the info you want quickly. There’s more written information and tips about the bind-offs, but each one starts off with big icons so you can scan quickly and find what you’re looking for.

  31. I have problems with my bind offs being too tight. I frequently rip out the bid off and re-knit it. I use a larger needle than suggested. The picot & suspended BO is better but not good. Surely with all these choices, I can find one that works for me.

  32. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could remember which one I should do for the project I’m doing.”

  33. If I had a DVD that was interactive by type of bind-off. Then I would have pause options. And could rewind easier.

  34. What do you recommend for a bind off for toe up socks? I have been using a technique where every other stitch is held on a separate needle. Both needles are held parallel to each other and you use a tapestry needle to weave the stitches ‘off’. I don’t know what it’s called but am wondering if it will be included. Thank you.

    1. Mary, the bind-off that you’re talking about is the Tubular bind-off, and it’s definitely included. I’m a big fan of that technique.

      If you don’t want to do something so labor-intensive, I recommend Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off for toe-up socks. It’s fast and stretchy and keeps its shape nicely. I also give other options in my course as well.

  35. Diane Battaglia

    It would be so much more fun if I had all the different possibilities pictured in front of me so I could be like a kid in the candy store and pick out which one I wanted!

  36. . . .If I could access pictures and instructions on how to do a variety of bind-offs with tips on figure out which ones are the best for my project. Oh wait! I will be able to do that because of the wonderful Liat!!! Thank you!!!!

  37. Binding off would be so much fun and would cause so much less stress if Liat was my best friend and we lived next door to each other and I could help her with all her projects. However, since all I have is my cyber-friendship, a go-to, user friendly reference (with big colorful pictures) would be wonderful. Thanks again, Liat! ❤️

  38. Dorothy Hunter-Talbot

    Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could know which one to use to give that WOW finish look to my work.

    Really looking forward to your book :-)

  39. .. could be familiar with at least an half of those bind-offs..
    .. could decide which one of those is the best for my project..
    .. could handle also the most challenging bind offs ..
    .. could have this great book!

  40. Bind off would be so much more fun, If I had the next best thing to having you at my side which is impossible. but to have a reference at my finger tips is a great.
    Thank you.

  41. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could read the exact bind-off stated in a pattern.

  42. Would be a lot easier to have a quick reference on different types of bind offs to refer to along with what looks good as well

  43. If I could have a variety of ways to BO…..Look forward to a Bind off book…
    Thanks :) I’m new to this sight…

  44. I’d like to know which one looks best on the specific yarn and project that I’m using. Also, knowing the pros and cons of each bind off or cast on is useful. A pros and cons chart would be invaluable.

  45. …if I could carry the bind-off video with me on my Kindle/iPad.

    Can’t wait for the video release on Saturday!!!

    1. Working on it! You can definitely use the entire course on your iPad if you are connected to the internet. I made certain that it was easy and pleasant to do so. :)

  46. If I always knew which bind-off matched the cast-on I had used- and remember which side the prettier side of the bind-off was going to face.

  47. —-so looking forward to your bind-off book. Can paper copies be made? I understand from others’ comments that you have more books; how can one get them?

    REALLY like your videos – have forwarded them to my grandson who “makes stitches” since that is a more “manly” endeavor. Keep up the wonderful/good work!!

  48. My bind offs would be so much easier if I had a reference that allowed me to pick
    the perfect one for my project and my abilities. Looking forward to the reference book!!!

  49. I was so glad to see the Matching CO icon! It’s the answer to my question from yesterday’s post. Any chance you’ll be putting this video guide into a standard ebook format or hard copy? I’d appreciate it if someone could tell me if there’s a way I can download it onto my iPad — I don’t always have wireless access when I take my knitting along. Needless to say, I can’t wait for your guide to come out on Saturday!

    1. Catherine, yes, I’ve filled the course with matching cast-ons where they exist.

      The course comes with the PDF ebook as well (although it doesn’t include all the step-by-step graphics – the PDF would just be way too large) – it includes the icons and photos of each bind off, the text about each bind-off, and the videos.

      We are working on building an app so you can have offline access on your iPad. It’s something that everyone wants very much and I am determined to make it happen.

  50. I totally agree with Marjorie and others below her comment…having Liat Gat sitting next to me and helping! ha

  51. I would love for my bind offs to be as neat as my knitting. It is the one part of knitting I would like to hide!

  52. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could _have this reference book, one easy reference to find all the different bind-offs._________.”

  53. I’ve got a simple open stitch garment in the works (yo s1 k1 paso, all rows identical. Am I covered for an in pattern bind off with those yarn overs in your book?

  54. ….if i could have a hard copy…..a book…and make one for the cast-ons too…..with yoyr great pictures and text….

  55. plug into a algorithm like: {sock, ribbed}, or {scarf, type of cast on used} or {sweater, hem} and then pick.

    1. Oooh, I think that might be possible (easily, in fact) on the new site I’m building.

      You’ll already to be able to click on any of the icons and see all the bind-offs with that same icon (all stretchy, all easy, etc). I should do the same thing for certain projects!

      Thanks so much for your suggestion.

  56. if some onelse would do it but seriously I have tried a couple of these bind-offs and they have been fantastic.

  57. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I had an encyclopedia of bind offs. Hey, wait, silly me! I do have a reference book i can refer to an it publishes on Saturday, March 8th. Yeah! Woot woot!

  58. Barbara LeBlanc

    “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could access Liat’s ebook on my cellphone or IPad to have the instructions for whatever binding I choose right at my fingertips no matter where I am knitting at the present time.” I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering because the instructions would be right there.

    1. I think you’re going to love looking at this ebook on your iPad. You can make a link on your home screen right to it. The navigation is really fast and easy.

      I was checking it on my iPad the whole time I was putting it together, and it’s really easy to use.

  59. I had Liat’s bind off book! Can’t wait so see it, get it, use it! Thank you for putting this book together :)

  60. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could… NO, no if’s or but’s about it – Binding off IS now so much easier/more fun/more exciting … thank you :-)

  61. If I didn’t unpick it several times because it’s too tight, and THEN still have to sew the blessed thing together before I can wear it!!

  62. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could remember all of these bind-offs / cast-offs or perhaps had an iPhone app to remind me of them all!

  63. Anne Stevenson

    …if I were doing it while surrounded by palm trees and the ocean, with beach service provided, a big hat, fluffy clothes that blow in the gentle breeze…and, yes, the book/

  64. … if I could find a site to download more TIME to knit other things than my most important items: the knitted breast prostheses, which we give away free to mastectomy patients. But I’m so thankful for all the information, I get here and saving them carefully.

  65. Sandy Peterson

    If U were here to help me learn all of these! So great! And as a person who has been knitting just over a year, U have such helpful things to teach all of us! Thank You!!!

  66. I am sooooooo excited to see what’s in store on Saturday!!!!! Love it knowing that there is something we can watch and will have answers all in one place.

  67. Madeleine Hanlon

    know which one would be the best for the different projects and if I had your book ^_^ I have been knitting since I was 7 now 67 and didn’t know that there were so many that I hadn’t heard of before….

  68. Cynthia Durham

    … If I could have the right bind off for the project, one that would match the cast on and give my project the finished look I crave but rarely succeed in creating. A cast off I would be proud to end my project with and I could say “My, doesn’t that look delightful!” My collection of ‘Holy shit, I need to know this!’ references shall not be complete without this!

  69. “…memorize a choice few so I had an arsenal of a decorative, a stretchy, a matching, and a fast bind off!!”

  70. I to would love a hard copy as I don’t knit in front of my computer but have my tecniqes near my chair and I would love to use your bind offs on my knitting. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this new ebook.

  71. see what the bind off is suppose to look like and have the options of doing it or changing to another bind off.
    Your instructions for knitting a wonderful reference.

  72. I love the way you have presented the bind-offs. I always use the same bind-off but now that I know there are others, I might try them. Thanks

  73. It would be so much better if I had more choices, could match my bind-off to my cast-on and had a sense of what was best for what–it is so disheartening to get to the end of a project and end up with a so-so bind-off. I’m really looking forward to this new e-book!

  74. Can’t wait. After fighting through Kitchener on an in line 2×2 italian tubular cast off I longed for your clear instruction!

    1. Tom, you are going to LOVE what I’ve put together for you.

      The Kitchener and Kitchener 2×2 rib cast-off tutorials are very thorough and at the same time not so detailed that you forget where you are and wonder if it’s ever going to end.

  75. Unbelievable…..I did not even know that so many bind off’s exist. When I can dedicate more time for my projects, this book would be helpful. You rock Liat! I watch all your little demos and they are all clear and useful.

  76. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could….get the yarn to also clean the house at the same time!

  77. Joan Trautwein

    …if I could have a little handy reference in my knitting bag. I intend to make a hard copy of the specific bind-off for the project. If I use it often enough, I’ll remember it and won’t need “cheat sheets”. I’ll need the hard copy because I am not attached to a computer at all times.

  78. See how it is done, why it is done and when to use that particular type of bind off. when it say bind off in knit, we’ll what way is that?

  79. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks for all the help ou give. Is there any chance for a hard copy???

    1. Iris, a lot of readers have suggested it, so I’m going to look into it. I’ll see if I can create a hard-copy reference at a reasonable price for you all.

  80. Binding off would be so much more exciting if I could knit faster and do it more often. I do enjoy binding off and I’ll like to try more of them.

  81. Helen Morrisey

    Binding Off would be so much easier & more fun & nicer to look at if I could pick out the correct bind-off for the various types of stitches/pattern used.I have found your videos excellent.

  82. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting with a handy, easy to understand and follow, tip-ridden, everything I ever wanted to know, all in one place, reference guide presented with lovely manicured hands show me the way to finish my projects perfectly!

  83. If I could bind off neatly, tidy, efficiently, properly, appropriately according to the project being completed.

  84. … if I knew which bind off would work best with good instructions and pictures (as I am a visual learner) for the garment and fiber I am working with . Liat I am so excited about your new class (ebook). I have just about all of your ebooks or classes and refer to them often. What a nice companion to go with the cast-on ebook. Thanks for all you do to help the knitting community.

  85. Matching bind off to the project more appropriately.
    I already know that using the correct cast on makes a lot of difference, so learning to choose the correct bind off is really going to help improve my knitting. Thanks so much for all of your help!

  86. Jennifer Wollesen

    If only I can remember them! I keep going back to the K1, K1, Pass stitch over. I’ve downloaded your app on my ibook so maybe i’ll remember to look there. Thanks so much for all you do.

  87. I want a bind off that’s attractive and sturdy. And stretchy when necessary and doesn’t look like a lumpy mess.

  88. I knew which bind off method would look best with my projects. Would love to have a go to with directions that are better explained than what I have now! Tired of using the same one over and over again!! Love the pictures and hoping there will be more info to come!!

  89. brilliant work! you are amazing! my only critique would be on the pics the red yarn sample is sort of hard to see at times …just not as clear as the other sample colors.
    bravo to you and score for all your fans!

  90. I would know just what bind-off to use, instead of using the same one all the time. Your bind-off all look fantastic. Thank you for showing all these bind-offs.

  91. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could become Liat for a day! But realistically…..

    Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could have easy to follow directions close at hand.

  92. Binding off would be so much easier…i read through all the comments and just want to say uh huh…yep…that’s right….
    Thank You Liat for your Exubirant teaching spirit! I don’t have the time, patience or knowledge so Thank You for sharing Yours :)

  93. I’m always looking for a stretchy bind-off for my socks. I need something to stretch over my calves yet not allow the socks to fall down……your many bind-offs gives me many many options….thanks so much for them and all your hard work. (although I bet it was fun to do)

    1. I agree with Carol. I know there is going to be a better bind off that I should be using I just dont know enough to choose the right one. This should help a tone.

  94. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I knew a variety of them and which one to use when. I did not know there were so many and I have been frustrated at times with how unelastic the standard bind off is. Looking forward to getting this book!

  95. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could seam without frustration! I have a wonderful bag with Noro Hisuji but it sits because I truly hate seaming. I can’t do it well so I want a technique that will be easier than mattress stitch!

    1. Pauline A Stevens

      Me too, seaming is my problem also!
      I hate the feel of the edging when I wear the finished project.

    2. I think you will really like Russian Grafting. All the seaming techniques in this book are done while the project is still on the needles, so instead of binding off and then seaming with mattress stitch, you can just do it all in one go. :)

  96. Easily figure out which one would match the cast on I used and what situations to use them–for example, this bind off is used for lace because it’s super stretchy). The pictures you have are awesome! Also, pictures for the steps of the instructions, because like others have said, seeing it helps to understand the text many times.
    Thank you for asking our issues.

  97. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could have a bind off that matched my cast on edge, was not too tight (I usually use a larger needle when binding off as I do when casting on) and was relatively easy and efficient to do. Thanks for all your research into this topic and I can’t wait for Saturday!

  98. …if this “Book of Knowledge” was in my bag of tricks! Now it will be! And I’ll recommend it to every one of my Finishing-Class knitting students.
    Thanks, Liat.!

  99. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could have a handy, easy reference guide to pick the perfect bind-off every time.”

  100. I used the Icelandic bind off for a seamless top down cardigan yesterday. It made all the difference. Perfect finished look! Can’t wait to have access to all of the bind off techniques. Thank you so much for doing all that work!!

  101. Thank you so very much for taking your time and effort to make our knitting so much better!!! I have learned so much!!!

  102. … if I could envision what it is going to look like before I do it. The photos are fabulous and I hope you’ll make this available as a ebook or other kind of handy reference in addition to the course!

    1. Of course! The course comes with a PDF ebook that you can download that has the photos and the videos, just like all the other courses.

      And, thanks to people’s creative comments on here, I might look into doing some sort of laminated hard-copy thing that people could carry around. Wouldn’t that be cool?

      1. Yes, a hard copy book would be great. Even though I do love the videos. You are a great teacher. I would love for the bind offs to look comparable to the cast on. Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

  103. Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could figure out what the designer had used. Wish they told you instead of just saying bind off.

  104. ….if I could pick the right one with confidence. Your instructions always make it easier to execute the stitches, but knowing the best choice would make binding off pretty darn exciting!

    1. I agree… also having some recommendations for the use/ and the gauge/yarn weight that it works the best with would be super helpful. looking forward to seeing your latest release.
      Also the best pairings… case on/bind offs that would well together.

  105. Binding off would be more exciting and satisfying if I had more than two choices! I’m looking forward to your book Liat! Oh the possibilities I’ll have now!!!

  106. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could __________.” … actually finish a project more often and figure out which BO to usee.

  107. end a project that looks really good, which thanks to you Liat just very well could be possible. You are one remarkable person. Do you ever sit without needles in your hands?

    1. Agreed! I would like a bind off that matches my cast on. I love Cast Ons- Sounds like a good next book. What do you think Liat?

  108. Can’t wait till Saturday. What a great reference! I make a lot of socks and am not in love with my bind-offs. Can’t wait to try different ones!

  109. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could figure out a) which bind off to use, and b) loosen it up! BTW, I was reading the Loopy Ewe blog and came across your sister’s myofascial stretches for knitters — terrific stuff! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve copied that post (credited to you of course) into my own little handbook of “useful things to know”, and will link to your post from my blog if that’s ok. And I’ll be telling folks to read the comments too — lots of good ideas there, you just seem to bring them out of your readers. Thanks!

    1. Hey, of course it’s okay! Every time you share my posts it’s so helpful to me. And I agree, the comments are very helpful. My sister is subscribed to the comments on that post, so she sometimes answers people’s questions too.

  110. “Binding off would be so much easier/more fun/more exciting if I could have Liat sitting next to me to help me figure out which bind off is best for my project and how to do it!”

  111. know which bind-off to use and see how they are done rather then just read instructions because sometimes the instructions are totally confusing and I just give up.Pat rand

  112. If I could have a “go-to” reference book with easy to find, clear instructions. And your book is on my wish list for my upcoming birthday at the end of this month.
    Those clear photos of bind offs look amazing! :)

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