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What I Learned From Knitting 200 Bind-Offs

Liat Gat - Founder

March 3, 2014

To create the new I Love Bind-Offs video class, I didn’t want to just record videos of bind-offs that other people chose for their books, or pass on to you what they said without testing everything for myself. I ended up knitting over 200 bind-offs so that I could offer you what no other resource does -- my opinion.

200 Bind-Offs: Pile-up animation

198… 199… 200…

As you may know by now, I’ve been working over the past three months to bring you a new and amazing e-book on bind-offs.

What you may not know is that I did not have an endless encyclopedia of these finishing techniques in my head when I started.

To create the ebook, I didn’t want to just record videos of bind-offs that other people chose for their books, or even pass on what they said without testing everything for myself.

I wanted to dive in and analyze each of the bind-offs that I would include in my e-book, mainly so that I could offer you what no other resource does — my opinion!

The choice was clear: I was going to have to knit them all.

And so it started with the first bind-off.

I got out all of my finishing books and started knitting swatches for each technique. I read what other people said the technique would be good for and then I worked it again, this time deciding for myself.

Then I worked it again, taking notes on not only how to do the bind-off and what my students should watch out for, but also how to explain it better in the first place.

I knitted long strips of Stockinette, Garter stitch, and ribbing, and worked the bind-offs down the rows again and again while deciding whether to include them in the e-book.

As I continued this process for all of the different techniques, eventually I realized that I was coming up to – and surpassing – 200 bind-off swatches!

Wondering Why So Many?

Pile of Bind-Offs brightly coloredFirst of all, amazing things happen when you push yourself to learn something new.

Before working on this book, there were bind-offs that I didn’t even try because they seemed so complicated that they weren’t worth learning.

But, because I persisted in knitting ALL the bind-offs and not just the “likely” candidates, I learned that many of those bind-offs aren’t as complicated as they seem at first glance – Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off is one example.

I also found that if they are more complex, they are often worth learning anyway, because they create a better final project. The Tulips Buttonhole is a great example of a vastly more complex technique that is still totally worth doing.

If the techniques were truly more complicated and NOT better than the other, easier, bind-offs? Well, I found that out too, and I rejected them faster than you can say, “Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off.”

Which leads me to my biggest surprise: I was settling for bad bind-offs.

Are There Bad Bind-Offs?

It probably isn’t nice to call a bind-off “bad,” but let’s just say that some bind-offs are faster, prettier, stretchier, sturdier, and easier than others. If you get my drift.

To find the bind-offs worthy of inclusion in the new book, as I knitted, I asked myself,

  • “Did I have fun doing this technique?”
  • “Would learning this help me learn a more difficult bind-off later?”
  • “Is this better than anything else I’ve come across?”

This Journey Was Full of Surprises

I was surprised to find that, in almost every situation, there is a better bind-off than the one I’d been using for my projects. And I’m a professional!

Now, for every type of project I do, I have a new favorite bind-off that I know is perfect.

201… 202… 203…

Knitting more than 200 bind-offs has helped me distill the vast sea of techniques out there.

From it, I created a thorough, but never overwhelming, compendium of bind-offs that you would actually want to do.

The e-book is almost here and I’m so excited for you to see it.

You won’t have to knit 200 bind-offs like I did — only the best ones.

This Post Was Inspired By “I Love Bind-Offs” — Available Now!

I Love Bind-Offs Ebook Cover

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  1. Hilarious! You’re so funny, Liat! (Not to mention a great teacher… :))
    I’m going to look and see what you decided about the Italian bind-off, which was hard to learn (and slow!) but pretty cool looking…..

  2. Liat, I’m always thrilled when you put out something new. Not to sound like I’m schmoozing you, but of all the video tutorials on the net, I find yours to be the very best out there! I envy new knitters, bitten by the knitter bug, hitting the net to find help, and finding YOUR resources available.

    Living in a small town without a local yarn shop (we now have a tiny one), I was forced to teach myself to knit from online videos. The quality of those videos was sorely lacking. Yours are done so very proffessionally. Add to that, your engaging personality, and your vids are the bomb! I tell all new knitters I meet about Knitting Freedom.

    Back to the new book subject, my very first completed knitting project was a total bust because of my poor bind off. Had I found your videos back when I first began, I’d have thought I hit the knitting jackpot. Congratulations on another e-book, which I am sure will be a great success! :-)

  3. More power to you! What a great job. I always worry a bit about bind-off’s. Will it be to tight? Will it be too loose? Will it be stretchy? You have taken up a worthy cause.

  4. I will buy this book as soon as my next check comes in. I used one of the bind-offs you wrote about for my last project and I LOVED IT! Thank you so much — I can hardly wait!

  5. So happy to have bind offs in an easily accessible location. I knew there had to be a better way, after all of the knitting, to create the desired finish! Thank you!

  6. Thank you Liat – I am eager to add the bind off ebook to my cast on ebook – a perfect set of bookends (so to speak).

  7. Wow…. 2oo+ Bindoffs (what we call Cast offs) I never knew so many existed. I’ve been knitting for over 50 years and only have ever cast off in about 2 different ways.
    I think you are a hero for attempting what sounds such a mamoth task.
    Like everybody else, I’m really looking forward to seeing the results.
    Thank you so much for all your troubles and hard work.

  8. I look forward to your book. I seldom do anything special on a bind-off. It’s time to learn some new skills. Ready and waiting!!

  9. Holy smokes, Liat. You have a genuinely extraordinary gift for breaking down complex information into its basic essential components, and then magically explaining in a way that helps people of ALL learning styles in their journey to become better knitters. Thank you thank you thank you for the process you use in tackling a new topic, and presenting it back to us fresh, new and crystal clear. I recently got a DVD to fix knitting mistakes, and was disappointed, because it didn’t hold a CANDLE to how clear and concise your e-courses are. Now if we could just convince you to produce DVDs through Kickstarter! Thanks again for being such a blessing in the knitting community around the world. Where do I sign up to buy the long term learning plan?
    Lisa M.

  10. Wow lots of comments here, i don’t think I can improve on any of them. I am really looking forward to getting the book and trying them out. Thanks N

  11. Thanks for your true and complete commitment for making knitting a beautiful experience by sharing your new knowledge. We all love and appreciate your continued expertise — you are a TEACHER which not everyone can say they are even though they may be in that specific field. You are the REAL DEAL. Thank you!

  12. I can’t wait to add this to my collection of all your EBooks! I so appreciate your hard work toward giving the BEST information possible in each and every book. This is sure to be another big hit! I am counting down until Saturday…….

  13. I love all your emails. I save them all to my folder called Knitting (but it also includes crochet)

    This animated one was such fun. I think you’re doing a great job. I have been knitting about 50 years and there are times I see something that you post that jars my memory and I say, “Oh Yeah! I forgot about that. ”

    Thanks for a great site, and fun email.

  14. Your stick-to-it-iveness and your contagious enthusiasm are amazing! I am always disappointed in whatever ‘new’ bind-off I attempt, I never know which will be best or which I’ll be able to execute … so I am looking forward to your e-book with great hope I can change my skills AND attitude :)

  15. Only another knitter can understand the excitement I get while knitting and discovering a new, fun technique. Your videos have always helped me build my knitting foundation. I will be adding this new book to my Liat folder on my desktop!

  16. I just finished my first lace shawl, ready to bind off. Can’t wait to find the right bind off for this shawl.

  17. I have been knitting for many years sand still learn new things from your websites and videos. An shook on bi doffs would be AWESOME!
    We all appreciate all the work you do.

  18. I love your posts and instructions! You make it easy for me because you’ve done all the hard work and then break down and explain the steps so I can follow. You have a wonderful gift for teaching! The Chinese Waitress cast-on has become a favorite for me, and I’ve been using it on almost everything, even when I don’t know if I should use it :-), but it just seems to work so well. In fact, I’ve used it to CO a scarf I’m doing in brioche stitch.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I have a few questions:

    1) Can you tell me what bind-off to use for my scarf that will give me a stretchiness and an edge similar to the Chinese Waitress CO?

    2) Have you explained somewhere which BO’s create an edge similar to certain CO’s? Sometimes I don’t know what to do when I want a BO that will give me an edge similar to my CO.

    3) Does your bind-offs ebook also explain what type of pattern/stitch a BO is probably best used with? Like, which BO’s work best with a brioche stitch, for example. Just something I was wondering, but I’m sure I’ll find out when your book is out on Saturday.

  19. Sandra Woodall

    Information like this is why I subscribe to knitlists. There is so much I do not know and would like to.

  20. Liat,

    Thanks for everything you do. I am a beginner with not to much under my belt. I am learning to relax an enjoy life again since my husband passed away 5 years ago. Knitting has helped so much in the relaxing part. I have made 9 beanies and 2 pair of socks since Oct. Yes I am slow but that’s ok. I am relaxed. Can’t wait for the e-book. Hugs to you and yours.

  21. Liat,

    I am really looking forward to getting this new ebook and learning the techniques. Ever since I became a “Knitting Superstar” I truly get excited to learn something new – I am courageous!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!


  22. Can’t wait until Saturday !! You have been my ‘go-to’ person on Youtube ! See you Saturday….
    Thanks and many blessings

  23. Wow I am amazed at your perserverence. I knew there was tons of bind offs I didn’t know. But I had no idea there were that many.

  24. As usual, your excellence shines above the rest. I’ve taken bind-off classes, and your enthusiasm and expertise are refreshing. Liat is never boring!

  25. Awesome!
    On one project I did, I researched and swatched about 12 or so bind offs until I found the one I wanted to use. took a while and I was VERY happy when I was done. Doing more than 200++ should be some sort of world record.

  26. Awesome!
    On one project I did, I researched and swatched about 12 or so bind offs until I found the one I wanted to use. It took a while and I was VERY happy when I was done. Doing 200++ should be some sort of world record.
    Brava! –

  27. Donna Fournier

    Thank you! I’ve learned SO MUCH from you and continue to do so. I go back to your tutorials again and again for help. My knitting needles and yarn thank you too; they are no longer ignored out of frustration! I’m having so much fun and learning along the way.

  28. WOW!!!! You are amazing! You either have sleep issues or just have an enormous amount of stamina and determination. I, myself, am very happy for you doing all the knitwork for me and others. I have this little problem here. It is called work. Out of the house and in the house. But with all my kids grown up and out on their own I do have some time on my hands. Oh, wait, I do have one more at home. My dear husband. He likes to eat. LOL So do I but I can nibble while I knit. He wants the works. I really don’t mind. He’s a great guy!!
    Thanks again for all your hard work and determination.

  29. Wow, I thought I’d never get through all the pages of comments to leave one of my own! I really am so happy that you went to so much trouble for all of us to learn the best ways with your ebook. I’ll be trying to get one come Saturday and thank you so much.

  30. What a wonderful ebook to have as a relatively new knitter! I love your videos already so I know this will be great! Thanks for doing this ebook! Is it Saturday yet?

  31. I cant believe you did that many bind-offs. Truly amazing stuff. It sure will be an interesting and useful book, as I have had times when I haven’t been happy with a bind-off as it hasn’t looked right, but I haven’t had any other option, so I have had to settle for what I had. But not anymore!! Can’t wait for the book!!

  32. Love the post! Love you! Love your enthusiasm because you have it with everything knitting that you share with us and it makes reading, learning, doing more fun and interesting. THANK YOU!

    So glad you are back among us and sharing yourself and your wisdom. You are one of two things/people/websites (take your pick!) I share with others when talking about learning knitting, watching videos, etc. You and Ravelry ARE my online knitting world. Sure there are other sights, blogs I read or look to, but they are not my first line of defense.

    I am interested in learning more bindoffs. In fact, I’m at the point right now with a project on my desk that I want to bind off and I had started then remembered the Icelandic bindoff post and put my project back down so I can go back to review it and use it for this project. I know having an arsenal of bindoffs in my knowledge bank will help my future projects not only look nice, but serve the functionality they were meant to.

    :) Keep calm and knit on!

    Wiesbaden, Germany

  33. wonderful lessons, wonderful teacher, wonderful comments. There’s nothing I won’t try if you’ll show me how!

  34. I’m looking forward to the release of your video on Saturday. Although I have books and videos on bind offs I will be getting your video for sure because I truly love the way you describe and show the how to’s and do nots. This was surely a lot of work and I thank you for continuing to help me excel in my craft.

  35. Lordy, girl, you are a whirlwind of energy (and enthusiasm)! You have cleverly shared some wonderful knowledge and whetted our appetites for all manner of knitting references. Excellent. You deserve the recognition (and vast fortune I hope) for all that devoted work. Now promise me you will someday do an all inclusive stitch dictionary with CHARTS. Keeping an eye on your career, I am.

  36. Bless your heart!! You have made knitters everywhere happy and when the book is published, we’ll all be smarter and more creative. Thank you so much for doing this. It had to be a labor of love.

  37. Thank you for all your hard work. I can’t wait until the ebook is available. I teach also and this will be so handy for me.

  38. I was so impressed with your presentation. I have files of your videos and illustrations. I am so looking forward to your e-book on bind offs. Thanks for all the valuable lessons I have already learned and looking forward to learning even more.

  39. I am so impressed. I am making a folder to have your emails in one place when I need them. You helped me not be so fearful of making a mistake–with your explanation on dropped stitches. It seems doable! I am working on the toe up socks right now. Thanks!

  40. Looking forward to your new book with all those bind-offs. I like your idea of icons to denote advantages of each one so we can just glance at them and find the perfect finish to a project.
    Anxiously awaiting Saturday –

  41. These videos you have been doing came just short of when I needed them as I have a new pair of socks I can’t get my feet in. However, I am almost finished with another pair and will be so grateful to have learned what you have taught. And your e-book is eagerly anticipated.

  42. I am so glad that your labors are labors of love, Liat! Thank you for all of your research and trials! I am looking forward to adding this new e-book to all the rest that I own…..of yours! I love them!

  43. I had no idea until recently that there are sooooo many bind-offs. I am looking forward to learning some new ones, as all I ever do is the basic bind-off. (It has been kind of boring.) This should challenge me! I learned to knit as a young woman in my twenties. I am now over 60.
    You are amazing that you took all of that time to learn and explore this small part of knitting. Thank you.
    I, too, will get this e-book.

  44. Collette Plaquet

    Wow, you are amazing. Before this year, I never would have imagined so many bind offs, nor would I have imagined the different uses. I for one am grateful. Thanks

  45. Your comments make me even more interested in wanting to hear more about the book once you are through. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in for the rest of us to enjoy.

  46. You sure are one crazy lady !!! lol. Thank you for all the hard work – looking forward to your book. And thank you for making knitting such a pleasurable fun pastime. Always look forward to your emails.

  47. Your videos are my First Stop when I am looking for a reference! I have learned lots of things from them.
    Excited about this ebook. I just know 2 (two) bindoffs, so looks like I have 198 to go.

  48. I loved your post, especially using the wrong bind off. I didn’t know that there was more than the most simple k1,bind off,repeat ….. until I starting srbscribing to your site.
    Thank you.

  49. I knit short pieces of lace for my favorite project. I LOVE the Frilled Standard Bind-Off on the lace strips. Thank you SO much for showing me how!!!!! It is perfect and makes such a difference in the pieces of lace!!!!! Thank you, Betina

  50. After using the same bind off for a gazillion years, I’m absolutely delighted to have learned a couple that are sooo much better for specific projects! Looking forward to Saturday!

  51. Thank you Liat, very informative although I do have to ‘translate’ bind off to cast off! Keep up the good work.

  52. I did like & enjoy your post today & the previous ones. You teach clearly without being wordy & have such a comfortable manner. You must be proud of all the work you put in on getting this book “right”! Congrats!

  53. Hi Liat,
    New to your site but am enjoying your way of teaching. I’ve just recently gone back to knitting and wondering if I will ever get my fingers to change to continental knitting. My daughter turned me on to your website and she has picked up the continental knitting style, so she is now knitting faster. I’m going to keep trying. I had no idea there were so many bind offs. Looking forward to the release of the new ebook and learning them all. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep the ideas coming. God bless!!!!

  54. Dotti Richardson

    Another vote of – YES, I enjoyed this last post of yours. We all eagerly await your ebook on Bind-offs.

  55. Liat, what a professional and pleasant story you tell of your process. I can’t imagine doing without your book, now that you have done all this work for the rest of us.

  56. Beverly Lawler

    Hi Liat,

    I’m looking forward to your new ebook on bind-offs. I’ve done your course on being a knitting superstar and loved it. You are my “go-to” resource for info on techniques that are new to me. I love your videos; they’re very clear and concise. You have a talent for making the complicated easy to understand and do. I have a hard copy book on cast-ons and bind-offs. My experience with it is it’s difficult to find the right CO or BO for a specific purpose. I have to scan the whole section of the book and it’s still not easy to find what I need. I hope you make it easy to find what I need for a specific project. Thanks for doing what you do. Aloha… Bev

  57. Betty Jo Zamora

    Liat, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again! You are the best! I have learned so, so much from your tutorials and still learning! When I was learning the double knitting technique, I just could not get it…….watched your video and BAM, I got it!
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

    P.S. Love your voice!

  58. Wow is all I can say! I’ve only been receiving you mailings for a short time but, am completely impressed. Can’t wait to see and purchase the e-book and sell everything. It’s going to be fun to try them.

  59. WuHoo! I can’t wait for your new book! I love the Cast Ons book and this will be the appropriate bookend (literally and figuratively). Thanks and congrats!

  60. Sounds like YOU did all of the hard work for us!! Now we’ll have an excellent knitting reference book. Who knew that there were so many ways to cast off!

  61. I am excited to purchase this e-book. So many times a person would like to try something new to get a different look. And you did all the hard work!!

  62. I am looking forward to Saturday with unabashed excitement. I recently had to learn a specific bind off for the testing of a pattern and while others who tested the same pattern had difficulty, I simply followed the directions and had great success with it. I am thrilled that you plowed through and persevered all these bind offs for us!

  63. Why did I never question the existence of different bind-offs? My mother taught me one way, I learned another on my own… but 200!? Thanks to you for bringing even more excitement into my knitting world!!
    I love trying different things!

  64. I’m totally amazed at the total you arrived at. I’m a new knitter and I only knew of 1 bind off! All I can say is WOW!

  65. I think you are jolly fantastic! Thank you for doing the ‘finger work’ We are spoilt for choice. Thanks again.

  66. can’t wait to download it – and I think I know everything about knitting! Down under we call it casting-off but your book will be bought by many I’m sure. Thanks for doing all that research for us!!

  67. Not only is your stamina awesome, so are you. Looking fotward to seeing what your blood, sweat and tears have produced.

  68. Considering I know less than five bind-offs, I am looking to learn a lot from your ebook. Saturday won’t be here soon enough.

  69. Liat

    Another Canadian patiently (or not so patiently in this case – hurry up Saturday!) waiting in line! Looking forward to purchasing a great resource – thanks for all you do!

    God bless!

  70. Liat – that’s quite a journey! Thank you for doing all this for us! I thought the few that I know were sufficient, but I know I’ve been “settling” & look forward to your results. Cheers!

  71. I’ve tried many different bind-offs trying to find the “perfect” one for different projects I was working on but more often then not wound up with imperfect bind-off. Thanks for taking the time to personally knit up and experiment with all these different bind-off techniques. I’m looking forward to your ebook.

  72. I am excited about the idea of using the correct bind off for my “art” – and I do consider knitting an art. I might need to do a sampler box of all the choices for fun!

  73. I am always on the lookout for better bind offs, can’t wait for this ebook to come out!!!!!

    I have learned so much from you already, this will be icing on the cake!

  74. Solve this Liat, can’t wait for the new arrival. Thanks for all your efforts! So appreciated…love what you bring to the knitting table :-)

  75. I never, EVER, thought there could be so many bind-offs! I know of one and that’s the only one I use. Can’t wait to see the other 199!

  76. Reading your email just made me that more excited about the e-book! Thank you very much for making the effort. Your e-mails always brighten my day. Love your upbeat attitude.

  77. Elizabeth Mulhall

    Hi Liat Dublin, Ireland calling!!!!

    Really looking forward to the new ebook on bind-offs (cast-offs as we call them). Your instructions are so clear and done with patience, your voice never grates, thank you.. I thought I was a pretty experienced knitter until I saw you working LOL you are so committed. I only know two cast-ons, cable and thumb method – not sure if you have a book on cast-ons in the pipeline or have produced one already?????? Thank you for your terrific tutorials on YouTube. Kindest regards.

    1. Hey Elizabeth –

      There IS a cast-on e-book already! It’s available in our classes section right now or if you can be patient until Saturday, it will be available at an awesome discount to anyone who purchases the bind-off e-book.

  78. God bless you. Again and again for doing all this work and testing and proofing and explaining and showing us how to make us better knitters and crocheters. I just can’t imagine all the swatting you did over this time to come up with a great book that we all can learn something from without digging around for what is this and who did that and how to better do it . Thank you and I look forward to, A better Bind Off.

  79. Can’t wait for Saturday! I just purchased your Knitting Superstar course and now I can’t wait to get both your Cast On and Bind Off e-books!

  80. Wow I can hardly wait had idea so many bind offs and they will all be in one place. Going to order first thing Saturday morning.

  81. Can’t wait for this! I just purchased the Knitting Superstar course and now I plan to get both your Cast On and Bind Off e-books!

  82. i tried the garter bind-off and am so impressed! i cast on quite loose but my bind-offs have always been so tight, even with sticking an extra needle to get it looser, but no real success. The garter bind-off is lovely! Thank you and also hope I can afford the e-book when you release it.

  83. I never, ever could imagine that there could be over 200 bind offs. This just blows my mind. Wow, you are certainly a persistent and patient person. You make me happy and a much better knitter. I’m looking forward to the book.

  84. LIAT !!!

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho tão intenso!

    Com certeza teremos muitas oportunidades oferecidas por vc.
    para enriquecer nossos projetos. Continue assim, simples e feliz !!!

    Beijusssssssssssss, Regg

  85. Cynthia Wilbanks

    Often thought of trying new bind offs to find better ones, but am too anxious to start the next project! Maybe this e-book will solve some of my problems – thanks

  86. woohoo!!! Thank you Liat for doing all this hard work to make bind-off’s easy for the rest of us! I’m putting a note on my calendar to check out when the book is released!!

  87. I would have never thought I would want a book about bind-offs. But you did it!! Now I can’t wait to get it. Who would have thunk it? Love you help keep up the GREAT work

  88. Liat, Thanks for doing all the finger work! You are amazing and a god send! I want to knit more and more thanks to you! Is there a good bind-off in your ebook to match the Chinese Waitress cast-on for your Feather and Fan scarf? I plan on finishing that after I finish the second mitten from your Basic Worsted-Weight Mittens for Magic Loop. I’m almost done and they fit and look great!!! Thanks so much for all you are doing for us knitters!

  89. Thanks for this vital information. Your animation is a very provocative approach to attracting my attention. Well done!

  90. Blown away again by your undying determination to help all of achieve victory over our projects!!! You really are one special lady and all of are becoming not only better knitters but better people as we can share what we learn from you.
    Thank you, Liat!!!!!

  91. Thank you for helping me with all your knitting know how and the 200 bind-offs techniques. Looking forward in getting your ebook. You’re a “Knitting Rock Star”!

  92. You are the only teacher who could break the code for me for knitting socks and now you are teaching me how to not ruin a perfectly (well, kinda) acceptable project with a custom bind-off. You are the best! Your videos are so effective for me. You speak in a comfortable style, as though you are SURE that I can understand and succeed with the technique you are showing me. And sure enough, I do. Going from beginner to better has been a fun and confidence-building journey with you. Am definitely looking forward to more of it. You shine. I praise God for you!

  93. My goodness!! I knew from your patterns and lessons that you are the greatest!! How many others would bother to test knit all those bind-offs? We know the answer – none. I am a fairly knew knitter, struggling to find the right way to do “things” then you come along. YEA!!!! for you. I know you are dearly loved. THANK YOU for being who you are.

  94. Thanks for putting this together. I have books with bind offs but they don’t necessarily add the opinions as to what the pros and cons are for each. It should be a real resource. I have enjoyed your posts so far!

  95. Doggone it! Now I’m going to have to buy another book! Liat, your videos are so helpful and inspiring and your comments are so much fun that the book is a must have. I can’t wait.

  96. What a wonderful accomplishment ! This is really going to be so useful to the knitting community .We shal enjoy it as much as must have enjoyed writing it ! Thanks a zillion times

  97. Thanks so much for taking the time to weed thru all of the bind-off options. The opinion of an experienced knitter is always welcome and helps me to quickly decide which method to choose. My time to craft is limited so I hate wasting it by attempting something new without being aware of the pros and cons first.

  98. I didn’t realize there were so many bind-offs. I’m glad we are going to get your expert advice on which ones work best. I would never have the patience to do all that work myself. You are wonderful.

  99. Looking forward to learning all I can about bind-offs! As a new knitter (abt a year) I’ve done mostly hats which almost never require a bind-off! I feel I finally have enough experience to move forward. Perfect timing!

  100. I have been looking forward to this ebook since you first mentioned it. Out of all the classes online, dvd’s etc I find yours the best. I’ve been sending your emails on to a friend hoping it will convince her to check you out and join your mailing list. Waiting for Saturday to get here


  101. Liatt, I can not tell how much I am looking forward to thes ebook. I love everything about them, pretty much have them all. I won’t say that I am a “knitting superstar” yet but I am working on it with your help. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your products, they are by far the best learning tools! Keep up the excellent work :)

  102. Impressive! If it’s anything like the cast-on ebook it will be fab.

    Hoping to find a bind-off counterpart to the twisted German cast-on which I used for the linen stitch scarf I’m working on. I kind of failed to think that one through!

    Sign me up!

  103. Thanks so much Liat. I can’t wait for your ebook to be OUT. I’ve enjoyed each of the bindoffs you’ve shared so far, and can’t wait to have them all available. I don’t finish much, but I hate wrecking my hard-won finished project with an unsatisfying bindoff. Your voice is clear and straightforward, and I can ‘hear’ you. What a relief you are. Thanks.

  104. It’s a clear testament to how wonderful and helpful your tutorials and videos are that I had to scroll so long to get to the bottom of the comments just from today. :-). WE LOVE YOU. Thank you for being so thorough. I can’t wait to get the ebook!

  105. Thank you so much, I have already used the Icelandic bind off and really like it. Our LYS closed and the sharing do ideas amongst knitters is how these wonderful techniques is passed along to more beginner type knitters (that’s me). Thank you, thank you.

  106. Liat, I never leave comments because others say everything so well, my comments are only a repeat. But, this time I am. I want to tell you that your ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically is a fabulous gift from God to everyone like me who has very little time to figure out what lesser teachers or designers are trying to say. I just quit and go back to what I know rather than learn something new and better. This is why all I knit are socks. I don’t have the time nor the quiet to read someone’s Greek. You speak my language. Looking forward to your book and to learning new and fun bind-offs!

  107. As a customer of 4 e-books I am anxiously awaiting the new one. It is those finishing notes which can make or break a project.

  108. For many years I only used 2 bind offs. In the last 2 yrs have have learned a few more. My BO tends to be too tight. I use larger needles but still get a tight BO. I have beautiful sweaters, vests, etc, that have ugly finishes. I’m anxious to find the BO that really finishes my projects. Thanks for your hard work.

  109. I can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work! I’ve really enjoyed this series. Looking forward to Sat.
    Thank you!

  110. Liat, without your patient investigations, tests, skills, tenacity, eager excitement to share, not to mention your well-planned videos, my past endeavors would be all there is!!! Recently I chose to overcome inability to read written sock patterns from about 30 years ago. I dug through my musty yarns, needles and patterns with determination to take one item off my “Bucket List”. Needless to say, you came to my rescue. I now know why I waited so many years!!! You had to be born, technology had to integrate into my home and my time needed to be free to use these new fangled things so that someone could show me…….one on one! I feel much like I’ve lived on a deserted island until I found you here……thank you for all you do for each and every one of us. All the time you spend seems to be geared to making this wonderful art fun for everyone. THANK YOU, LIAT!!!!!

  111. Hi Liat,
    Who would have thought there were soooooooo many bind-offs! I’m sure your head is spinning. I already knew few and others are totally new to me. Love your animations, they really make everything clear. I am wondering how much space your eBook requires?? I’m asking because I don’t have a computer. I have an iPad and at this point space is a concern. I’m sure your wonderful book will do great. You’re an amazing woman :)

    1. Hi Viv –

      On your iPad, the e-book won’t need to take up any of your space. You can just use the online version and bookmark it to your homescreen!

  112. Really enjoying your bind-offs series. You’ve joined TECHknitter & Fleegle as my go-to sources for reliable knitting info & creative solutions to knitting problems.

  113. I am interested. When I started knitting 2 years ago, I just wanted to accomplish my goals and finish my projects. Since that time, I have discovered that the standard bind off is disappointing in some of the items. I am usually so excited to finish, that I don’t take the time to try different ones. I think it is time for me to learn a variety of bind offs. Since you will be selling the ebook, will I be able to use it on my Kindle or Ipad. I don’t usually spend my free time on my laptop. I will if I have to, but I hope we can link up mobile style. I want to close with a compliment to you. I enjoy the way you teach, instruct and explain. Thank you

    1. Hi Joanna –

      Thanks for your question. All of Liat’s e-books can be used on a Kindle or an iPad. You just need to use the online version – a link with a password that you receive – instead of the PDF files.

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  121. I get it! When I took the time to learn Jeny’s bindoff, I discovered that it was more fluid, fun, and effective than the elastic bindoff I had been using. And now you have done the work of discovery for me….Looking forward to the results of your test! Thank you!

  122. This teasing is so crazy, but it’s working. I have not purchased one of your books yet, but this one I’m so excited for. 99% of my bind offs seem to always be tight.

  123. With all these wonderful bind-offs with tips and techniques, what are the cast-ons that go with them? Or are you mentioning these in your e-book?

    1. Hi Becca –

      Liat already has a cast-on e-book available.

      You can find it on our classes page or wait until Saturday when it will be available at an amazing discount if you purchase it alongside the Bind-off e-book.

      1. Thanks for your comments! I missed the cast-on e-book when it was released, and was hoping she would offer a special on the set of cast-on and bind-off! Great to know! I’ll set my alarm for a little earlier on Saturday!

  124. Your clear explanations and willingness to do the “footwork” for us all are wonderful. Thank you, and you’ll be hearing from me on Saturday!

  125. I love that we get your learning perspective as a student yourself and that we get your honest opinions of the various bind offs. It’s wonderful that you show 3 different ways to learn the techniques because you’ve acknowledged that we all learn differently. Kudos to you, and thanks for all your hard work.

  126. Barbara Goodson

    It is hard to believe that there are so many bind offs. I learned one and that was the only one I have used. They never mentioned anything different in the patterns I used. I am glad you have done the foot-work. Thank you!!!

  127. I have just done 4 different cast offs to try them out, and thought that was a lot!
    Also 6 different cast ons, thought it was a waste of thread to just to do cast offs.
    I look forward to seeing the book.

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  129. Madoline Clemmons

    I have tried the the garter stitch from your posts. It came just as I was getting ready to bind off the shawl. It is absolutely the right bind off for garter. I’m looking forward to seeing what other wonderful bind offs you have found for us.

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  131. I’m so glad that there are people like you in the world. Not all of us could do the work you did, but all of us will benefit from your hard work. I’m glad you wrote about your work for this book – it gives us an idea of the time and effort involved in putting together a book such as this. And it makes me appreciate that charging a fee and respecting your copyright is so very important in any industry whether it’s knitting, writing, crafting, music, etc.

    You write well, keep me engaged and are very informative. Please don’t ever stop!


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    hey hey (you know the song?)

    Thanks so much for all the hard braining you do for us.

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    Love love love love love your posts!! Have a slew of them in my knitting folder for consults whenever I am in a quandary. Put me right up there for this new e-book, can’t wait to receive it, get lost in it and try some out on all those projects that are in array around me. You are the bomb lady!!
    Linda W. in snowy, freezing cold Syracuse where no one should spend the winter…..except knitting and spinning of course!

  134. I always thought a bind-off is a bind-off is a bind-off… until I started learning them from your emails. All bind-offs are NOT created equally!!! I am excited to get your ebook and start learning a better way to finish my projects!
    Thank you Liat for making knitting fun and interesting and for opening my eyes to all the possibilities!

  135. I am so looking forward to your book! I’ve tried several different bind-offs depending upon the project and have had mixed results. I’m a relatively new knitter (have only been knitting about a year) so all of the work you’ve done for this book will help me greatly! Thanks so much!

  136. I’m anxious to see all of the different bind offs. I have tried a few and I love they way some finish off a garment. Thank you for all your hard work so we all can enjoy the fruit of your efforts.

  137. I too want to add my thanks for all the hard work you do. I love your videos and have learned soooo much! I am a novice knitter but my confidence has grown in my abilities in knitting from watching your videos (as I am a visual learner) and love your emails.
    Can’t wait for this new e-book!

  138. Hey Liat!
    I enjoy every one of your messages. You have a wonderful way with words. I can see you working away, on our behalf, binding off and binding off and binding off and …….

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  140. I’m really excited to see your new book!! Not only for the book, but I’m excited for you…..for all the wonderful new things you’ve learned and are eager to share with us!!
    Thanks for all the hard work you do and for helping us become better knitters!

  141. Cynthia Cooley

    Now that I am caring for Mom and living in her house, I am in the process of not only rediscovering knitting after decades, but learning how to use the technology to learn knitting. I love that Liat has taken the time to explore all the options; back in high school, I thought there was only 1 way. Of course, I thought there was only scratchy wool or acrylic worsted yarns with which to knit, also. Considering my isolated, lonely situation, it may be more noticeable to me that Liat has a lovely voice, speaking in just the right pitch and tempo from which to learn. So many other videos do not. And doesn’t she give you the feeling she’s sitting right next to you? So now, if someone can show me how to save the ebook in my little memory card instead of the tablet memory, there may be a chance I can get something knit! I am glad you’re doing this, Liat.

    1. Hi Cynthia –

      I’m so glad that you’re finding more time to knit. Liat, the KnitFreedom team, and our entire knitting community is right here with you on your journey.

      And you never have to actually store the e-book on your tablet, you can simply bookmark the online version – a link and password you will receive upon purchase – to access your e-book anytime without taking up any of your memory.

  142. Thank you so much for doing all the research on bind-offs. I love your explanations as they are always easy to understand and make knitting enjoyable rather than a difficult task.

  143. Your posts came just in time. I had started a lace shawl project and it called for a stretchy bindoff. The one suggested was Jennys suprisingly stretchy bindoff and that is what I used. Thank you for all the research you did and for the posts

  144. That is dedication for you. Amazing research. You have done all the work for us…. now we can enjoy all the “good” bind-offs! :)

  145. THIS is the ebook I’ve been waiting for! Of all the accomplished and note-worthy leaders and teachers in the knitting community, Liat YOU stand head and shoulders above them all. Why?
    -your common sense, uncomplicated, and easy going nature
    -your unhurried approach to speedier knitting
    -the exhaustive lengths you personally go to so that others may follow in your footsteps with greater ease.
    I’m at that frustrated point in lace knitting when the bind-off (cast off) either makes or breaks the project, and I don’t have the wherewithal to find various alternatives to what has barely worked up till now. I KNOW there are many alternative bind offs, but other than knitting them all ….as you have done…. I won’t know if and when to put them to the best use. So I THANK YOU heartily for your endeavour on my behalf!
    As well, my own start-up casual knitting class is GREATLY encouraged to study and learn from your Knitting SuperStar course … I’m just there to repeat and reinforce these great concepts. You’ve given me the confidence I seemed to lack before, to teach others in my own neighbourhood, not only how to learn to knit, but to excel at it! Sometimes I just sit back in wonder while I’m in a class, “Wow! I’m really doing this!” What amazes me the most is how confident I sound and act when I’m demostrating a new technique for my group. Thank you Liat.
    Now I can also point to your upcoming ebook about Bind-offs, giving my group of knitters a terrific start and years of knowledgable follow-up in this worthwhile Art.

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  152. And I will be second in line…. these are amazing. I’ve been following through email newsletter and have tried them all so far. (and I’m a pro too LOL)
    I love your articles, your presentation, the great informations and most of all your style. thanks so much for what you offer to the knitting community.

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    With A.D.D., I hope I don’t forget…lol!

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    Binding can make or break a beautiful knit project. Making it look “homemade” instead of “handmade”. You young wiper snapper have taught me A LOT!!!!!! Congratulations on your new book!!! Did I mention I am having a BIG number birthday???? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  157. Wonderful! This sounds like a great resource all under one cover. Now I shouldn’t have to spend ages on YouTube or browsing through a limited selection of books at the library or bookstore. It’s always good to stretch our skills and find better ways to do our knitting projects.

    Thank you!

  158. Count me in for Sat,Liat. I can tell from the pile of bind off swatches you did this was a monumental job. Thanks to you I’ll now learn what kind of bind off to use.

  159. It is amazing that you persevered through all that tedious and meticulous work. Thank you for doing all the research so that the rest of us can reap the benefits. I’m anxiously awaiting the new eBook.

  160. The e book sounds like a dream come true. I hope that this retired lady can afford it. I have been knitting for over 55 years.

    1. Hi Marilyn –

      Keep an eye out for the release this weekend. The e-book will be available at an amazing discount!

  161. Gracias por este gran esfuerzo que has realizado. Gracias a tu constancia no sólo nos enseñas nuevos métodos a los que nos gusta tejer y aprender cosas nuevas, también preservas del olvido esas otras técnicas que, como tu misma dices, se dejan a un lado porque no son las habituales y por lo tanto nos parecen “peores” o “más difíciles”.
    Es un placer seguirte, ¡aunque sea solamente en inglés!

  162. Thank you again, Liat!!! I don’t know how many people I have sent to your site…the latest one being a young clerk in a store who commented on how much she liked my fingerless mitts. When I told her they were handspun and hand knit, she told me she was trying to learn how to knit. I immediately wrote down your site as her go-to place, of course. With that and Ravelry, she’s set to go. I’m in the lineup for Saturday!

  163. Hi Liat.
    I love your videos. One thing I have figured out is that sometimes I prefer the look of your 2nd or 3rd choice of bind-off. So I hope you include more than one for each situaton. You explain and demonstrate so clearly.

    Thank you

  164. I look forward to your updates and am looking forward to the Bindoff enoki. I’m wondering if you mention what bind ons each BO Compliments?

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    Look forward to you new book.

  170. Can’t wait to get the book. The right bind-off can make or break a beautiful piece of knitting. Too many times I’ve followed a pattern bind-off directions only to rip it out later because it was just wrong.

  171. Paulette Bobroff

    I have made your website my number one recommendation for tutorials. Recently,
    I have been focusing on different bind-offs and look forward to Saturdays release of you your ebook.

  172. Looking forward to your new ebook, Liat. Although I have 2 or 3 books dedicated to cast-ons and bind-offs, they’re lopsided in favor of cast-ons. Plus, they don’t include your video aids, which I often need to understand the written instructions. (I love those “Ohhh – I get it” moments. 8D )

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  175. Thank you Liat for putting in the hard work required to learn new techniques and figure out which bind offs are the best. In our knitting group most of the ladies only know one bind off and they are usually not happy with the results. This new book will let us show them new techniques and help us all to build our skills. Thank you again for your hard work. We just love your site and the videos that you produce.

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  177. Hi Liat,

    I use JSSBO as my default bind-off ever since I discovered it, but I know it’s not the “best” choice for everything. I have already learnt some other options from your e-mails – I’ll definitely get the book as soon as I have money in my PayPal account!

  178. I have been really enjoying learning some of these bind-offs. I had no idea there were so many but I already have been able to use some new techniques in finishing a sweater. I can hardly wait to get the book. Thanks for all the work.

  179. Cannot wait to Saturday,am on vacation and want to learn these while i am away!! Thanks for doing this! Hugs from Canada..

  180. Hi Liat I Will be a seventy something in a few weeks and have been knitting for most of those years. I cannot believe how much i have been missing in the knitting world. I am so happy for your site that I will probably blow my mind with all the new techniques. I am waiting with great anticipation to receive this latest book of bind offs Thank you so very much. A big fan.

  181. Ohhhhhhhhh I cannot wait to own the book!! I am always wondering if there isn’t a better way to bind off my work, now I’ll have a better choice!! Thank you for doing these projects and to compiled them into a book is just awesome. Saturday is not that far away YAY!!!

  182. What a great idea for an e-book! Can’t wait for it’s release.
    Bindoffs are not my favorite, but end up being so important to
    the finished work.

  183. I am really looking forward to this – your videos are always so clear and helpful, and this journey you took sounds like it yielded some awesome insights! Thank you!!

  184. Can’t wait for Saturday! Thank you for going to all the hard work that will make my knitting life easier.

  185. norma phillips

    You are amazing. That was a lot experimenting and all for the greater good. Thanks for the idea and energy to create this e-book.

  186. I loved reading your post and can’t wait for the e book to be available. I have already tried a few of the bindoffs – and they do make a difference!

  187. Hi,
    I’ve already tried the frilled lace bind off and it was a cinch to learn, and perfect for the job.
    I like a very loose edge, with lots of stretch, and I would make my bind off VERY loose, by pulling real big loops on each stitch. and that worked for give, but lost structure. I had tried several others, but they would tighten up on me, and were too tedious. I’m so happy I took your advice to try it.
    The frilled one I did on slightly larger needles, and I didn’t have the inaccuracy of trying to regulate the loose loops for the extra give.
    It looks extremely finished as a border edge.
    I’m so glad I have not finished off my biggest lace project, so that I can read the ebook and try out a few more, before taking the final step.
    Your teaching and videos are always wonderful. If that bind off is any indication of the treats in store, I know buying the ebook will be money well spent. Looking forward to its release. Thanks.

  188. Darlene Vanderhoof

    Can’t wait until Saturday – my bind off knowledge is pretty limited – I have been trying some new ones and they DO make all the difference. Great work Liat!!!!

  189. I am really ready for Saturday to come! I am wondering, since it is an e-book, if the videos are included. I have found those helpful. I have picked up bind-off techniques here and there but this will put all the information in one place–with the best uses for each. Any chance you will do a bind-on book?

    1. Hi Peggy –

      I’m so glad that you’re so excited for the Bind-Off e-book.

      The e-book is full of videos demonstrating Liat’s techniques. Also, Liat has a cast-on e-book available already – but if you wait until Saturday, it will be available at an amazing discount if you purchase it along with the bind-off e-book.

      Even more reasons to be excited!

  190. So timely, I have just been reading and looking at other books about Bind-offs. Knowing how much I enjoy your explanations and videos I am sure that your’s will be the best of the lot. I keep trying to expand my knitting repertoire and your materials help me do that. Can’t wait.

  191. I just started knitting again a little over a year ago. Things have changed in the last 40 years! I love learning the new ways – many are better. Thank you so much for checking out so many bind-offs. I love the different appearances and having a choice. Looking forward to your book!

  192. Really looking forward to your new e-book. I know nothing about bind-offs except the most simple way I learned many, many years ago. I love your weekly updates – always learn something new. Thanks so much.

  193. Ohh, what fun and so interesting to see inside your thought processes! I look forward to
    your e-book and my own adventure into bind-offs! Thanks, so much.

  194. Liat, as I said on FB, I am really excited about this book! I am fascinated by bind-offs, they make or break an otherwise beautifully tailored project. To have so many to choose from AND your opinion. whew… pass me the fan please :D

  195. Liat, sounds like an amazing journey you took through bind offs to help those of us who are less adventurous. A huge THANK YOU from a knitter who needs all the help she can get

  196. Your website is one of the ones I give to my students for clear explanations and videos to help reinforce what they are learning in class. I cannot wait for Saturday :-)

    I love learning new techniques which will improve my knitting and I always learn something from your tutorials! Thanks, Liat!

    1. Judy –

      Thank you so much for sharing KnitFreedom with your students.

      We can’t wait for Saturday either!

  197. Timely for me: Am at the end of an afghan with wavy detail and need to find a bind-off I can actually do that will resemble the wavy cast-on edge. Looking forward to this added resource.

  198. Liat sounds like an amazing journey you took through bind offs to help those of us who are less adventurous. A huge THANK YOU from a knitter who needs all the help she can get

  199. Liat….you are always interesting and informative….bind-offs can make or break the success of a project, especially if it’s an item like socks. Thank you!

  200. I am so ready to get this e-book! Bind offs are not my favorite and I get so frustrated with my results sometimes. Thank you for your perseverance of actually doing the swatches and analyzing them and studying how to make your instructions clear (they usually are anyway). I’m impressed!

  201. If she’s the first then I’ll be the second. I have a finished project and am looking for the perfect bindoff

  202. Is it Saturday yet?! I’m going to be the first in line to buy this book! Wel, given time zones, maybe not THE first, but as close to it as I can ;)

    I’m amazed you set yourself to learn so many bind-offs and actually persevered to see it through!! You absolutely rock!

    Thank you for this e-book. I can hardly wait for it. Is it Saturday yet…. Oh wait, I asked already……

      1. Thanks for doing the footwork for me! I knew there were better bind offs out there, but I didn’t know where to look.

        1. Pamela Jeanne Haessler

          I agree with Carol Sue, this is exciting. Thanks so much for doing all that work to help us out! I know just one bind off and exploring others will be most gratifying knowing they’ve already been checked and approved by an expert. :D

      2. Like it? I love it! and am teaching these things to my grandchildren and even one great-grandchild is knitting cowls now. Thanks so much for these e-mails and the book.

    1. Bonny!
      I speak about you and your website in my classes. But, wow! I could careless where I am in line for this book. I am just thrilled you have it.
      What is the cost of your book? Somehow I missed the pricing on the initial email.
      Thanks !!!

    2. I am amazed at the time and energy you go to just for us. You truly are a gem!

      Bonney, so sorry it’s only Tuesday. Darn!!

    3. I am eager for this book. I have been knitting for 65 years and this simmer you turned me on to toe up sox/fleegle heel and I just used your garter stitch bind off video. You are the best and an old dog can learn new tricks. THANKS

    4. You are a better woman, er, knitter than I am. I would never have taken the time or patience to do this. Good for you and thanks

  203. Wow, thank you everyone for such amazing feedback. It is awesome to see all of the excitement brewing for Liat’s latest project!

    Liat is working hard to put the final touches on the Bind-Offs e-book and is a little sleep-deprived, so on her behalf, I just want to say thank you for all of your support.

    The countdown continues… Saturday will be here before we all know it!

    1. I am very impressed with every the bind of you have shown. I am not a great knitter and do small projects, but I enjoy reading about improving the project to be proud of. Thank you for sharing all your talent with us.


    2. It is so nice to have a pro, in a million years I’sd never have come up with any of these. They are amazing

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