3-Stitch Cables - T3L and T3R

Cable Abbreviations

Row 7 is our first cable row.

Before you begin, watch this video to learn about how cables work and how they are abbreviated in knitting patterns.

To recap:

T, or Twist, means that two knit stitches cross one purl stitch.
C, or Cable, means that two knit stitches cross two other knit stitches.

The number indicates the total number of stitches involved in the cable maneuver.

Now, let’s learn to make the first of the four types of cables called for in this project. Work Row 7 according to the chart until you get to the symbol "T3L," which means "Twist 3 Left," or, "two knit stitches cross one purl stitch and slant to the left."

In this video, I demonstrate how to do both this cable and its opposite, the "T3R," with a cable needle.

T3L and T3R With a Cable Needle (Row 7)

You will be able to see that the sequence of stitches in the purple box, outlined in black, is repeated all along the row, until the purple squares end.

This should help you keep track of the cabling pattern of the row, called the repeat, without having to examine the chart closely every few stitches.

After you get the hang of the cable techniques, you can just say the repeat to yourself as you go, as I demonstrate in the video.

T3L and T3R Without A Cable Needle (Row 7)

Work Even-Numbered Rows In Pattern (Rows 8, 10, 12…)

To work Row 8 and every even-numbered row, simply knit all the knit stitches and purl all the purl stitches.

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