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Our commitment is to serve knitters over 65 by providing them a website where they can learn to become Knitting Superstars.

Below you can read more about our mission and philosophy.

Blog Post: The Five Immutable Laws of Business, Knitting, and Life, According to Liat Gat

Crochet number 5By Liat Gat – Founder / Our Philosophy / November 15, 2017 / 63 Comments

Here are seven things I believe in more than anything else. These seven rules have helped me guide my life, monitor my actions, and let me know what I should do in tricky situations.

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Blog Post: The K.N.I.T. Formula For How To Be A Superstar In Your Life

K.N.I.T. Formula screenshot featured image squareBy Liat Gat – Founder / Interviews with Liat, Knitter's Life, Our Philosophy, TV Appearances / September 26, 2013 / 55 Comments

1. KNOW You Can Do It
2. NO Freaking Out!
4. T: TRANSFORM Your Mistakes into Victories

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Blog Post: How Having a Growth Mindset Can Motivate You In Your Knitting

Growing plant sproutBy Liat Gat – Founder / Knitter's Life, Our Philosophy / September 27, 2019 / 24 Comments

Researchers have discovered that success depends on hard work and attitude, not on any inborn qualities you may possess. Having a “growth mindset” like this can help motivate you in your knitting and life.

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Blog Post: “C.A.R.E. Service” – How We Make You a Knitting Superstar

C.A.R.E. Illustration square crop sm 400pxBy Liat Gat – Founder / Our Philosophy / November 9, 2020 / 3 Comments

You’ve seen our website tagline – you know that we promise to make you a “Knitting Superstar.” But HOW? Our “secret ingredient” is “C.A.R.E.” – Connection, Acceptance, Reliable source, and Encouragement, motivation, and support.

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Blog Post: Our Mission: To Help Retirees Become Knitting Superstars

Woman with yarn balls on her headBy Liat Gat – Founder / Our Philosophy / August 26, 2020 / No Comments

KnitFreedom was created with one goal in mind: Help knitters over the age of 65 become Knitting Superstars. Why focus on knitters over age 65? Because that is where our website can make the biggest difference.

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Blog Post: The 7 key elements of knitting to master in order to knit whatever you want

By Liat Gat – Founder / Advanced Knitting, Beginner Knitting, Intermediate Knitting, Our Philosophy / May 31, 2021 / No Comments

Without mastery of the 7 key elements of knitting, you won’t be able to take on new projects with confidence. The 7 key areas are knit and purl (and slip stitch), increases and decreases, cast-ons and bind-offs, knitting in the round, knitting with color, fixing mistakes, and lace knitting.

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3 Tips Every Knitting Superstar Needs to Know: Free Webinar
3 Tips Every Knitting Superstar Needs to Know: Free Webinar

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