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Farewell Candy, Welcome Elias!

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Farewell Candy, Welcome Elias!

Liat Gat - Founder

June 24, 2020

Candy, our lovely customer happiness guru, has decided to move on to new projects and will be leaving the KnitFreedom team. Please wish her well! Also, welcome to Elias, the newest member of our team, who will be taking on customer service questions and continuing our mission of customer happiness.
Lovely Candy photo
Thank you, Candy!

Lovely readers, I wanted to let you know that an integral member of our team, Candy Franks, also known as our customer happiness guru, is ready to move on to other things.

She has been part of the two-person KnitFreedom team for more than three years, and in that time she has helped hundreds of KnitFreedom members use the site, find their purchases, and recover their passwords.

She also single-handedly held down the fort while I was on leave for a (two-year!!) family emergency. And then she did it again when I went on a (seven-month!) maternity leave.

If it weren’t for Candy, KnitFreedom wouldn’t be here today. I am so grateful for the time she shared with us and her constancy and dedication. As one customer recently wrote, “She is as sweet as her name!”

Thank you so much, Candy, and I love you!

Hello, Elias!

Elias and family
Elias and family

Since no one can do everything alone, I have decided to bring on a new team member to fill Candy’s shoes and help bring KnitFreedom forward into a new era.

Please welcome to our team Elias. He is a lovely new father of a boy about Milo’s age, living with his wife, baby, and pug dog.

Elias is a whiz on computers as he has worked in IT for years. He also speaks four languages! (English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.) I am excited for the expertise he brings to the table as he will surely have KnitFreedom running better than ever, as well as being able to help you use the site.

Leave a Message for Candy and/or Elias

If you’d like to say farewell to Candy or welcome aboard to Elias, please leave a comment! I’m sure they would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for helping me wish Candy well and greet Elias as the newest member of our family.

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61 thoughts on “Farewell Candy, Welcome Elias!”

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  1. Elias - Customer Happiness

    I would like to thank everyone for these warm messages!
    I have never been welcomed like that and this is awesome 😊

    I’m excited to start this KnitFreedom journey.
    Please stay safe everyone.

  2. Michele Richins

    Thank you so very much for all your expert help and your kind and generous demeanor. You will be missed.
    Wishing you well on your new adventures.

  3. Brenda Keyzers

    Hi Candy,
    You were able to help me with a couple of issues. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you well and enjoyment in the next part of your life.

  4. Thank you sooo much Candy for every thing. Welcome Elias!
    May you both continue to be blessed in your future endeavors.

  5. Hey Candy – Thanks so much for all of the kind and patient help you have given me over the past few years. When I was completely frazzled and flustered, you calmly solved my problems. There was never an inkling of negativity in any of your responses – much appreciated, Best wishes in your new endeavor – they are lucky to have you Candy! While I welcome Elias (and he certainly sounds competent) he has BIG shoes to fill in many LITTLE ways. Good luck Candy! Welcome aboard Elias!

  6. Thank you Candy for your help….you helped me find my way when I was totally lost! Best wishes in your new endeavor!
    Welcome to Elias!

  7. Farewell, dear Candy. May your next adventure be filled with wonder.

    Welcome, Elias. Glad to have you on board.

    1. Linda Dillingham

      Thank you, Candy for the many times you have gone out of your way to help us. I wish you nothing but joy in your new adventures.

      Welcome Elias! I look forward to all you are bringing to the KnitFreedom family. Speaking of families, you have a lovely one.

  8. Barbara Buchanan

    Thank you Candy for all your outstanding and timely help over the years. You will be missed. Stay safe in your new adventures.

    Welcome Elias!

  9. hilaryebenjamin

    Candy, I will miss you, terribly. Over the years I have felt tremendously supported by you… you have always been there, willing to help. Although I worried I was asking you ridiculous questions, your answers were so … normal! – fun and understanding. I thank you for that. I’ve been a huge fan of KnitFreedom for ages – and I will miss you. Have a great time on your adventures!

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Makes me feel sad about leaving! My new phase of life was intended to be travel. I am a retired Delta employee and wanted to make use of the great benefits. Sadly enough covid 19 has made me postpone my trips. As soon as the sky opens up again I will be off on new adventures. (Already have tickets to the Olympics in Japan). Working with Liat was a delight, and helping all of you was certainly a bright part of my day. I am sure Elias will take good care of you. ~Candy

  11. Candy, you are the happiness guru extraordinaire! So many thanks for making my interactions with KnitFreedom so easy. You have been consistently prompt, thorough, helpful, and kind. I will miss you. Wishes for all you wish for yourself as you embark on this next chapter. Love, Marla

    And Welcome Elias! I’m an IT dinosaur ;-)) Delighted to know you are joining Liat and will help all of us navigate what’s to come. Thanks and looking forward to being in touch.

  12. Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment Candy! Best of luck on all of your endeavors. Welcome Elias!

  13. Rosann Stickford

    Wishing the best for Candy in her new endeavors. Thank you for our years of work for KnitFreedom.
    Welcome to Elias. A good IT person is a necessity in this day and age.

    1. sandra kritzman

      All the best to you Candy! You’ve always been so responsive and helpful! I will surely miss you! Last Valentine’s Day, you did something incredibly nice for me and I will always remember your kindness. I wish you all good things!

  14. Candy, thank you for all the help you have given especially when the website was changing. Best wishes, Sharon
    Elias, welcome from TN! What a beautiful family you have and I love your Pug!

  15. SUPER …… HAPPY WISHES TO YOU CANDY. THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE TO HELP ME AND ALL OF US OUT. Hope we get to know just what you are going to be doing next. All the best….. blessings and tons of wonderful happy moments to you.
    Now WELCOME….. to you Elias………. We are all happy to welcome you to this wonderful knitting site…………….. Liat is a super …. very special person for you to be connected with.
    Happy days ahead………… ENJOY IT ALL.

  16. Candy, wishing you much joy in the next phase of your life journey! Thank you for all of your stellar customer service!

    Elias, welcome!

  17. Dear Candy – thank you so much for all your hard work and keeping the KF site running while Liat was not able. I hope your next adventure brings you much satisfaction and happiness!

    Welcome, Elias! It’s good to have you on the team! I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.

  18. Hi Candy,
    Best of luck in your future endeavors. You were always so cordial and helpful to me and I appreciated it so much.
    Bienvenidos Elias.
    LITA Bilotti

  19. Very best wishes to you, Candy, in all your future endeavors; you’ll be taking an incredible wealth of experience and your prodigious innate talents right along to bless your new environment!

    Hearty welcome to Elias! You’ve surely found a terrific setting in which to contribute your skill set. Soyez le bienvenu–vous et la famille entier!

  20. Best wishes to both Candy and Elias! Candy was professional, helpful, and friendly, so Elias has a hard act to follow.
    Bon voyage, Candy. Enjoy the next thing in your life.
    Welcome, Elias. I’m awestruck by you knowing four languages! I took French, Latin, and Spanish in school but that was actually a half century ago. Sometimes even my English fails me. 😊

    1. Brenda Bloomfield

      Best wishes to Candy, and welcome to Elias.
      I HOPE 🙏🤞KNIT FREEDOM will be able to step up to the plate, due to the debacle with CRAFTSY/BLUPRINT!
      Best wishes,
      Brenda Bloomfield

      1. Hi Brenda, I didn’t know about this Craftsy debacle! Thank you so much for letting me know! I am DEFINITELY ready to step up to the plate. I started KnitFreedom long before Craftsy and you know you can count on me and the KnitFreedom team to act with integrity and treat our customers like cherished family.

  21. Letty Phillips

    Welcome Elias and friends! I look forward to getting to know you all. It’s pretty large boots you’re being asked to fill, but I’m hopeful that your IT experience will make a big difference to the way we use the KnitFreedom site. Exciting times we’re living in, eh? I wish you and your family well.

  22. Letty Phillips

    Thanks so much, Candy, for being such a friendly, knowledgeable and calm first-responder when I called upon you during Liat’s absences. You saved the day for me. I wish you so very well in whatever you choose to do next.

  23. Thanks, Candy for all the assistance you’ve given me over the years. Best wishes on the next part of your journey.

    And a warm welcome to ‘team’ Elias!



  24. I will miss Candy. She was quick to answer questions and patient when some of us felt frustrated. Good luck in future endeavors, Candy.

    1. Aw Candy! We’re going to miss you. Best of luck with your future endeavors!!!
      And welcome Elias! I look forward to getting to know you.


  25. Best wishes Candy and welcome Elias.
    These online instructions have been so helpful to an old woman who loves to learn new patterns and methods in knitting.

  26. Margaret Thomas

    Thank you Candy for all of your hard work. Best wishes in your new endeavors. Welcome Elias . We are glad you are coming on board. Looking forward to you helping us.

    1. Hello Candy
      Thank you so much for helping me out with site problems and passwords, your customer service has always been stellar.
      Appreciate your extra efforts,

  27. Candy …. thank you for always coming back with a quick response. All the best in your new endeavours. Have a good life!

  28. Best wishes to you, Candy. Wishing you joy and success in future adventures! Elias, welcome to the wonderful world of fiber artistry.

  29. Debbie Klassen

    Candy and I have interacted correcting typos in the courses in 2018. Always polite, welcoming and helpful. I will miss her – didn’t realize she was pretty much a one-woman show for so long! Well done Candy! And all the best in your future endeavours.

    Welcome to the Knit Freedom universe Elias!

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