I’ll Be Traveling The World This Summer

Madrid, Spain
I just wanted to let my dear readers know I will be travelling the world this summer! I will still be making tons of knitting videos on all your requested topics, so don't worry.

Since it IS about to be summer, and many of you will be focusing on (gasp) activities OTHER than knitting, I am going to be reducing by blogging frequency to once a week, just during the summer months.

Jerusalem, Israel

I'll be going to Madrid for a few days, then on to visit my family in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I'll be back in Aspen for a week and then it's off to Bariloche, Argentina for at least two months.

I'll be improving my Spanish and will hopefully get good enough to teach knitting and make knitting videos in Spanish!

Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

I'll still be answering knitting questions and taking video requests in the KnitFreedom Forum, so please stop by.

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