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The Chance of a “Lifetime”

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The Chance of a “Lifetime”

Liat Gat - Founder

December 17, 2020

I know how hard it is to spend money on yourself. And I was so inspired by hearing so many students say they're asking Santa for Premium Lifetime this year that I've decided to put together a giveaway. I like to think of it as a KnitFreedom scholarship program. So, I am giving away three Premium Lifetime memberships!

Hello lovely knitters,

One of my favorite things about KnitFreedom is the community we have built together. Interacting with you all via the blog and comments and emails is such a special experience for me.

Our FaceBook group is a wonderful extension of this community, and it gives Knitting Superstar students a chance to interact with each other as well. And recently, one of our wonderful KnitFreedom students, Polly, left a comment there that really touched me. She said:

How many here have the lifetime membership to KnitFreedom and how many, like ME, are BEGGING for it for Christmas?? 🙂 If you are a lifetime member, tell me what you love the most!

I have asked for this for the last couple of years, at least. I think people who are not knitters do NOT understand the value here!! I have a hard time spending this much money on myself but I have decided if my family doesn’t chip in towards it, I’ll be joining NO MATTER WHAT in January (no more waiting!!) so I hope that the price doesn’t go up after Christmas! 🙂

pink heart on white brickI know how hard it is to spend money on yourself. And I was so inspired by hearing so many students say they’re asking Santa for Premium Lifetime this year that I’ve decided to put together a giveaway. I like to think of it as a KnitFreedom scholarship program.

So, I am giving away three Premium Lifetime memberships!

It’s my way of giving back to the KnitFreedom community, which means so much to me, and of bringing a little light and joy into this year.

What Premium Lifetime Means to KnitFreedom Students

KnitFreedom Premium Lifetime library ebook coverOur students who already have Premium Lifetime say that they love being able to download all the videos to their phones/computers. And just the security of knowing they have all the videos at their fingertips is really comforting.

So many other students chimed in to let Polly know they understood how much she valued the idea of Premium Lifetime.

I have a lifetime membership and grateful every day that I do! To have all the videos and techniques explained and shown by Liat is fantastic! Liat’s videos are so good – I know I can learn from her even if I am not perfect. I could never get Italian tubular cast on or Kitchener bind off – but guess what? I can now do them – all because I am a lifetime member and can always use Liat’s videos and classes any time I need to. Thank you thank you Liat!!!
— Nancy G.

I just put myself first last night! I had joined on the monthly signup the day before, and when I dove in and started reading all the benefits, there was absolutely no question about it that the lifetime membership is the way to go.
— Susan E.

I cannot remember the date that my husband surprised me with a card … it wasn’t any special occasion or anything like that. Inside the card was a screen print of Liat’s KnitFreedom home page with a note that simply said, “I love you,” and “This gift is a no-brainer. Learn and knit as much as as you wish.” I purchased the Lifetime membership that very hour!
— Yvonne M.

Giveaway Details

Entering the giveaway is super simple! Just leave us a comment to let us know what you’re grateful for this year, and then enter your details in the box below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We will draw our three lucky winners on December 24th. Winners will be notified by email, and we will also announce the names here on the blog and in our newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled on Christmas Eve for the results!

Good luck and happy holidays!!

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  1. I am thankful that I am still able to live an active life at the ripe old age of 82. I started knitting 8 years ago and I am grateful for the wonderful support from the knitting community, especially Knit Freedom’s videos and quick responses to questions.

  2. I am thankful for my family remaining healthy and for being able to retire even though the year has been so unsettling. I have knitted many baby bibs for all the new babies in my life and I’m looking forward to learning more knitting to outfit these sweet children as I watch them grow.

  3. I am grateful that I am able to use my arthritic hands to learn to knit. I have recently retired and have wanted to do knitting for my entire life but never had the time. I have learned enough to knit a pair of socks through watching some of the videos through the Knit Freedom knit-along and would like to continue that journey. It seems that the more I do with my hands the less the arthritis flares so knitting is also therapeutic for me. I am thankful for the delivery that Liat gives when instructing us in a calm and slow manner so that I can process.

  4. I am grateful for my health.
    I am also grateful for your resource. Im a fairly new knitter and you are my “go to” for help!

  5. I am so thankful for my family who kept me sane during this strange time. I’m so grateful for our health, which no one should ever take for granted. And of course, I’m thankful for my yarn time; knitting and crochet has given me peace when I’ve needed to just wind down and catch a breath. Even just a few rows can make all the difference!

  6. As an “essential worker”, during this crazy, stressful, and painful time, I have sk much to be grateful for. That I’m working tops my list most days. I hear about so many neighbors and friends who are relying on unemployment and food pantries.
    Next, I’m still healthy! Some of my coworkers and my oldest son and his girlfriend who live in another state have had Covid19, and were fortunate enough that they had mild cases. I test regularly, since I work in retail as a deli clerk. So far, so good!
    Mostly though, I’m grateful for my knitting time!! It’s my stress relief when it all gets to be too much. I think that keeps me same when all the world seems to be going haywire!

  7. Catherine M Balliu

    I’m grateful for instructors like Liat who have left lessons and videos for us learning to knit in a contact-less year.

    1. I am grateful that this year has brought me to a place where I focus on simple pleasures and what a sense of community really is. Frequent phone calls and FaceTime are Blessings for keeping connected to those we love. Gift baskets left at doorways filled with homemade baking, jam, and jellies has been my favourite way to give holiday cheer to friends and neighbours. Merry Christmas!

  8. I am grateful to have made it through this year with all my family, although separated by border restrictions , safe . I think it will take a few years to start the recovery but feel we will all come out the other side of COVID-19 as stronger people.

  9. I finally learned how to continental knit. The videos make it much easier to learn. Although I lost a nephew in a senseless accident this fall, I am grateful that it has brought our family closer together and to cherish every moment we have.

  10. I’m grateful that I was already homeschooling my 2 young grandsons that live with me. And that where we live there is a nice large field behind the managers office so the boys had a large space to run, kick balls and ride bikes. I’m also very grateful that, so far, my family and close friends have been untouched by the virus.

    1. So thankful that I have family nearby during this year of lockdown. I’m super thankful a vaccine is on the way for all of us. And I’m thankful to be able to pursue my creative outlets while at home., like knitting, and with a great inspirational teacher at my side!

  11. I’m grateful to be healthy so far, and that I have a roof over my head and food to eat. So many others aren’t doing so well. I’m grateful that vaccines have been developed so quickly, and that people are working so hard to take care of others–emergency workers, health care workers, grocery store workers, delivery service workers, and many many others. I hope everyone finds peace and happiness during this holiday season and New Year.

  12. I’m grateful that, in this pandemic year, none of my family has fallen ill with it. I’m also very much grateful that I found Knit Freedom a few years back. Liat’s voice is so calm, she can get me through any amount of knitting “tension”!
    Merry Christmas to all – and good luck!

  13. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with what is important to my life – the love of my family and friends, and the simple pleasures life offers – a gorgeous sunrise with a cup of tea, a good book with my cat curled up in my lap, and knitting late into the evening, with the fire glowing and crackling. What could be better than this?

  14. I am grateful for my knitting and art that has helped me thru this last year. Not being able to see family very much and only going out for necessities has been very isolating so I’m thankful for being able to stay in touch with FaceTime and phone calls. Im thankful that everyone I know and family have stayed healthy and the o es effected by covid have healed without serious complications.
    I’m thankful for the knitting videos and instructions that make learning so much easier. They’ve been like a visit with an old friend.
    I hope everyone has a good holiday and time with loved ones. Merry Christmas.

  15. Polly van der Bijl

    I am grateful for every day that my family members wake up healthy. I am grateful for friends that are here for me, and that allow me to be there for them. Together, we can get through it all. I am grateful that one of those friends reignited a desire in me to learn to knit and I’m grateful that I found Liat’s awesome videos on YouTube quite a few years ago! This year has had some anxious times but knitting has really helped me get through it and I look forward to continuing to learn and fine tune my skills. I am also extremely grateful for the generosity of this valuable opportunity! Thank you SO much!!

  16. I am grateful that 2020 forced me to stay at home so that I had time to slow down and knit more. I have even made huge progress on a fingering weight yarn sweater that I started years ago.

  17. I am grateful for the friends that have been save this year and we have continued to knit. By having one afternoon to see my friends face to face has been a great benefit to our mental and physical health.

  18. I am grateful for all of the downtime that I’ve been able to make good use of during this pandemic. With fewer hours to work, I’ve been able to eliminate some stress and have been able to enhance my relationships with family and friends, even if it is through social media and texts. I’m an introvert by nature, so I am thriving with all this time I have to myself. I have more time to read, knit, cook, and relax!

  19. Hi!

    Thank you for doing this contest. Some have a great opportunity to win a contest, but also, everyone can focus on the positive. We can read over these comments and be greatful for greatfulness!

    I’m thankful for those who have known of my struggles this year and taken time to encourage by helpful, accepting words. They’ve struggled too, and they are making a choice to be encouraging, and that warms my heart. It is a gift to me. To others also, because when I am encouraged, I can more quickly choose to help someone else focus on good things. Maybe a stranger in the store, maybe even the person who cheered me up and on!

    I’m also thankful for those who have chosen to receive encouragement. That is a help also.

    Thanks again, this is a great idea! :)

  20. I am SO thankful for all of my handwork activities that have kept me busy this year! I also rediscovered my love of knitting and found Knit Freedom invaluable! Thank you for your Wonderful information and for being such an inspiring group of ladies!
    All the Best for 2021 – ‘Knit On’ 😉

  21. I am grateful for this opportunity.. but also, that we live in a State in Australia, where our Premier & our people took the Covid virus seriously, and we are now able to enjoy the company of family & friends..

  22. I am grateful that we have so many people working tirelessly to keep us safe during this pandemic and to develop a vaccine to protect us. Many people have given their own lives for others and for all this I am truly grateful.

  23. During these trying and difficult times I am grateful because I have seen how kind people are being to each other. People with financial, family, etc. challenges are getting out there and helping others. It makes me realize that we are able to surmount even the most difficult challenges by being kind to one another.

  24. I am incredibly grateful for knitting itself! I am and have been battling major depression for over 23 years. I have found out that knitting uses the same part of the brain that meditation does. This makes so much sense. Knitting is my #1 go to when I am fighting the darkness. It soothes and as a bonus, I get to knit hats, baby blankets, silk shawls, Christmas stockings, and more than I can write. I am self taught so access to such a treasure trove of knitting makes learning new and old skills an incredibly accessible in one place!

  25. I am grateful for my family, my friendship and that I am doing well physically, mentally and emotionally. I am grateful that I am of sound mind and ability and am able to use my head, hands and heart to create. ❤️

  26. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I like to knit, but often discover that I don’t totally
    understand something and get frustrated and quit. At that point I give up! If someone could help me and keep me going, I’d be forever grateful!! Thank you. Happy Holidays!!

  27. I am extremely grateful for my doctors and treatments for the lung cancer that I was diagnosed with early this year. I can’t wait for my hair to grow back. 😃

  28. I am grateful for so many things. First, surviving CoVid thanks to my husband and daughter caring for me so well. Second, that my husband and I moved to the Seattle area allowing us to be close to all four of our kids. Third, renewing my friendship with my sisters – even though they are in Canada and we haven’t been able to see one another since CoVid – we have been able to talk online and get closer. And lastly, knitting with my daughter. It has been wonderful to share that with her.

  29. Third time might work? Hi, I’m Liz. Just broke my arm and had surgery to put it back together. I’m grateful that all of my fingers still work, and that knitting and crochet are good physical therapy! It’s so much fun to give folks gifts of warmth, of color/fashion, and of cuddles/comfort.

  30. Hi, I’m Liz. Broke my arm last week and had to have surgery to put it back together. I’m grateful that all of my fingers still work and that knitting ad crochet are great physical therapy! Such fun to give folks gifts of warmth, of color/fashion, or of cuddles and comfort!

  31. Filled with gratitude for so much. At the top of my list is my spirituality and my higher power and knowing He has me no matter what swirls about me. In a year I’ve experienced one of my greatest losses people-wise (my mother), I’ve felt love and support from my other loves (husband, daughter, dog, other family, friends & neighbors). I’m grateful our bubble of a household has not only retained our jobs, but have been able to telework & school since March to keep my kidney transplant husband healthy. I’m grateful I’ve been able to successfully complete donor evaluation so I can donate a kidney in the coming months. I’m grateful for my health – physical, mental, social and spiritual and able to not only maintain a household, but enjoy my hobbies. Knitting and my other craft interests are great stress reducers for me. I am blessed beyond measure and cannot fully express it in words. Thank you for being a part of my world!

  32. I am very grateful for no one in my family getting Covid. I just started knitting again after five year or so. I have tons of yarn just waiting. I’ve noticed, however, I’ve forgotten some techniques. KnitFreedom has been such a blessing.

    Dixie Mahaffie

  33. I tool knitting lessons when I retired 6 years ago. Liat is a blessing, the explanation and details for the classes make you comfortable trying to learn new technics. While in quarantine I made 2 socks at a time and felted slippers. The videos are wonderful even when you backtrack 10 times to grasp the concept. I’m excited to learn addition skills in the new year and show off to my family. You’re never too old to learn. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

  34. I am grateful for Faith, Family and Friends :) I am grateful I can still learn things and have the community at my finger tips for fellowship, help, incentive and unbiased comments. Merry Christmas!

  35. I used to feel frustrated living on the ‘forgotten’ side of the planet (e.g. it’s summer here, but few up there know), far from everywhere else, but I’m so very grateful now for being safe in Aotearoa NZ.

  36. I am grateful that no one in my immediate family has the virus. I am grateful that more and more people are surviving the virus. Also it has brought more people together in helping with the people in need. I am most grateful for the ability to knit and crochet so I can make things for babies, children and adults in need. Your videos and practical lessons have helped me to feel more confident in making something I have never made before and make it look good. Thank you for giving me the chance to win a lifetime membership and Merry Christmas.

  37. So thankful this year that all my family has remained well. So wonderful to have knitting (regardless of my beginner skills) to keep me calm and sane while being tucked away.
    Would love to have access to this membership. I’m usually afraid to branch out with new techniques without some kind of visual help – that’s the way I learn. Such as, I would love to learn cables but just can’t seem to get the hang of it with pattern directions and you seem so patient with us and I can watch things over and over until I get it!

  38. I have so much to be grateful for, faith, family and friends for certain. I am also grateful that I have taken up knitting to get me through the many days at home. I have unraveled as much as I have knitted. You make everything look so easy. I just keep trying and maybe soon I will finally have a pair of hand knitted Sox.

  39. I am thankful that after 10 years dealing with clinical depression, I no longer need the drug that made my hands shake so badly I couldn’t knit if I wanted to. I am also thankful that I actually want to knit badly enough to start re-learning all the things I used to do effortlessly.

  40. After 85 years of being blessed with the ability to knit and crochet, and having a young teacher with all her resources making the latest techniques available to me, I can honestly say I’m truly grateful! You NEVER stop learning and I believe this is what keeps me going. Thank you, Liat. You’re the daughter that I once had and lost. My only hope is that I will always be grateful for all the blessings I’ve received! Thank you, again.

  41. I have LOVED watching Liat for more years than either one of us want to admit to! :-)
    When I have the funds, I’ve renewed my “premium” membership….knowing I could have a lifetime membership would make my 2020!!!
    Thanks Liat!

  42. I am grateful for new friends and long time friends and seeing my grandchildren grow up and preparing for a new birth in the family to be a great grandmother hopefully at least one that my mother would be proud of me being a great grandmother

  43. Hi, Liat,
    The biggest thing I am thankful for this year is that my treatment ended last month (Nov 2020).
    I can finally get back to my knitting after 6 years. I have yarn and patterns in the waiting, ready to go.
    And I am thankful for your video lessons. I have used them before, and you are no doubt the best instructor out there. Thank you for all that you do for your students!

  44. I am grateful for the wisdom this difficult year has enabled. I took so much for granted, and the challenges of 2020 made each tiny silver lining glow.

  45. I’m grateful that my immediate family has been spared so far from Covid. I’m retired (RN) and am thankful that I’m not working on the front lines. My heart goes out to all the essential workers and their families.

  46. I am grateful that I’m retired so that I haven’t had to go out into the workforce during the pandemic. And I am even more grateful for those who are out there on the frontlines.

  47. I am grateful for every day I put my feet down on my floor and can get out of bed to the start of another day. Grateful for every day I am alive and well. Stay safe everybody and keep those needles moving. :)

  48. I am grateful for the opportunity to reexamine priorities and to make sure those priorities are reflected in my decision making, now and in the future.

  49. I am grateful for my good health and the good health of all my family. I am also grateful for Skype, texting, and the phone so that I can see and hear my sons and their spouses during this time when I cannot be with them. Thank you for this great giveaway. Love your site and all that you share with us.

  50. Priscilla Laybolt

    I am so grateful to be alive and also for the health and welfare of my family. I am 94 yrs. young and have great great grandchildren for which I am especially privileged to still be here to appreciate them.

  51. I was very ill in June and spent 5 days in the hospital. Since then, I hadn’t knit for 6 months, despite knitting daily for several years before that. I’m very grateful I finally picked up the needles on DEC 7 and have knit every day since then. I feel so much better! I’m on my fifth sock since then to complete my annual sock knitting requirement (I have goals!), then I have a cowl and a shawl lined up to knit. I enjoy knitting so much and it’s so good for me!

  52. This year, I am most grateful for the health of my husband, my mother and step-father, and myself. While COVID-19 has been all around each of us, none of us have contracted this awful illness. We wear our masks religiously. Selfishly, I am also thankful for the downtime at home to work on my crafting projects!

  53. So very grateful for the ability to knit! I am also thankful for Liat who has taught me so many skills! Continental knitting, two at a time mittens and socks just to name a couple.

  54. Knitting socks has kept me warm, down to my toes, in this frosty season of fear and uncertainty. Thank you for your generous gift to one of your fans!

  55. Since moving to the country Fall 2019, we have been fairly isolated and had very limited contact or been affected much by the Covid crisis. For this, I am so thankful, and for my family’s health and for grocery pick up! Thankful for FaceTime and live streaming to keep up with friends and family. Have had lots of time to quilt and knit. Unbeknownst to me, signing up for a monthly knit club back in January turned out to be an even greater idea.

  56. I am grateful for the satisfaction that knitting brings to my mind and body. It is rythmic, challenging, soothing, creative, tangible, tactile, pragmatic and beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement and guidance.

  57. I’m grateful for the opportunity to win an all access pass to knit freedom, a wonderful resource for knitters. Thank you. Hoping for a quiet, happy healthy 2021 for our globe!

  58. SarahJane Morrone

    To be honest since my little brother died 20 days ago – I have been thankful for knitting. I was taught when I was in 4th grade by a lovely elderly woman who had the same birthday and then left it for years. In 2008 when my mother began to knit – I thought gosh I know how to knit. After MANY year hiatus I began to knit again and in this 2020 season that’s been rough for everyone and particularly this month where my heart is in pieces — knitting has kept me from truly falling apart. Cotton absorbs tears really well!! We have to go on but it’s so amazing to have this “hobby” (not really cause it’s a post apocalyptic life skill!!) that is of such comfort to me right now.

  59. I’m grateful that my family has remained healthy during these dark times, and especially for my newest granddaughter, Sloane, who is 2 1/2 months old and in awe of all the lights and sounds of Christmas. Watching her face last night as her big sister rang some of our old sleigh bells was incredible. Next year, I swear I will knit hats or mittens for her and her amazing sister! An embarrassment of riches with these two girls in this family.

  60. I’m grateful that being retired has meant less disruption in my life from Covid than others have had to face and that it’s given me the time to knit almost 200 free ear savers (the buttons hold the face mask elastic off the ears) mainly for local health care and essential workers but also for others who needed them, like a woman with only one ear. And I’m especially grateful that, although we haven’t been able to see much of them, our family has been healthy through this difficult time.

  61. I am so thankful for Knitfreedom, It keeps me busy with this pandemic going on. I have learned so much and grateful for the help.

  62. I am so thankful for the continuing health of my family. It has been a very hard year for everyone with the virus and distancing of loved ones. We have lost so many dear friends and loved ones this year and the continued care for an elderly aunt. I have had to give up one of the many pleasures of my lifetime and that is my beautiful and beloved horses. This has been my major stress relief in my life but no time with family illness. The one thing I have left is my love of knitting. We have a group that does a lot of donations and it has been impossible for us to meet, knit and relax. We are still able to knit hats and scarves for the needy but the social side is gone. It would be such a joy to be able to win this drawing Liat is so graciously providing.

  63. So grateful for knitting during this time of isolation and concern. Also thankful for teachers like Liat who keep teaching me new things about knitting, which is one of the things I love about the craft!

  64. I am most grateful for my family and friends. I have been having a hard time these last couple of years. But I am so grateful that I have my knitting, it brings me so much joy. I’m also grateful that I found Liat and KnitFreedom. As my best knitting friend has moved a few states away I don’t have the help right at my fingertips anymore. Thank you for this opportunity to win a lifetime membership.

  65. I am grateful for my health, and my family. I’m so fortunate to have supportive clientele in my business. Life is good! Even better without covid.

  66. I am grateful for the health of my family so far in this crazy year. I am also grateful for my indoor hobbies of knitting and quilting that have kept me sane while having to “stay put” during these COVID times!

  67. I am grateful this year for my friends. They have been a lifeline. I’m also grateful that I have been able to help others either with a small financial assist, friendship or some other need. This pandemic has shown the best and the worst in our fellow humans. I hope I’ve at least made a small contribution to the better side.
    Regarding KnitFreedom, I tell everyone that Liat could teach me to fly an airplane if she wished. She is the best instructor I’ve ever had across all my creative endeavors.

  68. I’m grateful for all of the frontline and essential workers who have literally put their lives on the line for us. I’m also grateful for my skill of knitting and the access to KnitFreedom. I’ve been knitting everyday, and whenever I’ve had a question, I’ve been able to use KnitFreedom as a reference when a “problem” arises!

  69. Lorri Fitzsimmons

    I am so grateful for so many things this year! You don’t have to search to see and hear about so many people struggling for so many reasons this year. Thank God for Liat and knitting! A link to sanity!

  70. I am grateful that my family has survived this different year relatively unscathed. And I’m always grateful for yarn and knitting!

  71. I am grateful that our family members who have contracted Covid have recovered and doing fine now. I have enjoyed the time I have been able to spend as one of my grandchildren’s virtual teachers. Even at 70, I can zoom with the best of them. Thank goodness for my yarn stash. Have been able to keep busy, make Christmas presents, and learn new techniques. Working on learning brioche!

  72. Hello. I am grateful that my family is healthy in this stressful year, even though we are far apart. My daughter and I have knitted many projects and our son has learned to play piano. I knitted my son and husband reverse color knit hats for Christmas and gave my daughter yarn and pattern for pappillon shawl. I hope to make a kep for myself and some shawls this year. Thanks for being such a good resource. Kathryn

  73. It’s been a tough year for my family, but I’ve gotten back to knitting as my therapy! I’ve always loved to knit but think I’m not very good at it. I’d like to improve my skills and challenge myself in 2021! Thank you for all your love for the knitting community and I hope we all have things to cheer about in 2021.

  74. This Christmas I have much to be thankful for. Friends, family, and faith in God just to name a few. So far we have remained healthy and enjoy daily walks in the beautiful mountains where we live. I am so thankful that my sister-in-law got me started knitting. Making hats, mittens and scarves for the less fortunate and prayer shawls for people who feel alone has been a blessing to me and to the people on the receiving end.

  75. I’m grateful that my family got through this year in fairly good spirits, that we have and continue to weather the uncertainties together. I’m also grateful for technology that has enabled my kids to continue to see their friends and take classes with beloved teachers. Technology has also allowed us to stay in touch with extended family afar and for me, to take knitting classes online and find a knitting community when I had none in real life!

  76. This is my second Christmas without my son. He was active duty Army for 21 years. The holidays are an especially difficult time for me. It was our favorite holiday. I am so grateful to my husband for his support and putting up with my moods. I’m also grateful to be able to knit, crochet and sew. These talents are my therapy and refuge! I am a self taught knitter …. as in UTube and Knitfreedom! So happy I found you years ago! Best wishes!

  77. I am so greatful that during this time of Covid my all of my imediate family survived infection without difficulty and no lasting side effects, including my 100 year old aunt. I count my blessings every day and look forward to the challenge of a new knitting project!!

  78. First of all, I’m grateful for the health and safety of my family. I’m also thankful that I have the ability to enjoy my hobbies on a full-time basis. My newest one, knitting, has honestly consumed me. I started last year and I absolutely love it. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win a lifetime membership.

  79. Especially this year, I am grateful for family and especially my two beautiful granddaughters. I am hoping to improve my knitting skills to make them some special things knitted by their Nana.

  80. I am thankful for a warm, safe home and food on the table, my husband’s essential job, our farm, our health. God is good!

  81. Hi Liat,
    I’m grateful for the gift of knitting that my mom imparted to me 60+ years ago. It has brought joy, knowledge, comfort, creativity and a worldwide community of friends. I’m also grateful for you and all the YouTube videos you’ve made available. I’ve learned so much through your calm and clear instructions. Thank you for offering this generous giveaway.

  82. My mom passed away in January after a very hard battle with dementia. I had been one of her caretakers. Then came the pandemic. I am very grateful for my family and husband who have been so strong and loving during this hard time. Even though we were not together they always lifted my spirits. Knitting keeps my mind from going to pieces so I’m grateful for that as well!

  83. There is so much to be grateful for, even in 2020! So many people want to erase 2020 from history. I’m grateful for family and their health. I’m grateful that two family members who had Covid had only minor symptoms. I’m grateful that my daughter who is a hospital chaplain has not been infected. I’m grateful to have the internet where I can find help for all my knitting and crochet questions! I’m grateful for Liat and her team from whom I’ve learned so much about knitting socks! I’m honored to have a picture of baby socks I knitted on!

  84. I am thankful for family and for being alive. This has been a challenging year for me, more so than any other year. My husband marks his twelfth month of intense chemo treatments targeting his stage three brain cancer. I have lost my Aunt to Covid19. And I myself have survived yet another year of COPD.
    I am so grateful for each and every one of my family members who have been there all the way with me. I couldn’t have done it without them!

  85. I’m grateful for a healthy family. I’m grateful for Zoom, Facetime and the like so that I can, at least, see some of my family. I’m grateful to hear from Liat again.

  86. I am so happy that no one in my family has gotten sick from Covid-19. We are all high risk and we have been very strict about not being social, eating out, etc. I miss going to knitting stores to talk about wool, getting some help, and just being social with other likeminded people. I have been utilizing online tutorials and am thankful that people like Liat are in the world to help us pass the time with creativity and joy.

  87. I am grateful that I am able to type this message. And I am grateful for people like you that are doing things to make this pandemic easier to navigate.

  88. I am grateful that my husband is feeling better after 2 weeks of covid-19 illness. He is 74 and has an incredible immune system. He is usually over a cold in a couple of days, but covid really knocked him down. Thankfully, he didn’t need to be hospitalized, but he slept all the time and coughed til I thought his ribs would break. The fevers made him seem like he had dementia. We will be celebrating Christmas with a new outlook on how wonderful life can be when you have your health.

  89. I’m grateful that my family has remained healthy during this time of pandemic. Knitting for charity has been a lifesaver during these long months at home.

  90. I’m grateful that we are all healthy! I’m also grateful for the knitting community. I love the way everyone has come together to help each other. I have made so many wonderful things, and that has kept me busy while having to stay home so much.

  91. I’m grateful for many things. Grateful to have my knitting and sewing as a refuge where I can go for calming during times of stress which has never been more true than this year with the pandemic. Grateful to have knitting while waiting in the car during my husband’s many doctor’s visits, tests and procedures. Grateful my husband’s diagnosis of cancer came back low risk. Grateful to be able to celebrate the Christmas season in a time when we have the technology to come together with family and friends online when we cannot get together in person due to the pandemic. Grateful for the hope we have in knowing that the pandemic will soon be behind us and while it may not be the normal we left behind, it will be better when we can all come back together with family and friends grateful for the lessons we’ve all learned from the year 2020 and the hope of a better future because of it.

  92. I am grateful that my family and me are still alive. I am grateful for knitting that has helped get me through this strange and dangerous time. I am grateful for all the essential workers that risk their live everyday for the good of others. I am grateful for all the scientists that work around the clock to come up with a vaccine. I am happy for Zoom that has brought people into our homes virtually. I am thankful for Knitfreedom that gets answers our questions and gets us knitting again. Thank you!

  93. This year I am most grateful for my Mom. 94 years old and just had to go into a nursing home because she can’t hold her body weight any more. My family is so afraid for her and she is so upset. So many strong emotions and sad. But I try to remember all the good times, the incredible meals and anytime something was upsetting us she’d say “Put on the kettle and we’ll have a cup of tea.” We have to visit by Zoom and she can’t remember who we are sometimes, but I remember her. Her strength and love and she taught me to knit! So, I sit with my daughter as I teach her to knit, and we watch Liat’s videos and we remember the best of Grandma and are grateful.

  94. Celeste Robichaux

    I am so grateful that all my family members are safe and healthy this Christmas. It has been hard not being able to visit my 94-year-old dad in his assisted living facility. Liat and my knitting have helped me remain composed and at peace in a world of chaos. I am knitting a sweater vest for him, using techniques I learned in Liat’s continental knitting video. This has reduced hand fatigue and arthritis pain considerably! Thank you, Liat, and Merry Christmas!

  95. So grateful for the health of my family, a job, a roof over my head and food to eat in a time where so many are suffering loss and misfortune. I am also thankful for this opportunity to learn more about knitting and slow down, stay home and enjoy crafting, which was neglected in the busy times before the pandemic.

  96. Knitting saved my sanity this year so I am grateful for all the folks who made it possible for me to continue knitting:
    – my LYS (Four Purls) who would send me yarn, needles, notions, and give helpful advice on color
    – the USPS who delivered the goods to my door
    – my knitting buddies who offered encouragement, advice, and helped me rehome some special
    yarn I knew I’d never use but have been moving around for 15 years
    – my on-line go-tos, like Knit Freedom, who continued to offer advice and inspiration


    Hi all. I am grateful for the health of my family. I am also gratfeful that my sons are living together. We are from WI and one moved to LA and the other to the greater Seattle area. SO far from home. I was worried about them. Not only the usual worries of a mom, but then the pandemic hit. What if they got sick? Were hospitalized? How would I manage that from WI? When they could work remotely, they got a place together. Now I still worry, but somewhat less as they can look after each other. I am grateful that my family so far, while some have tested positive, have recovered and all are well. I am grateful for having hobbies (like knitting and papercrafting) that give me peace and comfort in life, particularly during such crazy times.

  98. I have so much to be grateful for every year. God has truly blessed me and my family. I think this year I am maybe just more aware. My family, friends, home, job, health are most important. But I am also grateful for the opportunity to do the things I enjoy, the opportunity to learn new things and the generous spirit of those much more talented and creative than I who share their gifts so that I may learn.

  99. Thus year has been illuminating, the politeness of people met on a daily walk, bashing a pan every Thursday to show appreciation for the NHS and key workers , the sound of bird song so loud when the road noise reduced during lockdown. I am grateful I had my partner and son at home but sad that my daughters were miles away. Sanity was restored every afternoon when I knitted whilst listening to the afternoon play on the radio. Using tips and free videos from knit freedom I have perfected my heel turns and stretchy bind offs. Thank you Liat!

  100. My heart is full of gratitude that my family is safe, here and abroad…and that my son didn’t lose his job. Happy tears. Thank you.

  101. I’m so grateful this year for the good health of my family and friends! We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe, even though it’s very hard to not be able to see and hug each other. So many families have not been so lucky and I am so sorry for their losses. Crafts are a wonderful way to keep ourselves busy when we can’t be with other people. I’m grateful that I have knit freedom to help me with any issues that I have with knitting.

  102. During this crazy year, I am ever so grateful that my family and friends have stayed safe and healthy. I am grateful that during the warmer weather that my knitting group (7 of us) were able to meet and social distance in a park. It was so nice to see an actual person rather than a video chat. Knitting kept us sane and we were able to show off our accomplishments, no matter how small. I cant wait to get back to a version of normalicy, so that I can visit a yarn store, actually touch the yarns and try and learn some new techniques.

  103. I am grateful that a cherished friend who was diagnosed with COVID-19 has recovered and pray that no lingering effects will further disrupt her life. I am grateful for our cat Theo. He had a cancerous tumor removed in late November and the ultrasound didn’t reveal any spread. He is my furbaby, my bestie and I am grateful that I can love and take care of him.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway, Liat. May love and light always be yours.

  104. I am so grateful that my family is healthy. I see that same comment from many, and understand that it could be different – we are so fortunate. I’m also thankful that I know how to knit and have many KnitFreedom patterns that have gotten me through 2020.

  105. First and foremost, I’m grateful for the continued health and safety of my family and friends during these difficult times. Since getting together with friends to share our love of knitting and to give each other a helping hand when someone is uncertain about how to correct a problem has been curtailed, having a place to show you how to proceed is invaluable. KnitFreedom is that magical place where everyone, whether a novice or experienced knitter can find the answer!

    1. I have so many things to be grateful for this year, and since family is the number one thing but many others have been saying that, l will mention something else. I am entirely grateful to have been blessed with a job as a first responder. I have been able to work through this pandemic, which means being able to continue to provide for my family in these difficult times when so many others cannot. Due to my employment, I’ve been able to help many others who have needed it during this difficult time. My job as a police officer puts me smack in the middle of peoples lives, sometimes at their worst. I’ve come to realize that God has put me on this path to have a positive impact on others at a time when they think they will receive none. It has been a really hard year at work for many, many reasons, but I am beyond blessed to be where I am!

  106. In a year that has been so difficult, I am so grateful for the health of our family and look forward to being able to spend time together.

  107. I’m very grateful that I have remained safe and healthy during this very difficult year, along with my family and friends. As a retired RN, I’m extremely grateful for all the healthcare workers who have worked so hard giving their care and competence. I’m also grateful for the little things that have kept me going this year like my knitting, Zoom chats with friends, my dog, finishing my novel, improving my French and venues like Knit Freedom that have kept me learning and feeling productive. Here’s to a brighter and safer 2021.

  108. Grateful for the knitting community and friends I have made through fiber arts. Knitting has saved me during 2020 with all that is going on and I am glad to be able to have needles at the ready for when anxiety flares up. Peace to you all!

  109. I have discovered KnitFreedom a week or so ago while searching the web for magic loop. Since then I have viewed quite a few Liat’s fee videos. I have done the tube swatch and am amazed how easy it is. Next thing to learn is doing two at the time with magic loop. I have been knitting on and off since I was a child. My grandmother taught me how to knit. Now that I am retired I need to get back to knitting and use the stash of beautiful yarns that I have acquired over the years. Thank you Liat, you are the best teacher.
    P.S. How is Milo Rafael doing?

  110. So thankful for having so much time on my hands to improve my knitting skills! Always a silver lining if I look hard enough!

  111. Your video how to knit socks two-at-a-time years ago is what kept me going on knitting. I loved that they came out perfect and I just wore them yesterday. I have also purchased the cast on and off videos several years ago. Thank you for all your videos.

  112. I am grateful that my family is COVID free and I have a stash of yarn to get me through another year if needed. My last video was the magic loop-toe up- two at a time. This is my favorite way to make socks! It I have second sock syndrome. It takes me a long time to do the second sock.

  113. I’m grateful for all the people of the grassroots movement that have been working to save our country. I’m grateful that Biden-Harris won the election. I’m grateful for the connections between so many of us that zoom makes possible. I’m deeply grateful for knitting helping to keep me in the present moment and relatively sane.

  114. I am grateful this year for so many precious things, the love of my family, the view from my window during many months of quarantine, taking up knitting again and being able to hand make gifts for my loved ones, and of course super grateful for Liat’s help through her amazing videos to be able to improve my knitting skills!

  115. This year I am grateful for a work family that was able to continue our mission of care despite the pandemic. We were able to serve clients who are refugees throughout this year. Knitting made the hardest days a little easier and I have been inspired to learn new skills. Everyone is getting handmade socks this year. Thanks for the videos to make that possible

  116. Thank you so very much for your wonderful posts and work and offers.
    I am very new knitter and am so happy with the magic loop course and the updates and tips!!! They are invaluable to me.
    Happy knitting 🧶

  117. I’m glad that my family and I have remained Covid-Free. Two of my kids are in healthcare..son is an ER nurse in SF and my daughter is a Critical Care Pediatrician.. so they have had contact with covid patients. Stressful times and fortunately knitting has been my “go-to” stress cutting option. Looking forward to learning a few new techniques in 2021.

  118. I am so grateful that Liat offered her Magic Loop and Two-At-A-Time Toe-Up sock classes many years ago and that I she gave me a whole new knitting world by doing so! This past year I am extremely grateful that my family has remained COVID-free. I have knitted socks using charts this year, something new to me and Liat gave me that great gift of learning new things.

  119. I’m so thankful that my family has stayed Covid free so far, that we have a vaccine that will help us to get closer to normal.
    I’m thankful for knitting to calm my nerves and sites like this one.

  120. I am grateful for my hobbies. Knitting and quilting have been a part of my everyday this past year as I have dealt with this virus. It me something to wake up for each day.

  121. I’m grateful for a chance to win. This has been a trying year but there have been bright spots – knitting was definitely one of them and I’ve had time to improve my skills.

  122. I’m grateful for yarn, and knitters, and teachers like Liat. Corona would have driven me insane if I wasn’t a knitter. I discovered that I can knit covertly through long work meetings on zoom, and I have 2 pairs of ‘zoom socks’ to prove it! Thank you!

      1. I am grateful for sites like knit freedom that support knitters in their homes. Without knit freedom my needlecraft skills would be very limited. With knit freedom my abilities and my possibilities are boundless. Thank you. Katy woodall ( [email protected])

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