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Ringing in the Holidays – New Christmas Bells Pattern

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Ringing in the Holidays – New Christmas Bells Pattern

Liat Gat - Founder

December 15, 2020

People are to be digging into their holiday traditions a bit earlier and with a bit more enthusiasm than usual. All of us are in need of some light and happiness to hold onto while we're surrounded with so much chaos and uncertainty. In that spirit, we have a special new pattern to share with you. It was created by the newest member of the KnitFreedom family, Delia Diaconu.

Hello lovely knitters,

Christmas Bells with candle
Christmas Bells – New KnitFreedom Pattern
I’ve been noticing this year that people seem to be digging into their holiday traditions a bit earlier and with a bit more enthusiasm than usual. I think all of us are in need of some light and happiness to hold onto while we’re surrounded with so much chaos and uncertainty.

In that spirit, we have a special new pattern to share with you. This one was created by the newest member of the KnitFreedom family, Delia Diaconu.

Check Out Our New Christmas Bells Pattern

About Our New Christmas Bells Pattern

Knit Christmas BellsWhen I saw these beautiful knit bells on KnitFreedom videographer Delia’s Christmas tree in our weekly Zoom meeting, I had to have a closer look. And when Delia held the bells up to me to see, I got overwhelmed with a sense of sweetness and hope, which is a wonderful thing to feel this time of year.

When I asked her what prompted her to design this pattern, Delia had some lovely thoughts to share:

It’s that time of the year again, the time when everything slows down and we get to enjoy each other’s company. Except that this year is different; this year has been difficult for all of us, and we could all use a project to work on, so we can take our minds off the constant worries and let our creativity take over.

I worked these for my daughter one Christmas, because I wanted to make something as delicate as her but powerful, like the sound of a bell that brings together people in church. Bells can be used to drive away evil and bring in hope.

These darling bells remind me that all the world has something to give, and that we all have so much in common. They help us ring in the new year, ring in the arrival of Delia herself at KnitFreedom (more on that below), and bring the sweetest touch of joy to your Christmas tree.

I invite you to think of the time you spend creating these lovely bells as a gift to yourself – a gift of calm, and peace, and creativity.

And the bells themselves could make a wonderful gift for a special person in your life. Perhaps think of giving them to a young member of your family who has moved out on their own for the first time, and who might not have a store of ornaments yet to make their Christmas tree feel special.

You can find the pattern here, with our other free patterns.

On behalf of Delia and the rest of the KnitFreedom team (Elias, Mary Claire, Katherine, and Liat), we hope you enjoy this pattern, and wish you all the very best of love and light this holiday season.

Welcome Delia, KnitFreedom’s New Videographer

Delia DiaconuDelia is a knitter from Romania who has joined our team to begin creating knitting videos for KnitFreedom.

(Don’t worry, though – she’s learned our signature style and is here to take you by the hand and show you, with her very calm voice, just how to do the hundreds of techniques we’ve got on our “waiting list” of videos.)

I asked Delia to tell us a little bit about herself and her love of knitting, so you can get to know her before she turns up in your knitting videos:

I have been knitting from a very early age, having had my grandma and mother as an example. I was fascinated by the ability to produce something from scratch with just a pair of needles and some yarn.

Over the years, knitting has brought me so much satisfaction. I am able to make things for myself and my loved ones, to make a living from it, and to meet amazing people and teach them to knit too, so they can gain the same satisfaction and happiness that I’ve had.

I think this is what brought me to KnitFreedom. We are a community, and we can help each other grow. Liat’s enthusiasm and her kindness made me want to join this amazing team, whose main goal is helping others learn and succeed.

I am so looking forward to the explosion of new and wonderful videos we will be able to share with you once we are up and running.

Giveaway Next Week – Win 1 of 3 FREE Premium Lifetime Subscriptions

One of our amazing KnitFreedom students, Polly, left a comment on the KnitFreedom facebook group that really moved me. She said:

How many here have the lifetime membership to KnitFreedom and how many, like ME, are BEGGING for it for Christmas?? 🙂 If you are a lifetime member, tell me what you love the most!

I have asked for this for the last couple of years, at least. I think people who are not knitters do NOT understand the value here!! I have a hard time spending this much money on myself but I have decided if my family doesn’t chip in towards it, I’ll be joining NO MATTER WHAT in January (no more waiting!!) so I hope that the price doesn’t go up after Christmas! 🙂

I know how hard it is to spend money on yourself. And I was so inspired by hearing so many students say they’re asking Santa for Premium Lifetime this year that I’ve decided to put together a scholarship program/giveaway for Premium Lifetime.

Next week: Enter to win one of three FREE Premium Lifetime memberships! Enter Dec. 22nd-23rd. Winners announced on Dec. 24th.

KnitFreedom Premium Lifetime library ebook coverOur students who already have Premium Lifetime say that they love being able to download all the videos to their phones/computers. And just the security of knowing they have all the videos at their fingertips is really comforting.

I’ll be sending out the details for the giveaway a few days before Christmas – so watch for that in your newsletters! – and I hope it brings joy to some lucky winners!

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Do you have any favourite holiday patterns? Leave us a comment and let us know what other beautiful things we can create to make this holiday season special. Or just drop by to say hello to Delia!

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15 thoughts on “Ringing in the Holidays – New Christmas Bells Pattern”

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  1. I love the classes I’ve bought from Liat because it’s given me something to do during this interminable downtime of the virus. I can’t do many places, but I’ve learned to knit socks (imagine that!) and learned to knit and felt a pair of slippers that I’m wearing now and wear constantly. I love it.

    I never thought I’d learn to knit, and now I can. Plus I know I can learn more since Liat’s videos are so easy to follow, so clear, so calm and always so upbeat. She makes me feel as though it’s impossible to make a mistake that does irreparable damage. If you can’t make a mistake, why not learn to knit too?

    It’s wonderful to have a new skill!

    Thanks, Liat! You’re amazing.

    1. That is fantastic to hear Valerie! We are so happy KnitFreedom has empowered you to learn a new craft and try out all kinds of patterns. The photo of all your socks is absolutely fantastic, and we’re delighted that you love the felted slippers from our most recent KAL.

      Keep on knitting Valerie! We can’t wait to see what you knit up next :)

  2. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for the bells pattern.
    I do have one question. I’m really, really tired and I SHOULD know the answer, but I thought garter stitch was you just knit all rounds and that stockinette stitch was alternating knit/purl rows.
    The finished bells look like garter stitch, but the pattern instructions have us alternating rows, saying it’s garter stitch pattern.
    Like I said, I’ve been up with very sick kids for the better part of 3 weeks now (gotta love cold weather and asthma and some virus.

    Also, can you add how to find pattern runs for self-striping or patterning yarn. I have some sock yarns that make patterns as you knit it. I’d like to do identical twins, not the fraternal I’m now dealing with. Any tips or showing us what to look for to make the yarn match, especially if it’s from the same large ball of yarn.

    1. Uhmmmm.. unless you’re using Magic Loop! Sheesh. I did warn that I was tired. lol
      I fed us dinner and then came back, my brain cleared… and I realized my mistake. Thank you anyway.
      Also, Happy Chanukah to all.

      Who is NOT going to try and knit tonight – unless I want to frog it all tomorrow.

    2. Hi Darlene,

      So glad you like the Bells! To answer your question – garter stitch in the round alternates between knit and purl rounds, whereas in flat knitting it’s all-knit rows. That’s also the reason you can knit stockinette-in-the-round without purling. If you don’t like purling, the pattern does link to a tutorial for how to knit garter stitch in the round without purling, linked here:

      As for a self-striping patterning yarn sock patterns, the good news is you don’t need to look too far! You can do a simple sock pattern without texture (like our Basic Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Sock Pattern) and the stripes will go on their own accord. If you don’t like how the stripes change for the heel or toe shaping, you could always opt for a sock with an afterthought heel and toes in a contrasting color.

  3. Joani Frenette-Cornell

    To Liat, Delia and everyone!
    Thank you for your generous sharing of your talents and time! May the new year bring you all the blessings your hearts can hold.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Hi Liat,
    I just want to take this opportunity to wish you and your lovely family a Very Happy Chanukah and a joyous holiday season. Having previously lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I miss seeing the Farolitas (a lighted candle in a brown sandwich bag half filled with sand) which were a holiday tradition there lighting up driveways and sidewalks. I don’t know if they use these in Mexico where you are, but if you do, please post a picture of your holiday decorations in your next email. I know that the Christmas season is very important and celebratory in Mexico and I once was able to enjoy it in Mexico City–spent New Years in Chihuahua on the way home to Tucson, Arizona where my family lived at the time.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you so much for your holiday wishes! Ah, I love the idea of the Farolitas. This year the celebrations are quite muted in comparison to what they usually are, but I will be sure to snap a photo of some good decorations if I see them. We don’t venture down to the town square nearly as much as we used to but I know that families are still holding “posadas” which are like parties with gifts for the neighborhood children and such. I’ll try to get some photos!
      Warm wishes,

  5. Let me take a minute and welcome Delia to the Knit Freedom team! My name is Linda, and I am a permanent lifetime member. Liat’s videos have helped me so much. I do wish she would do a video on picking up dropped stitches when you have fingering weight yarn and tiny size 0 circulars that this happened with. I had to completely take the whole sock out and redo it to fix the problem! Then I decided I wanted different color toes and heels, so when I got to the Fleegle heel part, I happily set the main yarn aside, cutting the long length of that yarn and started knitting the heel, ALL THE WAY AROUND the front and heel portion of the sock. So now, I have to take out those stitches and start over for a 3rd time! Needless to say, the socks are in time out in the corner now! Liat, would you please make these 2 videos and show idiots like me how to do this without having to start over 3 times or more?

    1. Haha hi Linda! It’s so great to hear from you. Yes, we would love to make you videos on this! That’s why Delia has come aboard, to help us with our long to-do list of videos and finally explain all these tricky topics we love to shed light on.

      I’ll add your ideas to my list right now. We’ll get those socks finished, don’t worry. PS – for contrasting heel and toe, I recommend our Faux Heel Flap Toe-Up Sock pattern (don’t worry, you can use the same foot as for the Fleegle Heel sock).

  6. Thank you! I make ornaments every year for my grandkids (seven now). This is on my list for 2021! I will make them with fine gauge yarn and small needles. I usually start racking my brain in September for ideas. It’s wonderful to have a plan so early!

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