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These Photographic Double-Knits Will Blow Your Mind

Liat Gat - Founder

September 6, 2021

These incredible full-sized double-knit blankets were created by amazing knitter and KnitFreedom student Deb Dav. Inspired? You can learn to double knit like a pro in our upcoming Charts Demystified video class.

Think you’ve seen it all? Check out these incredible full-sized double-knit blankets created by amazing knitter and KnitFreedom student Deb Dav. Click any image to see it bigger!

Deb Dav double knit Jesse and Mabe
Deb Dav double knit Brett with fish front
Deb Dav double knit Brett photo size reference

Double knit lion blanket by Deb Dav
Deb Dav double knit dragon front
Deb Dav double knit dragon back

Deb Dav double knit bighorn sheep
Deb Dav double knit moon
Deb Dav double knit Jim front

Deb Dav double knit Danielson crater Mars front
Deb Dav double knit tiger front
Deb Dav double knit tiger back

Double Knitting Uses Charts To Create Double-Sided Mirror-Image Color Designs

Pre-Order Charts Demystified for $1In our soon-to-be released Charts Demystified video class, we teach you the amazing technique of double-knitting as part of your 7-hour education on how to read and knit from charts like a pro.

In the class, we’ll be making a simple heart design (which, for beginners, is enough of a challenge as you learn to interpret a double-knitting chart).

I’ll teach you how to set up for double knitting, how to keep your edge stitches neat, and how to work the background and foreground colors so you come out with a perfect mirror-image design every time.

Double knit heart 1Double knit heart 2

After you work through our Charts Demystified video course, you will be able to create any double-knit design at all, including a design you make from a photo or other image and turn into a chart.

What inspired Deb to create these picture-perfect designs? As Deb told me in a Facebook conversation about these beautiful creations, “I realized that you can double-knit any pattern, so I tried.”

She shared that each of the blankets takes about 100 hours or 6-8 weeks knitting a few rows a day. And that each of the gift recipients absolutely loves his or her blanket.

How to Make Your Own Charts From a Photo

To create your own double-knitting charts (and blankets) from photos, you can use Deb’s favorite tools: Lunapic to make the photos black and white, and then Stitch Board or Photo Pearls to turn them into charts.

Are You Inspired? Leave Artist Deb a Comment!

Deb Dav double knit moonI was so inspired putting this album together for you that I started to think, “What would be the perfect family photo that I could turn into a heirloom blanket for my family to enjoy for years?”

If you are impressed or inspired by Deb’s knitted creations, leave her a comment here!

And get ready to learn to double-knit like a pro as just one piece of what you will learn in our soon-to-be-released Charts Demystified video class, available September 15th, 2021.

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  1. You do beautiful work. Sooo Lifelike!
    I’d LOVE to be able to do that sometime soon.
    Thanks for sharing! You’ve inspired me to learn chart reading!

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