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October 2021 News

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October 2021 News

Liat Gat - Founder

October 29, 2021

This winter I'm planning on creating a Crochet class for KnitFreedom, publishing new sizes and weights for our Faux Heel Flap socks, working on a Ladder-Back Jacquard tutorial, and studying Portuguese Knitting.

What I’ve Been Up To

Wow, it’s been a month since I emailed you about our Charts class! We’ve gotten great feedback on the class – even advanced knitters said they learned more than they expected to. Check out the feedback here.

I’m planning on doing a Crochet class for KnitFreedom to be published in the next few months. Lots of KnitFreedom students have said they would like everything from a complete beginner’s guide and a step-by-step crochet class to a basic overview/refresher of the stitches.

We’ll be developing our Faux Heel-Flap Toe-Up Socks patterns in new gauges and sizes. We’ve gotten requests for DK-weight yarn, in-between sizes for fingering yarn, and child sizes.

I’m working on a tutorial on the Ladder-Back Jacquard technique (pictured below) which is a way of making long floats stretchier for making pictures in Fair-Isle knitting.

Ladder Back Jacquard swatch - back
Ladder-Back Jacquard seen from the back
Ladder Back Jacquard swatch - front
Ladder-Back Jacquard seen from the front

Last, I’ve gotten Andrea Wong’s book on Portuguese Knitting and am sitting down to study it so that I can demystify Portuguese Knitting as a class for you. (If you haven’t heard about Portuguese Knitting, it’s purported to be great for those who experience pain or physical difficulty knitting).

Any feedback? Interested in these upcoming topics? Want to let me know how you’re doing? Post a note in the comments!

P.S. I recently re-formatted all of KnitFreedom’s best blog posts from over the years (there are more than 150) and created an email sequence to send them out to anyone new who signs up for KnitFreedom. If you want to get those blog posts, let me know by email ([email protected]) or in the comments and we’ll get you started on the sequence, too! It’s 3 emails a week for a year, filled with techniques, free patterns, and knitting wisdom.


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31 thoughts on “October 2021 News”

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  1. Hi Liat – please include me on the list to receive your blog posts; what a fab idea!

    I’m slowly making my way through charts and am loving the course. I was not familiar with cables nor fair isle so I took time to go through each of those classes. I didn’t knit my way through them but I read all text and watched all videos. So useful. I knit the cable swatches from charts and am now up to the fair isle chart.

    I’m particularly interested in toe-up socks, especially in sock-weight. I find magic loop fussy though; might you be willing to include videos for other small-diameter techniques including using two circulars and a 9″ circular?

    So grateful for your dedication and commitment to helping all of us become knitting superstars!

    1. Hi Marla, it’s so lovely to hear from you! This is so exciting that you’re working through the charts class and learning these new techniques! Thank you for sharing your progress.
      Toe-up socks are such a great project. They made a huge difference in my knitting once I did them. They open up a big world. I have had requests for videos on the two-circs method, etc. so I am considering this. I’ve even had requests for videos on double-points! It might be worthwhile to do a round-up (lol) on all the ways to knit in the round. But these would come after several classes I have queued up, so I won’t get to it for a while.
      Thank YOU for your enthusiasm and for participating and commenting, you make this work so fun for me.

  2. Hi Liat,
    I look forward to your emails, tips and tricks. You are my trusted knitting friend – so important because none of my friends or family knit, and I live too far from a LYS. I would love to receive your reformatted blog posts. I will be retiring in 6 months, so I am looking forward to having time to learn lots of new techniques.
    Thank you so much for all you do!

  3. Thank you for all you do. You are amazing.

    I would love to get put in the sequence for the reformatted blog posts. Thank you,

    I am very interested in the Ladderback Jaguard ? technique. Looking forward to your video.

    The beginner Crochet class./video sounds excellent

  4. Hi. I’d like to be on your email list for the re-formatted blog posts please. You are my favorite knitting video blogger!

  5. I

    M looking forward to the Portuguese knitting class. I’ve seen it demonstrated before but I hope to see it clearer. Don’t forget to offer the pins . barbara

  6. Hi List, It was good to get an update from you and I am very pleased to know that you will be doing some different sock yarn weights. I am definitely interested in that as I did your first class your first class on the fingering weight toe up socks I would also like to do a beret of some sorts if you ever want to look for a new project. Kind regards,

  7. I’d be very interested in the blog posts last. Please add my name to the list. Thank you so much!
    Linda Hensens

  8. Yes I would love tutorials on Portuguese knitting. I even made me a pin to attach my yarn to. Yes I’ve been watching video but they are made by ppl in other countries and sometimes hard to follow. So a video by you would be greatly appreciated! 💕 😊

  9. Shalom Liat!

    I’d be interested in being emailed the blog backlog – you never know what you’ll learn! The ladder-back technique looks very interesting too.

    You’re my go-to for anything I want to learn about – and with very clear videos that get right to the point without all the faffing about of a lot of others. Awesome work; toda raba!

  10. Saw something online a while back regarding Portuguese knitting. Would love to learn how to do it. Only you can demystify that process, Liat! Glad you are checking it out for us!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for being such a loyal and long-time KnitFreedom student! It’s great to hear from you. I’ve added you to the reformatted blog posts, you’ll start receiving them tomorrow.

  11. I look forward to the sock ‘recipes’! Wondering if it’s possible to take the Charts class? I overlooked signing up, and I could really use a class on it. Thanks, Paula

  12. First if you take the time to learn portuguese knitting you will find you have learned a way to increase your knitting speed tremendously, you will love it if you are left handed, I would love to learn to read charts in a way that doesn’t make it to be slow reading or painful. I will tell you if you plan on portuguese knitting go to jills knitbits to get yourself a knitting pin which is misleading or can be the ones I bought from her (Yes I said ones)had magnets. I am in crochet mode right now learned to crochet when I was 14 so I have naturally always knit and crochet…Miss Liat you are awesome sauce and I hope your son and husband are well as well as hoping the same for yourself!!!

    1. Hi Tonda, it was great to read your comment! I’m very excited about Portuguese knitting based on what you have said. And I really recommend our Charts class ( because it makes knitting charted patterns much faster and more enjoyable. The whole point of charts is to facilitate the knitting, not slow it down. I think you will be very happy to learn to read charts.

      Can you give me some more info about the knitting pins? Do you recommend the ones with magnets, or are those to be avoided? Thanks!

      And thank you for the kind wishes, my family is doing great and we are together every day. Hope you are doing great too!

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