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Watch Liat’s Las Vegas and Palm Springs TV Appearances And Meet Up With Liat On Her July TV Knitting Tour

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Watch Liat’s Las Vegas and Palm Springs TV Appearances And Meet Up With Liat On Her July TV Knitting Tour

Liat Gat - Founder

June 25, 2013

liat gat celebrity launchpad screengrabWhat an incredible weekend!

When I got to Palm Springs last Wednesday I got to meet up with the lovely ladies of the Knitting Guild of the Desert and we knitted under the misters at a downtown Starbucks.

This is a great guild, everyone, so if you live in the high desert, take advantage of this wonderful group.

When I arrived at the KMIR studio at 6am the next morning, it turned out they weren’t even aware I was coming. There had been a miscommunication between the producer and the anchors. So I just said, “I’m here to talk about knitting!” and they were like, “Ok, great, sit over here. Show us what you got!”

Palm Springs KMIR – 5 Ways Knitting Can Save Your Life

With my TV-appearance-jitters out of my system, I took advantage of the day and enjoyed an absolutely idyllic hour of knitting by the pool before it got too hot.

Knitting by the pool in Palm SpringsI’m creating an easy summer lace scarf for y’all – the pattern is “feather and fan” and the scarf came out gorgeous. Pattern and video tips coming soon!

When I arrived that evening in Las Vegas, my wonderful media coach Clint Arthur critiqued my appearance on the Palm Springs Show.

That way, by the next morning when I went on Fox5 Las Vegas, I was even more prepared.

My main feedback? Talk louder, talk faster, and smile the WHOLE time.

Fox5 Las Vegas – 3 Ways Knitting Can Save Your Life

Fun fact #1 – notice the purposefully spilled water? That’s called a “planned equipment malfunction,” and it works every time.
Fun fact #2 – like the crocheted bowl that’s holding the yarn in my Las Vegas appearance? That’s Linda Permann’s Filigree Bowl Pattern.

Anyway, they loved the segment and even invited me back to do another one. In fact, I’m taking this and running with it, committing to spread my message about knitting across the country.

Crowds gathering at the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas
There were actually like 10 times more people the night we were there. Either everyone wanted to see us knit or there was a huge conference in town…
To close out WorldWide Knitting In Public Day-Week, I met up with more lovely KnitFreedom fans in Las Vegas, where we braved the crowds at the Bellagio fountains to knit in public.

The fact that we were knitting turned more heads than did the Vegas girls in their 6-inch heels. I only regret that I didn’t think to take pictures. Next time!

The rest of the weekend was challenging but wonderful. I got to pitch 13 TV producers, and it was an uphill battle to convince each one that KNITTING is a TV-worthy topic. But who’s to say it’s not?!

Clint told me, “Liat, your topic is knitting, which everyone thinks is boring. Therefore it is impossible to be too enthusiastic. You are going to be the smiliest, most energetic, most likable person here, and there are going to have no choice but to book you.

And indeed I rose to the challenge and had a very successful weekend at Clint’s media summit, landing 11 TV appearances across the US, including two national shows. So I’m buckling my seatbelt because I’m about to go on a national TV tour!

The best part of this tour? If you are a KnitFreedom fan and you are in any of these cities, I want to meet you! Please come and party and knit with me.

Liat’s July TV Knitting Tour Dates and Meetup Details

follow KnitFreedom on Facebook for meetup time and location updates

Albuquerque, NM
– Sunday, July 7th – pm – evening knitting meetup
– Monday, July 8th – Style New Mexico on KRQE News 13 ~ 8:30 a.m.

Tucson, AZ
– Monday, July 8th – pm – evening knitting meetup
– Tuesday, July 9th – Morning Blend on KGUN9 ~ 11:00 a.m.

Las Vegas, NV
– Tuesday, July 9th – pm – evening knitting meetup
– Wednesday, July 10th – MORE on FOX5 ~ 9:30 a.m.

Chicago, IL
– Sunday, July 14th – pm – evening knitting meetup
– Monday, July 15th – 11 a.m. news on ABC Chicago ~ 11:30 a.m.

Tampa, FL (Liat’s Birthday)
– Tuesday, July 16th – Daytime (National Show) ~ 11:30 a.m.
– Tuesday, July 16th – pm – Liat’s Birthday Knitting Meetup Party

Orlando, FL
– Wednesday, July 17th – pm – evening knitting meetup
– Thursday, July 18th – Life, Love, Shopping (National Show) ~ 11:30 a.m.

Los Angeles, CA
– Friday, July 26th – Good Day LA ~ time TBD.
– Friday, July 26th – 6:30 pm: knitting meetup at Stitch N Pitch knitting event at Dodgers Stadium

Please Join Me For KnitFreedom Fan Knitting Meetup Gatherings

You can comment here or post or privately message me with your phone number on Facebook if you’d like to be part of the meetups. RSVPing is required so that nobody misses each other and we meet in a place that works for everyone.

What Do You Think? Did Knitting Save Your Life? Leave A Comment

Comment below to share your story of how knitting saved your life or if you have any feedback that I can use to improve next time. And thank you for your wonderful enthusiastic support!

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Stop making these common mistakes and knit with confidence

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  1. Thanks Liat f0r spreading the word. I knitted breifly as a teen years ago.
    During 4 years of caring for my Mom with Alzheimers, I rediscovered knitting. At first, it was something enjoyable we could do together. I hadn’t knitted in 40 years when I commited to knitting night with her…what did I get myself into, I thought! My memories were of only cotton or wool and just what I could learn from Grandma or my aunts.

    The activities directer said look on line, there are lots of free patterns. WOW, my mind was overwhelmed by all the design possibilities, the new kinds of yarn and the knitting stores and comraderie everywhere. It led to a new group of friends at my LYS who were also Mom-sitting. Then the circle kept getting bigger! I knit everywhere I go now, especially if I have to wait. That habbit started as my Mom began failing more and more. We couldn’t really communicatae any more but she liked us there. I became obsessed with knitting to save my sanity during those difficult times.

    I discovered your site when the Mobeius Nested Bowls showed up. I was so impressed by the quality of your videos, the thoroughness of you explanations, the quality of your partterns and your fun tips and solutions throughout. I told everyone at my LYS. Now many of us are followers. Hope to see you in Cleveland sometime, specifically at River Colors Studio in Lakewood if possible.

  2. “How knitting saved my life” – what a beautiful way to connect knitters with one another! I often refer to your videos for guidance and now read these comments to you for inspiration. Thank you for infusing your vitality and warmth into this shared craft. Your efforts have made a positive difference in my knitting life so thank you and I do hope you make it to Loveland, CO sometime soon. (Loveland is where the prolific Interweave Publishing House is located!)

  3. Do you have your birthday plans made yet? I’m not far from Tampa and would love to try to come celebrate with you. I’ve got Daytime tivo-ed. I hope you have a great time while you’re here.

  4. Wow! great appearance. You are a knitting evangelist.

    I don’t know if knitting has saved my live, but it’s definitely saved my husband’s life (and kept me out of jail, I guess). Knitting is great for turning down all of that noise left over in your head at the end of the day. As you begin to knit, your focus pulls in toward your project and before you know it you’ll feel a lot better. Calmer. The more you calm that ruckus in your mind, you begin to remember to breathe. The more you breathe, the more relaxed you become.

    Kind of like wine, but you get to keep your motor functions and don’t wake up with a headache.

  5. Liat. Knitting is great for recovering addicts! The more I knit the less I smoke. It also help my friend is a recovering alcoholic. Keeps the kind busy, very busy. Lol. I her your YouTube videos to get the basic skills and off she went. So, it is saving 2 people at the moment. You have the BEST VIDEOS on YouTube! I always direct people your way. I proudly love you fr om afar! (Great tv gig)

  6. Liat, you know a lot of my story and some of the challenges in my life. I cannot imagine going through the last few years without knitting (and especially KNITFreedom). I often took knitting with me when I went to visit Mom & Dad in the nursing home. I also had it with me as we sat with them during their final hours. My sister’s health is now declining and I take knitting with me when I take her to various doctor appointments. The receptionists comment if I *don’t* have it with me!

    I want to publicly thank you and the rest of the KNITFreedom crew for your understanding and support during this time (and always!). I can’t imagine the last few years without everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Knitting is helping to enlarge my “virtual” family as my physical family grows smaller. You never know when a little thing is going to make a big difference. If I hadn’t been inspired several years ago to look on YouTube for double-knitting videos I wouldn’t have you all in my life today.

    I can’t exactly say knitting has saved my life but it certainly has changed it for the better. I’m so grateful it has brought me together with some pretty amazing people. Bless you all.

  7. Hi Liat, I love your patterns and your videos. I first learned to knit and crochet at age 8, but lost interest, picked it up again in my mid-20s, and now that I’m retired, I knit quite a lot. Mostly charity projects, because I live in southern Arizona and it’s too darn hot for me to wear hats, scarves, gloves – even sweaters.

    I think knitting and crocheting are a great way to stave off Alzheimers and other health issues. Learning knew patterns and techniques keep the brain active and stimulate eye-hand coordination. Every new project is an adventure, every new pattern is a puzzle to solve. I’m currently working my way through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby surprise jacket, finishing up a kid’s poncho and sweater, hats, and a few other small projects – and that’s just my knitting. I also have a few crochet projects ready to roll or already started, and I’m also learning jewelry making. I’m so glad I’m retired because I never had time for these activities when I was working 60 hours a week.

  8. Just a quick suggestion – it would be really helpful to know specifically where in the various cities you’re appearing; e.g., I’m in a Chicago suburb and Chicago’s a big city, so the exact location would make a big difference on whether I’d want to/be able to drive there.

    At any rate, you’re doing great work – keep it up!

  9. At the age of seven I learned to knit from my WWII British war bride mother. I knitted regularly through high school, then mostly put it aside due to college, marriage, family, career, etc. As my mother aged she simplified her material life, so that when she died I knew whatever she still had meant a lot to her. I opened a trunk to find it full of yarn than she had bought in England, Wales and Canada, some accompanied by a pattern, and her stock of needles. On one pattern was written “one for me, one for Chrissie (me, her daughter). I felt that Mom was telling me to take up the needles again. I did, and in addition to my memories of her with her needles in hand and tea at her elbow, I have met and befriended other knitters. And yes, the first sweater I knitted was the one labeled “one for me, one for Chrissie”.

  10. Wow! Liat, congratulations on your bookings with the stations! I’m so excited for you! Get it out to the world girl! BTW, great segment in Las Vegas. :)

    The way knitting saved my life… my brain moves too fast, thinks too much and, quite often, won’t settle down at the end of the day. Nothing feels better than after a long hard day to do a little rowing (on a rowing machine, not knit related, hee hee) and then sit down to knit which is a great ‘thinking’ meditation. It has the same effect as sitting in a hot tub, or drinking a glass of wine. Ahh…

  11. I finally got around to watching your videos. So great knitting had more attention! I wish they had more couverage of handcrafts in Germany – but the whole situation is improving!
    I was reading serveral of the entusiastic replies you got. I meet a collegue from work every morning on the bus, who is treated for depression and panic attacks. I asked her what they do in occupational therapy – handcrafts! All sorts, actually. One guy in the group is crocheting (mainly hats), one woman is sewing toys. My collegue is very happy about the bead bracelet she made for herself. They seem to make good use of the healing powers of handcrafts already in therapy.
    I’ve heard a lot about people turning to handcrafts again after having lost their jobs and falling into depression. There is an interesting and encouraging article by Katheryn Vercillo in the current Interweave Crochet (by the way – author of the book “How crochet saved my life”!) about a crochet designer who lost her job, thus fallen into depression – and crochet helped her out again.
    Hope to infect my collegue with the crochet or knitting virus …

  12. First let me congratulate you on your successful appearances, you rocked. I’m so glad that new opportunities are on the horizon for you and please give yourself a pat on the back because you made them happen. My story isn’t about my life being saved necessarily but my sanity and quality of life certainly were. several years ago I was diagnosed with COPD, severe emphysema and as the disease progressed I became housebound and immobile. I now age 73 but at age 70 I had major surgery which involved removal of one kidney, my gallbladder, part of my large intestine and a tumor from bladder, this was done in one major surgery with 3 different surgeons. Because of my lungs speed was of the most importance. I recovered well and with little side effects. I had knit when I was younger but hadn’t really gotten deeply into it. I decided it would be a good time to give it another try. It has truly save me. I have a wonderful life partner who takes care of me and without him and my knitting I would be in a severe state of depression. Instead I am thankful and blessed for being as well as I am. Things are what they are and adapting is part of life. I’ve become a real student of the craft and your tutorials have been a God send, along with your cheerful personality. I feel like I know you and that you are a friend. Thank you for all of your help and the opportunity to tell my story. I do most everything online, videos, tutorials, shopping and girl do I shop lol. I have a stash that will compare with any and I truly enjoy the stash of yarn and beads. God bless and take care.

  13. Sandra Alderman

    I have been knitting from my childhood days and wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love patchwork and quilting but 2 years ago when I was flat in my back with a bad disc protrusion, I was unable to do much except knit or crochet. As a someone who battles with depression, knitting helped me feel I could still do something productive and managed to finish a number of garments.
    Even now, 18 months after surgery to correct the protruding disc, I still find I do more knitting than anything as I pick it up and put it down so easily, and I always have socks on a set of needles for when I go out. Just love the creativity.
    All the best with your TV appearances. I won’t be able to watch or meet you as I am in Australia but I am sure you will do very well. Thank you for your encouragement.

  14. Chemo would have been intolerable without knitting. Plus I made hats for others as well as myself. Liat, thank you a zillion times for teaching this great-grannie to knit thus saving my sanity! Hope to see you in Orlando.

  15. yes I think Knitting did save my life and my sanity. Used to do driving vacations with my mother. When she wanted a nap, out came the knitting as I didn’t want to leave her alone. Also , when she passed away, zilch on tv, would listen to music, or a book …and knit….it calmed me down from being anxious and made something besides.

  16. Liat, You were inspiring in both segments. It can’t be easy going on shows like that when you have so little time to make an impact, but you did beautifully. I’ve been knitting since I was about five. My mom taught me and I have always loved it. My daughter knits and so does my 8 year old grandson.
    By the way you looked great. I too have had eating issues that I’ve had to wrangle with throughout my life. Thanks for your positive take on life and your fantastic knitting instructions and videos.

    1. Thank you Mary! I had good coaching, which was basically, “Don’t stop talking!” Lol! How lucky you are that your mom taught you to knit when you were young, and wonderful that you passed it on to your daughter and grandson. I’ve still struggled with food a little recently, since I got a bad shoulder injury, but I’ve decided to not stress about it. I know I’ll get through it. :) Glad to know my story has helped you a little!

  17. Liat,
    I began knitting shortly before a divorce after 35 years of marriage. I needed a focus other than the problems I was facing at the time. It was the beginning of a wonderful distraction that saved my sanity and gave me a positive direction.

    1. Terri, how wonderful that knitting helped you focus on something positive and creative when you were going through your divorce. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Go Liat! You are a natural on camera. We would welcome you in Salt Lake City and I would be very pleased to show you around. The Salt Lake Knitting Guild is a fine and active guild, come for a visit! Your encouraging and upbeat approach to knitting will benefit a new generation of knitsters (along with us oldies), no doubt!
    Best of luck on your tour.

    1. Hey there, I would love to go back to Salt Lake City! I used to live there for about 2 years and I liked it very much. I used to teach classes at Blazing Needles! Please let me know if the Salt Lake Knitting Guild has any big events coming up, and I will do my best to come out there.

  19. Liat, totally enjoyed your interviews and laughed so hard. Your enthusiasm is amazing and catching! I learn something new from you with every e-mail. Knitting saves my sanity. I’m a small business owner, commercial printing company, and most every day is a deadline and pressure. I come home and knit, and it all flows out of my fingers. Keep up the great work and come see us in Houston, TX!

    1. Hey Kendra,

      I love that my emails bring you happiness and add to your enjoyment of knitting! I would love to come visit you in Houston. If you hear of any knitting events, please email me at [email protected] so I can try to come out there. Thanks!

  20. Hi, Liat! What a wonderful ambassador you are for promoting the joys (and practical advantages) of knitting! Kudos to you. I learn from you every single day, replaying your videos on You Tube. My “Saving Your Life” story is that when my daughter was 3 1/2, I was getting a divorce. Her father sued me for custody of my only child! It was very upsetting and nerve wracking, to say the least. The judge kept us waiting for three hours after the scheduled hearing time, sitting in a lonely hallway. If I hadn’t brought my knitting, I would have been unfocused, anxious and hysterical with worry. Knitting kept me focused and stopped me from obsessing, thank heavens. The judge ordered joint custody. My daughter is now 22, but I will always remember that day when knitting literally saved my sanity. Thank you again for being such a blessing in our world and our shining ambassador to the public!!

    1. Lisa, this is such a touching story – I’m so glad you shared it here with us. I think it’s almost magical how having knitting with you when something goes wrong is like having a portable sanctuary in your purse. We knitters are so lucky!

  21. I have been knitting for 3.5 years, about the same length of time my husband has been ill. we found out a year ago he has cirrhosis; his liver is not functioning. We are now waiting for a liver transplant. Knitting saved my life when he was still in denial, a common alcoholic response to his illness. He hated that I knit, spending more time with my hobby and less time with him in his dark world. I could not be where he was….I could only stand and watch from the sidelines as he went down his self-distructive path.
    Now he is sober, but gravely ill, a sobering experience in itself. We spend a lot of time in the hospital now, waiting for blood transfusions which take no less than 6 hours. I take my knitting along so I can forget for a little while the things that we can’t do while shackled to the IV pole. My husband gets to watch Cable TV while getting transfusions, and we are both happy for a time. Life seems more calm.

    1. Sandra, thank you so much for sharing this. You’ve been a KnitFreedom fan since the very beginning, and I just feel closer than ever to you knowing this story. I’m sending you both my hugs – the next time you are in the hospital knitting, please know I’m thinking of you!!

    2. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear of your troubles. I am also sending hugs and will be thinking about you, possibly at the wrong times due to international time differences but still. . .

      1. Margaret Christian

        I am happy that knitting was there for you. I will join my prayers with others for a kidney for your husband. As a former wife of an alcoholic I can understand how you must feel. We will be praying with you. Keep knitting. Margaret.

  22. Lauren Brownstein

    As always, you didn’t disappoint!! Like all your videos, you’re spunky and full of life! I’m thrilled for you and think that this is only the beginning of something B-I-G! I’m keeping my hopes up for an East Coast trip someday so we can all marvel at you, our favorite masterpiece.

  23. Knitting a rather complicated English pattern for a christening bonnet helped me keep my sanity last winter when my husband, who has vascular dementia, fell, went to hospital, then had a stroke that left him partially paralyzed and unable to walk. After 5.5 weeks in 3 different hospitals he came back to our local nursing home the day before Christmas and I am now able to visit him daily if I wish. Just finished my 37th pair of socks, for a neighbor across the street to wear as bedsocks. I carry a small project to meetings, doctors’ offices, anywhere I may have to wait. Much better than candy, chewing gum or cigarettes.

    1. Sharon, I can’t believe you are on your 37th pair of socks! I can well believe that knitting saved your sanity while your husband was going to all those different hospitals. I need to give more knitted stuff as gifts – I have plenty of socks for myself but your story made me realize that I can always knit socks for someone else!

  24. Knitting saved me after my mom passed away. I had been a quilter since 1978 and my mom and I shared that passion. We had always shared a love of sewing and fabric and quilting was an extension of that. After she died, I lost my passion for sewing of any kind. I just could not face carrying it on without her, could not imagine ever finding joy in it again without her here. So…I took a knitting class at the local adult education school. It was a multi-semester class, taking us from casting on all the way through everything we needed to know to create garments and items for our homes. It was the best thing I could have done. It got me out of the house, out of my head, away from things that made me cry, and introduced me to a craft that I cannot I imagine not doing every day. Knitting got me through some very, very sad times and I will always be grateful for it (just as I will always be grateful for your wonderful videos and generous sharing spirit and upbeat love of our craft!) I would like to second the comment above about coming to San Diego! That would be awesome!

    1. my mom was a knitter too! I feel closer to her than ever, knowing I am carrying on her passion. I can only hope my daughters would do the same…
      {{{Hugs}}} to you and keep on knitting!

      1. Thanks, Sandra! I like to think our moms are sitting beside us even still as we continue on.(((Hugs))) to you, too!

    2. Debby, I got all choked up reading your story. I am going to come to San Diego and I very much hope that I’ll get to meet you and knit with you. I’ll see you soon! Thank you so much for sharing this.

      1. Oh, how exciting! I will watch for updates and try very hard to come to a knitting event when you are here! Yay!

  25. Margaret Christian

    Wonderful! Loved your spots. You are great on tv. Would love to know more about your Chicago appearance. I live near enough to visit you in Chicago. (The very Southeastern most part of WI.) Would really like to meet you in Chicago.

  26. Congratulations! I thought your interviews went very well. The best thing about doing a national tour about knitting is that knitting can keep the travel stress from taking you out :)

    1. Hey Carol,

      Good point! I’m bringing some great projects with me – one easy and one hard, so that I’ll have my little “portable sanctuary” with me at all times. :)

  27. Liat,
    You will find a WONDERFUL WELCOMING COMMITTEE HERE IN SAN DIEGO. Won’t you include San Diego along with one of your stops?
    There are very Large Knitting Groups here too.
    See what you can arrange.
    Will keep on hoping for you to make an appearance here!!!

    1. I would love to see Liat here in San Diego, too! I am not in any knitting groups here but would be Iiterested in one. I live in east county.

    2. Hooray! Flora, I actually did get booked on FOX San Diego (believe me – that was a very tough show to book) – I just don’t have a date scheduled yet. So I will be sure to come to San Diego and I am thrilled that you posted here letting me know that you’d like to knit with me!! Thank you, I’ll keep you posted!

  28. Maureen Higgins

    Great job Liat! Good for you! How exciting – a national tour! Please keep me informed about the details for the Chicago get together. I’m still a newbie but would love to meet you. I have your Superstar class and just love it. When I get stumped I can always find an answer on your site.

    1. Maureen, the email address you left didn’t work, but here are the CHICAGO knitting meetup details:

      Sunday July 14th from 5:30-7pm at Loopy Yarns (47 W Polk St) – special private knit night – the store will be open just for us! Refreshments will be served and much fun will be had. RSVP on the KnitFreedom Facebook page, and bring your friends!

  29. Don’t forget the East Coast, I’m in Maryland . I’m going through a separation/ divorce with 2 teens.( one autistic). Your videos help me stay grounded and focused.

    1. Hi Cyndi,

      I would love to make it out to the East Coast. Sounds like things can be rough in your situation – I’m so happy my videos help a little! The best way for me to be able to come out to Maryland is for you to give me a heads up (as far in advance as possible) about any knitting- or yarn-related events nearby. Then I can pitch the local TV stations where you are. Just send an email to [email protected] if you know of any events!

  30. Hi Liat,

    Love watching your tutorials. I am teaching myself to knit and with recently diagnosised RA (rheumatoid arthritis) in my hands it has been challenging but I believe necessary to continue to use my hands and keep them flexible with knitting and crocheting projects.
    We don’t have any programs on our public television station that are knitting/crocheting shows (which I have requested they consider) for those of us who do knit, etc. We get mostly sewing, quilting, and painting. So I am hoping the television station will branch out and do something for those of us who enjoy doing knitting and crocheting.
    I would love to see you come to the Boise, Idaho area. I live in Nampa just a little southwest of Boise. Hope that you will consider giving our state some of your time and talent. That would be so much fun and perhaps bring more people into knitting. I would love to meet you in person.
    Thank you for it is such a useful and fun place to learn with a great teacher. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. You are quite inspirational on these interviews! Thanks for sharing your passion and expertise. I do have a question: How do I get the free knitting dictionary you talked aboutin the first interview?

    Cindy from Selma, CA.

  32. You are quite inspirational on these interviews! I’ve enjoyed your email updates and learned so much from you on how to simplify my knitting so I can just enjoy the knitting part (And how to be brave and not a wimp when I’m knitting). Every thing you’ve sent has been helpful, thank you for sharing your passion and expertise with all of us! I’m glad you have a philosophy that underlies your passion and that you share it.

    But I do have a question: How do I get the free knitting dictionary you talked aboutin the first interview?

    Cindy from Selma, CA.

  33. It does not just save your life – it can HEAL your life. I was bitten by a Black Widow 3 years ago (15 x stronger than rattlesnake poison.) This neurotoxin equaled: Intense pain, miscarried, panic, followed by a breaking down of the nervous system (lactrodectism.) After months of weakness (think bed), I picked up knitting in a major way – BINGO – healing, calming, restorative, fun, creativeness, purpose – all from the bed. These feelings actually go into healing your body and pronto – you are well mentally and once the mental heals – the physical always follows. Brain monitors have shown that knitting can induce a “runner’s high” like state. I have even heard that knitting has been aligned to expanding the brain like chess can do. Google knitting and the brain. The cognitive and emotional attributes that come from knitting have yet to be fully realized by the medical and media community for its restorative power. Thanks again Liat for being the Knitting Evangelist! :) I concede that knitting is not the only key to recovery – but calms the nervous state of a person so healing CAN occur.

    1. Wow, I had tears in my eyes as I read your comment! The story of how knitting helped you heal from such a devastating poisoning is so heartwarming – I hope you don’t mind if I mention it next time I go on TV. Everyone needs to know how knitting can help people reclaim their pleasure and purpose in the face of such injuries.

  34. You are not just super, you’re a SUPERSTAR! Great TV segments… you were great. I’m so proud of you.

  35. Liat, you’ve got great TV presence, you controlled each TV segment (often hard to do), and your energy and passion were phenomenal. Good job!!!!

    1. Hey Chris, first of all, thank you! I worked hard on controlling the segments – my coach just said “Don’t stop talking!” Lol. And second, isn’t Stitches South in Atlanta?? Yes, it is! So I’ll make it a point to come down there next year, and I would love to meet you!

  36. You asked if knitting saved my life. The answer is a very loud YES. My first family, husband and out 15 month old daughter, were killed in a car accident. I worked my way back to my own reality by deciding to finally learn how to knit. My grand mother had tried to teach me many years before but I got frustrated with the 2 sticks and all that string! So I learned how to crochet. But after the accident I decided I needed to try again, Learning something new was great for me to help heal. I have now been knitting for 27 years, have a second family and am in a group of knitters that laugh, cry, share and enjoy each others company and creativity. I credit my faith and my knitting to giving me back my life. And now, I am learning more with your help in your videos and in your great approach to teaching us. Your smile and positive approach to this art form really brightens up my day. Thank you!

    1. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your story – what a heart-rending tale. I had tears welling up in my eyes as I read what you wrote. We are so blessed to have come across this healing, empowering pastime that is always there for us, even in times of great distress. Your story is going to be in my heart as I continue to do these TV appearances across the US.

  37. Yes knitting saved my life! I became very I’ll with an auto immune disease and was bed ridden. I had always been an active person and being in bed all the time made me severely depressed. I ended up learning how to knit and it made me feel useful again. It also gave me something to do when I went to my medical appointments. Knitting is such a great conversation starter too making me feel more connected to the outside world.

    1. Renee, I’m so glad you mentioned the wonderful power of knitting to start conversations and connect strangers. I’ve noticed that, too, and am so grateful for it. Thank you for sharing your story!

  38. You have your interviews down pat. Love the excitement and love what you have done for knitters everywhere. You should be very proud of yourself. I am excited for you. Keep it up!

  39. Liat, you were excellent on tv! Really well done – your energy is so inpiring. Have a fantastic tour!

  40. Loved the video. We had knitting in public a few weeks ago here in Buffalo. I am going to a retreat and wondered if I could share your knit formula with fellow knitters, I would share your website with it.

    1. Susy I would be honored! That KNIT formula has actually helped me many times over the past couple weeks – especially the T: Transform your mistakes into opportunities, and the N: No freaking out. Please do teach the formula to your fellow knitters at the retreat – I would love for it to spread all over the world! And you have actually inspired me to write a blog post specifically devoted to it. Thanks!

  41. Liat, YOU are a knitting super star for sure! Thank you , for your continuous positive energy, you make me smile! I am just getting back into knitting, at 60 yrs. old. I have learned so much from your videos, it has helped me with my arthritis, keeping my fingers nimble and flexible.

  42. I have been knitting for 3 decades. After losing my job and months of stressful job searching, I decided to return to school to “redirect” my design career. With a lot of focus and hard work, I finished my first semester with a 4.0 GPA. In the week following, I wanted to spend some time away from the computer, so I picked up my knitting needles and created a simple hat, scarf and mitten set for my Mom. I am now making a set for myself, with a cable knit for a bit of variety. As a creative person, I like that I have the “freedom” to modify patterns any way I like, and there are no deadlines for my personal projects. Liat is right: knitting is calming and therapeutic and the productivity is rewarding.

    1. Cheryl, you’ve reminded me of my own story. I, too, picked up knitting after a break and realized (or remembered) that I was quite good at it! It’s amazing the things you can create, especially when you have a strong foundation in the skill and understand how to modify or add stitch designs. Thanks for sharing!

  43. I’ve been knitting since I was 8 years old, I’am 47 now and knitting save my sanity so many times in my life, gave me a momentt to relax in so many stressful days but most of all gave me the opportunity to have a sens of making something beautiful and chalenging myself by improving my knitting skills over the years.
    I suggest that on your next tv appearance you’d show the things we can knit that are top fashion ritght now, like mobius, sweaters( not the old fashion ones) some that are trendy. I saw a Stella McCartney fashion show where she featured a white sweater in garther stitch with a big yarn, something a beginner could knit. This would appeal to many young women and want to give it a try. SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO THATS FASHION THESE DAYS !

    1. Hey Marie, that’s a great suggestion! I will work on doing something like that. I know the producer of FOX San Diego wants me to knit a bunch of bikinis for a fashion show – fun!

  44. It was so great to meet you in Palm Springs! Did you see the picture on our FB page? The little girl I’m teaching to knit is Mollie (with her grandmother) from the hotel you stayed at here!! So cute.

    And yes, knitting DID save my life. My goals after chemotherapy for breast cancer were simple – no throwing up and no missed knitting days. I didn’t meet those goals after the first treatment, and when my friends learned I didn’t knit for 4 (!) days, they all said “OMG you were really really sick!” I managed to correct that for the following treatments and also brought my knitting as my active meditation during my treatments.

    Great job on your TV appearances – knitting is NOT boring!! Your enthusiasm and a great is contagious!!!

    1. Hey Jan, yay! What a lovely photo! And the woman from the hotel came down to knit – that’s wonderful. Isn’t she nice?

      I had so much fun meeting you – thank you for welcoming me to your town and putting on such a great knitting event. See you again soon!

  45. Yes i want to knit with u!! Please keep me updated on ur Tucson tour..where and when..the idea of knitting with a Master is a dream come true!!!!


  46. Congratulations, Liat–loved the videos and the results. So, so proud of you. Would love to see you here in Canada sometime!

  47. In the movie Foul Play with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase, Goldie’s life was saved by stabbing the bad guy who was strangling her, with a pair of knitting needles. Now I am not advocating needles as a weapon but still, ya never know!
    BTW- knitting needles have always been allowed on airplanes by TSA. So needles really ar eNOT considered weapons. I always travel with my circulars.

    1. Hahahahaha! I had no idea. I read a story where knitting needles saved a woman’s life – she stumbled on the stairs and fell and stabbed herself in the chest with a knitting needle. The resulting CAT scan revealed a tumor she would have otherwise never known about until it was too late!

  48. Liat,
    It was great to see the video, and you look like you loved doing the show. I hope you get to the Richmond, Virginia area as you have taught me a lot, and I would love to meet you.

  49. Wonderful! I so enjoyed watching you – so exuberant and fresh. Just renews my love of knitting! Keep it up!

  50. I was in a car wreck and ended up with a broken pelvis and a broken left humerous(top bone in my arm). My broken arm wasn’t healed after a year so I decided to learn to knit to keep function in my hand. I’m very happy to say that my arm finally healed after 2 1/2 years and I am still knitting and have complete function in my arm and hand.

    1. Wow, knitting helped you maintain function in your hand while it took 2 1/2 years for your arm to heal? Incredible. I am so blessed to be able to hear all these stories of the healing powers of knitting. Thank you for sharing!

  51. Excellent, Liat! Lots of energy and fun motivation going on there. I agree with the following anchor in that it makes me want to knit RIGHT NOW! :)

  52. Marsha Storme Center

    What a great opportunity for you and knitters. Knitting came back to me when I first had colon cancer in 1997 at age 48. My professional career took a pause and knitting saved my sanity. Chemo, job loss and just plain old fear was put back into focus. I knitted constantly from sweaters for my 6 grand children to crochet rugs and on and on. Today I am again part working in a non profit for kids dental for the uninsured population and teach clinical dental with a great dental hygiene faculty team from West Los Angeles College. I still knit daily 6 to 8 projects at a time.. it’s my relax focus time. My 90 year old mom lives with me and is knitting again ..really helps her osteoarthritis relief. I found you on the internet and subscribe to your blog, learn and love your lessons. Keep putting out that joy. and next TV appearance please talk to the camera your voice is terrific and we all that have come to find you will follow.. great comments you made and I look forward to an Los Angeles appearance.

    1. Hi Marsha,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am making it a mission of mine to be on TV in Los Angeles – I just need a good timely local hook to make it happen. Thank go for sharing how knitting saved your sanity when you went through chemo. This is so inspiring for me and I’m sure many other people too. I hope to meet you (and maybe your mom) in the future!

  53. Karen Thompson

    List, please make an appearance in East TN! I know both you and my instructor, Sandy of Clinch River Yarn Co., have saved my life (I am going in for heart surgery and will take my knitting with me). Look forward to meeting with you in the NEAR future!

    1. Karen, I used to live in Nashville and can’t wait to make it back to Tennessee. Best of luck in surgery – when you are in the hospital with your knitting, know that I am thinking of you and sending you hugs!

  54. Save my Life! Knitting took the chips and cookies out of my hands and added needles to create lovely knitwear. I replaced 45 pounds of excess weight into creating new friends and joyful hours. I still get a thrill out of the the mundane knit and purl combining to make a unique fabric that is all mine.

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