Watch Liat’s Las Vegas and Palm Springs TV Appearances And Meet Up With Liat On Her July TV Knitting Tour

liat gat celebrity launchpad screengrabWhat an incredible weekend!

When I got to Palm Springs last Wednesday I got to meet up with the lovely ladies of the Knitting Guild of the Desert and we knitted under the misters at a downtown Starbucks.

This is a great guild, everyone, so if you live in the high desert, take advantage of this wonderful group.

When I arrived at the KMIR studio at 6am the next morning, it turned out they weren't even aware I was coming. There had been a miscommunication between the producer and the anchors. So I just said, "I'm here to talk about knitting!" and they were like, "Ok, great, sit over here. Show us what you got!"

Palm Springs KMIR - 5 Ways Knitting Can Save Your Life

With my TV-appearance-jitters out of my system, I took advantage of the day and enjoyed an absolutely idyllic hour of knitting by the pool before it got too hot.

Knitting by the pool in Palm SpringsI'm creating an easy summer lace scarf for y'all - the pattern is "feather and fan" and the scarf came out gorgeous. Pattern and video tips coming soon!

When I arrived that evening in Las Vegas, my wonderful media coach Clint Arthur critiqued my appearance on the Palm Springs Show.

That way, by the next morning when I went on Fox5 Las Vegas, I was even more prepared.

My main feedback? Talk louder, talk faster, and smile the WHOLE time.

Fox5 Las Vegas - 3 Ways Knitting Can Save Your Life

Fun fact #1 - notice the purposefully spilled water? That's called a "planned equipment malfunction," and it works every time.
Fun fact #2 - like the crocheted bowl that's holding the yarn in my Las Vegas appearance? That's Linda Permann's Filigree Bowl Pattern.

Anyway, they loved the segment and even invited me back to do another one. In fact, I'm taking this and running with it, committing to spread my message about knitting across the country.

Crowds gathering at the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas
There were actually like 10 times more people the night we were there. Either everyone wanted to see us knit or there was a huge conference in town...
To close out WorldWide Knitting In Public Day-Week, I met up with more lovely KnitFreedom fans in Las Vegas, where we braved the crowds at the Bellagio fountains to knit in public.

The fact that we were knitting turned more heads than did the Vegas girls in their 6-inch heels. I only regret that I didn't think to take pictures. Next time!

The rest of the weekend was challenging but wonderful. I got to pitch 13 TV producers, and it was an uphill battle to convince each one that KNITTING is a TV-worthy topic. But who's to say it's not?!

Clint told me, "Liat, your topic is knitting, which everyone thinks is boring. Therefore it is impossible to be too enthusiastic. You are going to be the smiliest, most energetic, most likable person here, and there are going to have no choice but to book you.

And indeed I rose to the challenge and had a very successful weekend at Clint's media summit, landing 11 TV appearances across the US, including two national shows. So I'm buckling my seatbelt because I'm about to go on a national TV tour!

The best part of this tour? If you are a KnitFreedom fan and you are in any of these cities, I want to meet you! Please come and party and knit with me.

Liat's July TV Knitting Tour Dates and Meetup Details

-follow KnitFreedom on Facebook for meetup time and location updates-

Albuquerque, NM
- Sunday, July 7th - pm - evening knitting meetup
- Monday, July 8th - Style New Mexico on KRQE News 13 ~ 8:30 a.m.

Tucson, AZ
- Monday, July 8th - pm - evening knitting meetup
- Tuesday, July 9th - Morning Blend on KGUN9 ~ 11:00 a.m.

Las Vegas, NV
- Tuesday, July 9th - pm - evening knitting meetup
- Wednesday, July 10th - MORE on FOX5 ~ 9:30 a.m.

Chicago, IL
- Sunday, July 14th - pm - evening knitting meetup
- Monday, July 15th - 11 a.m. news on ABC Chicago ~ 11:30 a.m.

Tampa, FL (Liat's Birthday)
- Tuesday, July 16th - Daytime (National Show) ~ 11:30 a.m.
- Tuesday, July 16th - pm - Liat's Birthday Knitting Meetup Party

Orlando, FL
- Wednesday, July 17th - pm - evening knitting meetup
- Thursday, July 18th - Life, Love, Shopping (National Show) ~ 11:30 a.m.

Los Angeles, CA
- Friday, July 26th - Good Day LA ~ time TBD.
- Friday, July 26th - 6:30 pm: knitting meetup at Stitch N Pitch knitting event at Dodgers Stadium

Please Join Me For KnitFreedom Fan Knitting Meetup Gatherings

You can comment here or post or privately message me with your phone number on Facebook if you'd like to be part of the meetups. RSVPing is required so that nobody misses each other and we meet in a place that works for everyone.

What Do You Think? Did Knitting Save Your Life? Leave A Comment

Comment below to share your story of how knitting saved your life or if you have any feedback that I can use to improve next time. And thank you for your wonderful enthusiastic support!

114 thoughts on “Watch Liat’s Las Vegas and Palm Springs TV Appearances And Meet Up With Liat On Her July TV Knitting Tour”

  1. Thanks Liat f0r spreading the word. I knitted breifly as a teen years ago.
    During 4 years of caring for my Mom with Alzheimers, I rediscovered knitting. At first, it was something enjoyable we could do together. I hadn’t knitted in 40 years when I commited to knitting night with her…what did I get myself into, I thought! My memories were of only cotton or wool and just what I could learn from Grandma or my aunts.

    The activities directer said look on line, there are lots of free patterns. WOW, my mind was overwhelmed by all the design possibilities, the new kinds of yarn and the knitting stores and comraderie everywhere. It led to a new group of friends at my LYS who were also Mom-sitting. Then the circle kept getting bigger! I knit everywhere I go now, especially if I have to wait. That habbit started as my Mom began failing more and more. We couldn’t really communicatae any more but she liked us there. I became obsessed with knitting to save my sanity during those difficult times.

    I discovered your site when the Mobeius Nested Bowls showed up. I was so impressed by the quality of your videos, the thoroughness of you explanations, the quality of your partterns and your fun tips and solutions throughout. I told everyone at my LYS. Now many of us are followers. Hope to see you in Cleveland sometime, specifically at River Colors Studio in Lakewood if possible.

  2. “How knitting saved my life” – what a beautiful way to connect knitters with one another! I often refer to your videos for guidance and now read these comments to you for inspiration. Thank you for infusing your vitality and warmth into this shared craft. Your efforts have made a positive difference in my knitting life so thank you and I do hope you make it to Loveland, CO sometime soon. (Loveland is where the prolific Interweave Publishing House is located!)

  3. Do you have your birthday plans made yet? I’m not far from Tampa and would love to try to come celebrate with you. I’ve got Daytime tivo-ed. I hope you have a great time while you’re here.

  4. Wow! great appearance. You are a knitting evangelist.

    I don’t know if knitting has saved my live, but it’s definitely saved my husband’s life (and kept me out of jail, I guess). Knitting is great for turning down all of that noise left over in your head at the end of the day. As you begin to knit, your focus pulls in toward your project and before you know it you’ll feel a lot better. Calmer. The more you calm that ruckus in your mind, you begin to remember to breathe. The more you breathe, the more relaxed you become.

    Kind of like wine, but you get to keep your motor functions and don’t wake up with a headache.

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