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WorldWide Knit In Public Day 2013 – Liat Will Be Making Appearances On TV And Meeting Fans In Palm Springs And Las Vegas

Blog » News » WorldWide Knit In Public Day 2013 – Liat Will Be Making Appearances On TV And Meeting Fans In Palm Springs And Las Vegas

WorldWide Knit In Public Day 2013 – Liat Will Be Making Appearances On TV And Meeting Fans In Palm Springs And Las Vegas

Liat Gat - Founder

June 10, 2013

Photo of Marilyn Forever statue wearing legwarmersJune 8th – June 16th: WorldWide Knit in Public Day 2013 is here!

I will be traveling to Palm Springs and Las Vegas to knit in public with KnitFreedom fans and do segments on the news about 5 Ways That Knitting Can Save Your Life.

Palm Springs Events:
Wednesday June 12th: KnitFreedom fan meetup at 8:30 p.m., location to be determined.
Follow KnitFreedom’s Facebook page for details.

Thursday June 13th: I will appear on TV on KMIR NBC Palm Springs at 6:15 or 6:25 a.m. to talk about the 5 Ways That Knitting Can Save Your Life.

Also on Thursday: Knitting in public around the Marilyn statue from 5:30-9:30 p.m.
More details: Forever Marilyn II and WWKIP Day at the Forever Marilyn statue in Palm Springs.
I won’t be at this event so if you want to meet up with me, come hang out on Wednesday! I’ll be posting updates on Facebook.

Las Vegas Events:
Friday June 14th: I will appear on TV on FOX5 KVVU Las Vegas at 9:15 a.m. to talk about the 5 Ways That Knitting Can Save Your Life.
Also on Friday: Knitting meetup with Liat at 8:30 p.m. at the Bellagio fountain. We’ll be knitting in public! Bring your yarn and a friend.

Are you going to knit in public this week? Comment below and let me know. And if you are in Palm Springs or Las Vegas, I want to meet you!

Plus if you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, San Diego, Tucson, or Honolulu and you want to meet up with me in the future, leave a comment below and let me know!

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83 thoughts on “WorldWide Knit In Public Day 2013 – Liat Will Be Making Appearances On TV And Meeting Fans In Palm Springs And Las Vegas”

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  1. Just watched the video of your appearance on KVVU. You were amazing!. Intelligent, informative, entertaining, effervescent, a definite 10 on the Smile Scale. Watch it here:

    Any chance of a visit to Boston and Concord, MA? Maybe we could yarn bomb the Old North Bridge? We could meet in the Fall and use autumn colors to cover the bridge in a garland of leaves. I don’t think the Park Rangers would mind.

    1. Hey Regina, thank you! Smile, smile, smile – those are my instructions! I would LOVE to go to Boston. If you organize a yarn-bombing or hear of another yarn-related event, please email me at [email protected] so I can try to make plans to come out there.

  2. Hi Liat,
    I’m a big fan of yours! Specially since you made that video from the Malabrigo mill in Uruguay!
    Of course I always knit in public and I have a big group of ladies here in Miami, Florida that get together twice a month to knit. So please let us know when you are visiting the area!
    Thank you for all your knitting tips and tricks. You are the best!

  3. Come visit us in Orlando and we can knit in Cinderella’s Castle. I always have knitting or spinning and my fellow cast members know me the one with all the fiber.

    1. Teri, I just pitched the Orlando producer of the National Show “Life, Love, Shopping,” and told him about your idea of knitting in Cinderella’s castle. He started talking about contacting Disney Media and getting a film crew down to film us!! So… your idea might be a reality very soon! I hope you’re ready for some fun!

  4. Liat, it was great to visit with you last might and this a.m. just wanted to let you know that our KIP, in Palm Springs, at Forever Marilyn, tonight, was wonderful! We had a great turnout of guild members and people that stopped by to knit. I told many people to check out your web sit too. We had two tv stations show up and I am taping their news shows tonight. Thanks for helping promote the event this morning.
    Have fun in Vegas.

  5. Our Monday night knitting group usually meets at the library to knit very publicly but this week we added a local winery where we sat in the wooded shade, knitted, and drank lovely wine! It was heavenly!

  6. I have knitted in public places many times, but this week I’m going to make a point of knitting at the Pickleball courts! We all take turns playing, and while I am sitting down I can knit. That’s bound to get some comments! And I’ll probably learn which other players also knit.

  7. I’m not much for being in public and do not function well in crush or crowds, but I knit wherever I go, such as appointments, the library, friends’ homes. Others are always interested in the magic that comes off my needles!

    Enjoy the Springs!

  8. I would love to meet you some day but unfortunately this year I will be going to New Mexico {Taos for the wool festival {First week in Oct
    Love all you teach !!!!!!!

  9. Hey Liat, I’ll be knitting this week! I’m trying to finish a baby blanket for my “new” nephew. I’ve been knitting during carpool and in the lobby of a music store while my son has his lessons. If you ever travel to Georgia I’d love to meet you!

  10. I have been knitting in public for a while, I take my projects with me to work and knit when things are slow.

  11. Noeline Bognuda

    Hi there ; Some of our members of the Levin Spinners and Weavers meet on Saturday at the library and knitted in Public, we had a few ladies who came and tried out at knitting. Levin is 100kms north of Wellington New Zealand

  12. felice rhiannon

    hi liat,

    two lesbian knitters, sitting on the town square in a little fishing village on the Greek island of lesvos. this is the birth place of sappho, the ancient greek poet who educated young women…maybe in the art of knitting as well as reading, writing and poetry.

    my friend and i attracted some local attention as well as visitor curiosity. sitting under sappho’s statue, knitting, was a first for me! wish I could send a photo, but sappho didn’t teach me this kind of technology!

    many happy stitches,

  13. How exciting. Can’t to catch you on Fox in Las Vegas. And I will be there to knit and bring my friend Tamara. Who knew how much you would have inspired me that one morning in Bozeman at Stix’s. Knitting does save my life everyday!
    Looking forward to chatting in Las Vegas.

  14. I always knit in public….lol…….laundry mat…lol!
    Also, last night while awaiting tests on my Mom, I knitted in the hospital waiting room. Now, I wasn’t “outside” but inside a building, but the public was around…lol!


  15. felice rhiannon

    wish I could send you a photo of two lesbians knitting under the feet of (a statue of) sappho, the Greek poet who educated young women. we are in skala erresos on the island of lesvos, where sappho was born…and knitting in public. the statue is in the town square and we did attract some attention from locals and visitors alike.

    if you tell me how to send a photo, I will.
    this is such fun!!!!

  16. always knit in public. have more men share treasured memories of their childhood watching Grandmothers, mothers, etc. knit and crochet. They always look thankful for remembering and letting them share.

  17. There were 12 knitters out in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada last Saturday. The knitting had to move inside from the public park because it was too cold. We knit in the basement of the Anglican church where it was still cool!

    Happy knitting!

  18. I work in San Francisco at Kaiser geary and divisidero I would love to knit in public with others in front of kaiser on geary street!

  19. I have been knitting in public all week. Just came off a cruise in Alaska. I sat in the library and knitted on our sea days, then I knitted at the airport and on the plane ride home. Amazing how many people think this is a lost art. FYI, found some fabulous yarn shops in Alaska.

  20. Heather Amoroso

    I have been knitting at my son’s soccer practices…we are usually there 3 nights a week for an hour so. I am finding it quite nice…I could go to soccer practice every night! LOL!

  21. It is the rare week that I don’t knit in public. Unfortunately I am in the interior of B.C. in western Canada and Vegas is not going to fit into the work schedule. Keep up the good work, my two knitting groups both love your how to’s.

  22. Liat,
    How exciting! Sorry I missed you – I was just in LV last week for the World Tea Expo. Have a fantastic and Knitting Superstar-studded time! Hugs.

  23. I see you no longer have an Aspen address?
    Would of loved to Knit in Public in Aspen.
    I’m from Redstone, up the Crystal River Valley.
    Nevertheless, have a great time.

  24. We had a Knit in Public day here in Tulsa this past Sunday, Liat! Our LYS, Loops, organized a meetup at the Guthrie Green where about 20 or more knitters gathered. We enjoyed knitting and visiting along with a good temperatures, lovely breezes and music in the bandstand. An excellent day!

  25. Oh My God if ur gonna be in Tucson ..i definatly want top meet up with u!!! Keep me posted please !!

  26. Sheila McCormick

    Knitting at Glacier National Park and Whitefish, Montana in the cool. Louisiana, my winter home, is too hot in the summer.

  27. Where ever I go, I carry my project bag. It’s not always knitting, sometimes it’s crocheting or spinning, but it gives me something to do while I’m waiting. It can be such a conversation starter. I also tell people with questions to check out your blog. You are a great teacher, and your enthusiasm is contagious! Hope you someday come to central NY, it’s beautiful here, if a bit bucolic.

  28. I have been knitting this week while doing jury duty. finally knitting the shawl I’ve been wanting to try. sure does make the waiting time go by.

  29. HI Liat. I live in Israel in Bat Yam prettey close to tel Aviv I love meeting you when you came visit here. Lea

  30. When will you be in Orlando? I would love to meet other knitters, especially from Lake County, just to the north.

  31. Looking forward to see you in Miami. I leave in Fort Myers Beach (close to Sanibel Island) which is 2 1/2 hours from Miami. The drive will be worth it. I’m also knitting in public at 35,000 feet. Being an international flight attendant I fly a lot of 8 hours flights. Brazil and Montevideo are some of my routes.

    At night when everybody is sleep I’m doing my walk around with fibers in my fingers. I’ll try something simple like a pair of socks or some hat. No lace work, I get interrupted to many times and loss my place in the charts sometimes. I will be flying to Montevideo during the month of July. Do you have any idea how can I organize a one person tour to visit Malabrigo factory. Or do you know some place in the city that sell their yarn. I have found Manos del Uruguay but not Malabrigo in the city. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Wanda

    1. Wanda, you have GOT to go to the Malabrigo factory. I will hook you up with Antonio, the owner. I will email you with my tips and advice!

      And I love the thought of a flight attending doing her rounds and knitting! I knit while walking all the time – it’s the perfect combination! But you’re right, no lace..

  32. Liat, I’m south of San Francisco…Los Gatos to be exact and would love to meet up with you! I would drive to the city. I should have my first toe-up socks completed tomorrow thanks to your awesome online video. Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to take on projects that seem too daunting for my skill level. These socks really make me feel like a knitting superstar:-)

  33. Hmmm…why did I think you lived in Colorado?? Such a pleasure to know you’re in the South Bay area (atleast that is what I assume by the address you left in the email)…I’m in Alameda! Would love to meet up around the Bay Area! (Originally from Chicago – they are awesome too!)

    1. I moved! I used to live in Aspen and now I am back in the Bay Area – I grew up here but never thought I’d be back… but such are the twists and turns of life!

      Thanks for commenting! I’ll definitely try to organize a Bay Area meetup in the future.

  34. I’ll be KIPping on Thursday 6/20-23 at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR, and also throughout the week at various city parks and other public locations around Portland, OR. If there are any KF fans out there who live in Portland and/or are going to Black Sheep, please give me a shout out (Ravelry ID: SheepFetish, and I mod a Ravelry Group called YARNSPOTTING).

    Knit on, my brothers and sisters!

    1. Yay! And if you do live in Portland, you should definitely hang out with Kelly, because I happen to know she’s really rad. ;) And she spins aMAZing yarn!

  35. Hey, I’m in SF and would love to meet up and knit in public so I’m not the only person being constantly asked “what are you making?”.

  36. Catherine Carter

    Aloha, Liat,

    Let me know when you’ll be in Honolulu. I love your Superstar series. I have knitted for over forty years and I can’t believe how much I have learned from you! :) I especially love knitting backwards. Thanks for all your great work!


    1. Catherine your comment puts a huge smile on my face! Yeaaah, I love that you learned how to knit backwards. Doesn’t it just make you feel like a superstar?!

      I hope to see you soon in Honolulu! Keep me posted on ANY knitting events that are happening there, and I’ll try to make it happen!

  37. Charlene Reuter

    Hi Liat,
    Hmmmmmmmm, I live in ultra-hot (temperature wise!) Las Vegas, too. I’m playing 2 sessions of a slot tournament Friday AM and PM, but am going to try to be at the Bellagio fountain at 8:30 PM. Will you be street-side, or in the plaza between the fountain and the hotel registration? Love to meet you! I take some kind of knitting EVERYWHERE I go … just in case I have extra time. It’s amazing how many people stop to converse about: what am I knitting, is it difficult to learn, and talk about the resurgence of the art of knitting. I’m also in a knitting group for “seniors”, and we have one fellow who considers up all one big happy family!

    1. Charlene, thanks for making the effort to meet us at the fountain! We’ll probably be there for a while. We will probably be street-side, but I’m going to leave that up to the group of knitters.

      I’m excited to meet you!

  38. I knit in public all the time. Have been for over 25 years. I never leave home without some knitting project in tow. My knitting has saved my life through more difficult meetings than I can count. Also been a blessing when delayed for some reason traveling, there was my friendly little project to help pass the wait. Have ended up in some wonderful conversations with people along the way, too! All because of my knitting in public and their curiosity.

    1. Janet, I love that you take your knitting everywhere. I’ve made some great connections too, that all started with my knitting in public as an icebreaker.

      One of my favorite places to knit in public is on the bus – it almost always ends in me giving out tons of business cards and lots of people on the bus remembering that they kinda know how to knit, too!

  39. On the other side of the country in NYS–3 venues to join in my 2 towns this coming week. But I always knit in public. At meetings, including town meetings. I even sit on a town commission and bring my knitting to the table. Did Grand Jury Duty 18 mos ago and knit there for 2 months, going thru security every day we were there. Am totally non-plussed about knitting in public. Just take simple things that don’t require much concentration. Better than doodling and fidgeting thru some of those tedious dialogues that sometimes occur.

  40. Well I’m in the Houston/Galveston area of Texas and yes it’s HOT here! I take knitting with me EVERYWHERE in my purse (it’s why I carry a purse). I knit at the table in resturaunts while I wait for my wait we to come take our order. I too will be knitting in public (indoors) while I go with my mom to get Dr appt. Tuesday, her chemo Wednesday (we do this weekly), and her biopsy on Thursday. Everyone always asks what I’m knitting this week. :)

    Hopefully you will swing down to Texas one day!

      1. I just finished a red headed hat for my mom. It has angora in it so it’s super soft against her sensitive scalp. (My stepdad always wanted to date a red head). Also finished a pair of chunky socks for another chemo patient I met up there. I am currently making 2aat toe up socks.

  41. Liat have you moved to CA? Last address I saw was in Aspen. I live in Grand Junction and would love to meet up with you if you ever find yourself back in western Colorado.

  42. I have been knitting since I was 1 yrs old and am now 71. I always knit in public!! My husband is a pastor and I have gone to meetings with him and sat in the back and listened to all the men speak while do my knitting. It was always kind of a joke with the men because there I was again. Any Dr,’s appointments or any other kind, always take my knitting along. Don’t mind waiting if I have something in my hands to do. I always take it in my purse no matter where we go, just in case… My husband makes hospital calls, I wait with my knitting! I live in Dunnville, Ontario Canada near to Niagara Falls and so I don’t think I will be able to go to Las Vegas or Palm Springs. Have Fun!!

    1. Yeah!! I totally agree with the waiting thing. Knitting makes waiting no problem at all! Enjoy the weather in Dunnville – must be beautiful now!

  43. Hey there! Boy, I WISH I was in Palm Springs or Las Vegas since it’s very HOT here in El PaSO. (Just my opinion – I’m not speaking for the other guild members). But – we will be knitting in public – just inside, in air conditioned comfort. It should be fun. I will be sending info about your website to the other members – I think they will enjoy it as much as I do.

    1. Donna, that sounds great! Which knitting guild are you a member of? I’d love to get the contact info so if I do any events in El Paso I can let you guys know.

      Thanks for passing on my site – I appreciate that so much!

  44. Hanging out in SD for the next couple of months closing out my late cousin’s estate. Crossing my fingers your visit to SoCal coincides with my stay here – that would be awesome! You’re my #1 knitting guru. Always refer new knitters to your website. Thank you for all you do for us out here in knitting cyberspace.

    1. Hi! I can’t believe I’m your knitting guru – that makes me so happy! Thanks for all the referrals, that is so thoughtful. I’m going to be pitching the producer from L.A., so we’ll see. Though he’s the toughest one of the bunch – the last woman only got on his show because she had 4 kidneys!!

      I’m going to make something happen in L.A. – I want to go for a Guinness World Record that ties into L.A. somehow and has to do with knitting. Any ideas?

      1. Hey Liat!

        You should get a knitting flashmob together and YARNBOMB THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN!!! That thing could sure use some color…

  45. I will be knitting in public this week. I am currently staying with my 81 year old mother who recently had stroke and is in a rehab facility for several weeks. I will be knitting in the gym where she will be having therapy. Many of her physical therapists have seen me knitting before and are wanting to learn to knit.

    Hope everyone has fun spreading the love!

    1. Hey Judy, that’s great! Glad you’re going to be out and about representing happy knitters everywhere. And tell those physical therapists to go to KnitFreedom and click “learn to knit!”

  46. UGH UGH UGH.. I live in Vegas and would love to meet up with you.. But it’s Friday night and that is when we have our traditional Shabbath meal and I can’t make it.. But hope whoever does meet up with Liat has a blast!! I am sure you all will..
    Please make sure you let us know the next time you are in town… I would love love love to meet you.. You have taught me so much…

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