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How To Get KnitFreedom Free Patterns and Videos

Liat Gat - Founder

August 28, 2010

As a member of the KnitFreedom community, you get FREE access to our 40+ original knitting patterns.

With a FREE subscription to KnitFreedom, you get to…

  • Watch amazingly clear videos and read insightful tips made just for you
  • Make special requests for videos and techniques
  • Download my most popular knitting patterns for free

Plus, download a FREE video knitting dictionary to use as a video reference whenever you need it.

So, want to be a Knitting Superstar? Fill in the form!

As a member of the KnitFreedom community, you will get FREE access to our 40+ original knitting patterns.

Free 2-color brioche hat

Just because our patterns are free doesn’t mean they’re not good! Far from it. We specialize in reliable, basic patterns for many different types of garments and for practicing different types of knitting techniques.

Once you knit a KnitFreedom pattern for a certain technique, you’ll be able to knit more complicated patterns of the same type. You can also embellish and riff on our basic patterns by adding cables, lace, or colorwork.

Free patterns available to you as a member of our community:

Brioche: 2-color Brioche hat | 2-color Brioche scarf
Cables: Bulky cabled legwarmers with buttons
Double-knitting: Heart or checkerboard scarf
Duplicate stitch: “It’s Time To Knit!” wall clock
Fair-Isle: Easy Fair-Isle felted bag
Knit and purl: Headband | scarves | pillow | dishcloths | slippers
Lace: Easy lace hat | feather-and-fan scarf | waterfall sweater
Magic Loop: Basic slouchy hat | man hat | man hat 2 | key cozy
Mittens: Bulky mittens | worsted mittens
Moebius: 5-twist felted moebius bowl
Mosaic knitting: Mosaic pillow
Socks: Basic toe-up socks | heel-flap toe-up socks | top-down socks

Of course if you need any help knitting these techniques, we offer full-length step-by-step video courses showing you how to knit these patterns.

Each class includes numerous important tips and troubleshooting techniques that will help you perfect these projects and step up your knitting in general.

To your joy in knitting!


P.S. Self-taught knitters are used to having to go it alone. Not anymore! If you have any trouble or questions when knitting our patterns, just shoot us an email. We have knitting experts on our team specifically here to help you.


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