Many self-taught knitters do not push the stitches up to the tips of their left-hand needle as they work.

Not advancing the stitches on your left-hand needle makes you work harder and harder to get into those stitches. Yet many people do it, because they are afraid their stitches will pop off if they keep them too close to the edge.

Fix: Get in the habit of pushing the stitches up onto the tip of your left-hand needle as you knit. Use your fingers to help the stitches stay on so you can knit without fear of losing your stitches.

Letting Stitches Lag On Left-Hand Needle
Letting Stitches Lag On Left-Hand Needle

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  1. I have always deeply appreciated any little tips you offer, because you help me get more pleasure while knitting. As soon as I can get the surgery on my right thumb and wrist, I will joyfully pick up my knitting again.

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