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Recommended Yarns for Crochet

Liat Gat - Founder

November 17, 2021

Cotton yarns are a great choice for crochet, as they are structural, machine-washable, and great for warm weather. The following are my top recommendations for crochet yarns in a variety of weights, with links to buy. Happy shopping!

Crochet can be done with any weight of yarn, but it is often done with DK-weight or worsted-weight yarn. You can also use crochet thread, which is mercerized (shiny) laceweight cotton, to create tiny, detailed lace projects.

Below are some recommendations for different weights of yarn from a favorite store of mine, Imagiknit, in San Fransisco, CA.




Yarn Name



Mercerized cotton

#20 Crochet thread

Cebelia Crochet Cotton 20

Double mercerized


Mercerized Egyptian cotton

#10 Crochet thread

Nazli Gelin Garden 10

Available in 56 colors





Soft, lots of colors





Good yardage per ball




Softyak DK

Fuzzy, chainette construction**




Nifty Cotton

Affordable, lots of colors, high twist




Fantasy Naturale

Chainette construction**


Mercerized cotton


Unkeek Cotton

Self-striping, vibrant colors





Soft, light, and lofty




Cumulus Dappled





Cotton Merino*

Chainette construction**




Sarasota Chunky

Smooth, easy to crochet with


Merino wool


Malabrigo Chunky*

Soft and warm





Chainette construction**

*Not machine-washable
**Fibers with a chain construction, as opposed to twisted into plies, ensure that the yarn won't split when you insert your hook in the stitches (a major annoyance for crocheters).

This is a small piece of our soon-to-be published Crochet class. Choosing yarn fibers, planning for yardage, and budget-friendly choices will be thoroughly covered. Stay tuned!

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Do you have a favorite yarn for crocheting? Inspired by any of these yarns? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. thank you so much for this guide. I recently started making crochet toys which always call for cotton yarn and have had difficulty finding the brands recommended. Now I have a list!!

    1. Skye Jameson - Knitting Expert

      Hi Donna,
      Great question! Mercerizing is a chemical process usually done to cotton yarn that makes it more shiny, smooth, and absorbent. Double mercerized is the cotton when it has been mercerized then woven.
      Here is a great article that explains it nicely:

      Mercerizing Makes Cotton Extrasmooth

  2. I crocheted almost exclusively with Cebelia Cotton #30, #40, #20 — in that order of preference. I also like — no, love — Nazli Gelin Garden Cotton Thread #10, a 100% mercerized Egyptian Giza cotton milled in Turkey. Nazli Gelin means “shy bride” in Turkish. I’ve got lots of balls that I used to crochet with, but now I knit with it on size 0-1 needles. It’s really a joy to work with, no splitting, a lovely sheen. The pattern I’m working on, Bedspread (Counterpane with Leaves), is an old-timey design, with 4 individual triangles joined to make one square, and 49 squares — 7×7 — making the spread. Here’s a link to the pattern: If you like knitting with thin thread and tiny needles, you might enjoy this one, it’s such a fun knit.

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