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Learn to Crochet With Confidence

A Step-by-Step Video Class

Crochet is a fast, fun hobby that's just as addictive as knitting, but learning the abbreviations and understanding how crochet works is tough on your own. We teach you the complete fundamentals of crochet so that you can approach any project with confidence.


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Crochet As Confidently As You Knit

Crochet is simple, yet it eludes many knitters who just can't get the hang of it.

In this beginner's class, I break down crochet concepts simply and walk you through fun but effective exercises so you can finally understand how crochet works and crochet just as well as you knit.

Get ready to take on any crochet project with confidence!

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Ready to Crochet With Confidence?


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Crochet Can Be Hard to Get Your Head Around

Inserting crochet hook into turning chain of previous rowWhile the movements of crochet are quite easy, and the hook itself ensures you'll always be able to grab the yarn, the details of crochet can be confusing if you've not learned the fundamentals.

"Where do you insert the hook to create the different stitches? and "How do you create even sides on your crochet fabric?" are two definite hangups for first-time crocheters.

Other concepts like turning chains, changing colors, and finishing edge stitches can confuse as well.

In this class we make everything crystal clear so you can feel confident approaching any beginner or intermediate crochet pattern.

Learn the Fundamentals So That Crochet Makes Sense

Crochet Flower
Coffee Cozy
Crocheted Hat

Our step-by-step class teaches you everything a beginning crocheter needs to know so you don't have to think about a thing.

Quick exercises and cute practice projects help you work the skills along with the videos so you can be sure you're doing everything right.

By the time you've completed the class, you'll have crocheted a comfy striped hat.

Plus, you'll have learned all the important beginner skills, like reading patterns and abbreviations, switching colors, making turning chains, crocheting in the round, counting stitches and rows, fixing mistakes, and more.

Crochet Class Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Crochet Superstar?


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I Know How Crochet Can Be Boggling For Knitters

Liat Gat HeadshotWhy try a confusing new craft, when you're already good at knitting?

I'm Liat Gat and I know how frustrating it can be to go back to being a beginner when you're already an accomplished knitter.

With my straightforward videos and exercises, you'll feel the same sense of calm, competence, and creativity with crochet that you do when you're knitting.

Skills You Will Learn

In this class, you will get comfortable with all the crochet fundamentals, plus many intermediate skills, such as how to:

Fancy Crochet Hook
  • Choose hooks and yarn
  • Make a slipknot and tension your yarn
  • Crochet a base chain
  • Crochet into the chain
  • Understand turning chains
  • Work all the basic crochet stitches
  • Learn to count stitches and rows
  • Make stripes and change yarns
  • Hide your yarn tails, and
  • Start a circle invisibly with the Magic Ring.

Plus how to...

  • Crochet in the round
  • Crochet a flower and a granny square
  • Check your gauge on crochet
  • Crochet a hat
  • Increase and decrease
  • Crochet a flat circle
  • Fix mistakes on crochet
  • Seam up knitting with crochet
  • Add crochet borders
  • Weave in ends on crochet

Plus even more extras like...

  • Left-handed videos
  • Animated crochet dictionary
  • British crochet equivalents
  • and more!

Class Contents

To see for yourself what's included in this class, take a peek inside the class here. You'll be able to read all the text but not watch the videos.

Extras to Help You Win!

This is the class that will help YOU find success as a crocheter, and it includes several student-requested features, such as:

1. Left-Handed (Mirror-Image) Videos

Reversed YouTube play buttonLeft-handers are no longer left out in the cold! Mirror-image versions of all 20 high-definition crochet videos are available alongside the right-handed versions.

2. Animated Quick-Reference Dictionary

Sample Crochet DictionaryUse our quick-reference dictionary to help you crochet any pattern.

Click an abbreviation in the dictionary and it will pull up a summary of how to do the steps, plus an animated GIF showing an overview of the technique.

Example: Triple Crochet
TR - Triple Crochet

3. British Equivalents

British and American crochet patterns have different terms for the same stitch. We've included quick access to a handy table listing both British and American stitch names and abbreviations.

4. Patterns for Practice and Books for Inspiration

We wouldn't send you off into the crochet world without patterns for practice! We include 12 beautiful and inspiring BEGINNNER crochet patterns for you to crochet right away, plus six recommended books on crochet stitches and history.

Base Chain Video Thumbnail 111321 sm
Base Chain

Single Crochet Video Thumbnail 111321 sm
Single Crochet

Next SC Row Video Thumbnail 111321 sm
Next SC Row

Examine SC Row video thumbnail 111521 sm
Examine SC Row

HDC Video Thumbnail 111521 sm
Half-Double Crochet

DC video thumbnail 111521 sm
Double Crochet

Triple Crochet video thumbnail 111521 sm
Triple Crochet

Slip Stitch thumbnail 111521 sm
Slip Stitch

Stripes Crochet video thumbnail 111621 sm
Making Stripes

Sandwich Yarn Tails thumbnail 111521 sm
Sandwich Tails

Magic Ring thumbnail 111521 sm
Magic Ring

Crochet Flower
Crocheted Flower

Coffee Cozy
Coffee Cozy

Granny Square video thumbnail 111621 sm
Granny Square

Check Gauge Crochet video thumbnail 111721 sm
Check Your Gauge

A flat crocheted circle
Crocheted Hat

Increasing on Crochet video thumbnail 111821 sm
Increasing on Crochet

Decreasing on Crochet video thumbnail 111821 sm
Decreasing on Crochet

Fixing Mistakes on Crochet video thumbnail 112021 sm 1
Fixing Mistakes on Crochet

Seaming with Crochet Video Thumbnail 111821 sm
Seaming With Crochet

Crochet Border Double Crochet Shell video thumbnail 112021 sm
Crocheted Border

Weaving in Ends on Crochet video thumbnail 111821 sm
Weaving in Ends on Crochet

Crochet Class Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Crochet Superstar?


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What Is a KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course?

A KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course is just like an in-person knitting class, but better.

  • Clear, distraction-free videos of everything you need to see
  • Instructions get right to the point, so there's NO WAITING
  • Helpful text, written instructions, and illustrations to refer back to
  • Practice projects and tips to help you keep learning
  • Troubleshooting: Fix any mistake you might make - taken from REAL, in-person classes
  • Tips and tricks: learn the tips to help you knit faster, more easily, and more efficiently

You Get: A Premium Online Video Course

  • Online class works on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
  • Set your own username and password to access your products at any time
  • Private "My Classes" page to track and keep all your classes in one place
  • Easily navigate even large classes with navigable sidebar Table of Contents
  • Read, watch, and enjoy your classes online from any device, at any hour of the day

Downloadable Videos for Offline Use*

  • Download course videos straight to your computer or mobile device
  • Enjoy offline video viewing for traveling or slow connections
  • Quickly scroll through videos with no buffering

A Reference PDF of the Class*

  • Download a reference PDF directly to your computer
  • Video placeholders show when to refer to your downloaded videos
  • Refer to all the text of the class without accessing the Internet
  • Save all your classes to your computer so you have them at your fingertips
  • To be used in conjunction with downloaded video files
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one.

*Not Included with KnitFreedom Monthly Subscription

Crochet Class Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Crochet Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

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  1. Lorri Fitzsimmons (verified owner)

    My daughter and I took this class together and had so much fun! I learned to knit from Liat and have been hooked to her classes ever since! Even though I have crocheted things in the past, I have always been confused about the basics and the anatomy of a crochet stitch! This class was incredibly helpful! We love you Liat!

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