Really quick – I’ve heard from some students that they are looking for Signature needles for the Felted Slippers project.

Just to clarify, you do NOT need to use Signature needles. ANY needles, straight or circular, in US size 10 will be fine.

Imagiknit doesn’t sell Signature Needles; you can find them on the Signature Needles website. I like the 10-inch long stiletto tip.

But like I said, any needles in US size 10 are fine!

Other Questions, Clarified

Also, you can use a combination of yarn brands to felt with – felting is very forgiving. And any number of colors, even a single color, is fine too!

If you have a front-loading (no agitator) washing machine, that’s fine – if it doesn’t felt the slippers, you can agitate them by hand (that’s what I did).

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