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Peek Inside The Felted Slippers Class

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Peek Inside The Felted Slippers Class

Liat Gat - Founder

October 21, 2020

In response to our last post, many of you said that felted slippers sounds like a perfect project for you right at this time. Here are details about the price, knitalong start date, and what you'll need in terms of yarn.

Thank you so much for your great comments on our “Felted Slippers Class Coming Soon!” blog post.

Liat Original Old Happy Smiling Headshot ChristmasI was so happy many of you said that felted slippers sounds like a perfect project for you at this time.

What I heard from readers:

“Count me in! Your classes are the best.” (aw, shucks) :)
“I’d love to do a knitalong! I missed the last one and I’m ready to go this time.”
“Of course I want to do a knitalong! I did the Toe-Up Socks knitalong and had a great time.”
“I’ve been looking for a perfect project like this for the holidays.”
“I was thinking of making felted slippers and hadn’t got around to it!”
“I have felted before and it’s always been by accident! I would love to do it on purpose.”

These are such great comments that I got fired up to plan a knitalong and other good suprises with our new Knitting Expert, Mary Claire.

We decided:

  • The class will be $24.99 or included free with Premium (no discounts but…)
  • The knitalong will be FREE if you buy the class during our launch week (you’ll just click to sign up if you already have Premium)
  • We will get you info on yarn and supplies ASAP (see further down in this post)
  • The knitalong will run from October 31st to November 30th

We also agreed:

  • This is a great project for beginners as you will learn so many valuable skills
  • Felted slippers are good for your soul! (Stay tuned for Mary Claire’s upcoming blog post on the subject)
  • The class is a great value and the free knitalong is exactly what people need right now
  • There are tons of great tips and fun pieces to this class even though the slippers are REALLY EASY.

To get you your info about yarn STAT (fun fact: short for Latin “Statim:” at once, immediately):

Cascade 220 Yarn Imagiknit

  • I’m going to tell you right here in this post what yarn you’ll need
  • I’m going to link to our free pattern so you can look over all the materials
  • I’m going to let you see INSIDE THE CLASS so you can get yarn recommendations. You’ll need to wait for launch day to get a 15% discount code at Imagiknit for yarn for this project
  • I’ll continue to send out (the same) info on yarn/materials and we’ll be answering everyone’s questions on the blog as usual

Even if you don’t open a single email until launch day (early next week), you’ll STILL HAVE TIME (a week and a half) to order yarn before we actually start knitting. The “let’s knit!” portion of the knitalong doesn’t start until Wednesday, November 11th.

Yarn You’ll Need:

Our felted slippers pattern calls for:

Sizes: Baby (Toddler, Child, Adult Small, Adult Large)
Yarn: 45 (65, 90, 165, 220) yds 100% wool DK-weight yarn in two or three (or more) colors. Yardage is for TOTAL yarn for the pair of slippers.

The yardage you need for each color will vary depending on how many blocks (there are 8 total) you knit with each color. You can plan on 6 (9, 12, 22, 28) yards per color block.

Recommended Yarns and Coupon Code

Slipper Materials Yarn 92820 sm

DK yarn is a bit thinner than worsted-weight yarn. You’ll need to use 100% wool so that the slippers felt correctly.

Surprise! Once we launch this class, you'll get an exclusive coupon code for 15% off anything in the store at

Here are some suggestions you will love for yarn for these slippers.

Yarn shown in the slippers in this project is Walkabout.


Size 10 Signature Needle Arts Single Point Needle

You'll need one pair of US size 10 (6.0 mm) straight or circular needles. This is much larger than what you would use normally for knitting with such thin yarn, but it's correct. For felting, we want the stitches to be relatively large and loose so that the fabric can then felt up nicely.

Last thing I want to share with you in this long blog post — Why I’m excited about this knitalong!

  • I’m happy to connect with our students again and feel the great vibes we get when we’re all working on the same project together
  • I want to see beginner knitters (and advanced too) learning these new skills and doing something you haven’t done before, in the safe space that is KnitFreedom.

Leave a Comment

What are your goals for the knitalong? What do you hope to accomplish? And if anything — What do you think might hold you back? Let me know in the comments!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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8 thoughts on “Peek Inside The Felted Slippers Class”

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  1. I am want to know if my superstar membership is still valid or do I have to join again for this Knit-a-Long or become a premium member?

    1. Elias - KnitFreedom Customer Happiness

      Hi Philippa,

      Thanks for your question!
      I wasn’t able to find any membership or class under your Gmail email address, is it possible that you used another email address to purchase the Knitting Superstar class?

      To join the knitalong you can either invest in a Premium membership or invest in the Felted Slippers class. I hope that helps! 😊

      Happy knitting,

  2. Hi ! So looking forward to learning a new pattern and, hopefully, conquering my aversion to seaming.

    Yarn – will the slippers felt appropriately if I use yarn from different companies? Would like to mix something variegated, like the Rastita, with solids. Haven’t checked out all the colors yet but I’m leaning towards one variegated and two solids.

    Felting – I have a front-load washer (no agitator). Will that still work for felting?

    Needles – is there a reason straight needles are the only option? Or, might I be able to knit my squares on a size 10 circular?

    That’s it for now but I’m sure I’ll have more questions once I delve into the details.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Mary Claire Phillips - KnitFreedom Knitting Expert

      Hi Marla!

      Yay for learning to seam! I also don’t seam often and am hoping to tighten those skills :) To answer your questions –

      – You can definitiely use yarn from different companies: as long as they felt (i.e. non-superwash, 100% wool or alpaca)
      – A front loading washer will work fine, and if they don’t felt down to the size you want you can either run them again or hand-agitate them down to size
      – Circular needles are a perfect option! Any type of size 10 needle will do :)

  3. Coleen Kreienkamp

    Thank you! I’m excited too!! I’ve always wanted to knit some felted slippers!! I’m glad you’re back!!!! 💗

  4. Oh gosh, I appreciate the step by step instructions + VIDEOS! I’m working on my knitting skills and I have a long way to go. This would be great to follow along and enhance what skills I have. :)

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