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What Are the Ways People Knit in the Round?

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What Are the Ways People Knit in the Round?

For years and years, people have been knitting small things like socks in the round on double-pointed needles (called DPNs), and big things like sweaters and hats on circular needles.

Knitting on DPNs

Double-pointed needles divide the stitches over 3 or 4 straight needles.

People divide their stitches over three or four double-pointed needles, and use a fourth or fifth needle to knit with.

This complicated-looking method results is what is fondly known as the "ninja star of death" when attempting to try on something you've made using DPNs.

Sometimes it's uncomfortable or unwieldy to try on your knitting; sometimes it's just impossible. In addition, the place where the DPNs meet often creates a column of stretched-out stitches, called a ladder (the phenomenon is called laddering).

Also, the dang needles can sometimes fall out of your knitting (since there is no cap on the end of the needle) and get lost between the seat and the car door, never to be found again (the er... passenger car door, that is).

So let's not go there.

Knitting with Circular Needles

This 16-inch circular needle could be used to make the body (but not the top) of a hat.

Circular needles look like two double-pointed needles connected with a cable. Don't call them cable needles, though - that's something else.

Circular needles come in all different lengths, to accommodate the circumference of the project that you are knitting. Unfortunately, this results in you having to buy circular needles in all different lengths: 24 inches for a sweater, 47 inches for a blanket, 16 inches for a hat...

This can get very expensive, not to mention cumbersome to organize and/or travel with. Fortunately, there's a better way.

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