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Frilled Standard Bind-Off for Lace

Frilled Standard Bind-Off on Lace (Feather and Fan)

My favorite bind-off for lace, the Frilled Standard Bind-off was actually not one of the suggested lace bind-offs from any of the books I studied. But I discovered it anyway!

Being an increase bind-off (increased stitches = increased edge length), it makes a very subtle frill shape on Stockinette stitch fabric. However, because lace stretches when blocked, the edge lays flat on lace.

This bind-off is stretchy enough that you can block it and stretch out, but it’s not so wide that it looks stretched out. It’s also not very hard to do.

In my experimentation, this bind-off seems to fit perfectly with any lace pattern no matter what the edge looks like (scalloped, straight, etc.). It also coordinates well with the wrong side of the Long-Tail cast-on, and who doesn’t love a matching cast-on?

In comparison to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off on lace, this bind-off is less bulky, and it doesn’t have a pronounced chain of stitches along the top edge.

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