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Bind-Offs for Lace, Decorative Bind-Offs

Jeny’s Surprisingly-Stretchy Bind-Off (JSSBO) for 1×1 Rib

Jeny’s Surprisingly-Stretchy Bind-Off (JSSBO) for 1×1 Rib
Jeny’s Surprisingly-Stretchy Bind-Off (JSSBO) for 1×1 Rib

This is an intermediate bind-off for ribbing that is super stretchy. It is not blazingly fast, but it’s faster than most of the other stretchy bind-offs out there.

This bind-off, also called JSSBO, is a heavy-duty bind-off that stretches out — yes — surprisingly far, and then, accordion-like, springs back into shape. It does this feat better than many other stretchy bind-offs, which either flare when un-stretched or stay stretched out once stretched (and nobody wants that).

Frilled Standard Bind-Off

Frilled Standard Bind-Off
Frilled Standard Bind-Off

This is an intermediate, medium-speed bind-off that I highly recommend you learn, mostly because it’s great for binding off on lace projects — as a frilly bind-off it’s actually not very frilly at all.

It does increase the number of stitches that are in the bind-off, which makes the edge wider (thus making it flare out a little bit – hence, the “frill”).

Picot Chain Bind-Off

Picot Chain Bind-Off on Lace (fFeather and Fan)
The Picot Chain Bind-Off is an intermediate, medium-speed increase bind-off. This means that you add stitches (yarnovers, in this case) in order to make a wider edge.

This bind-off is good on any knitting that flares out, when you need to make sure that the bind-off also flares out.

The Picot Chain bind-off is similar to the Yarnover Bind-Off in that it uses yarnovers every other stitch in order to increase the width of the bind-off. Unlike the Yarnover bind off, however, there’s no purling involved.

I don’t particularly like the look of the edge, but I still think this bind-off is worthwhile learning. It’s important to know how to add yarnovers wherever you want into your bind off to make it wider -— useful for when you’re winging it.


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