A few users have reported trouble signing in recently, and while we have been able to help everyone sign in, we haven’t been able to identify the cause of the issue.

Please try any of the following steps (whichever is easiest for you) as they may help to bypass the problem:

  • Use a different browser (for example, use Safari on your Mac if right now you’re using Chrome)
  • Use a different device, maybe someone else’s phone or computer just to test
  • Log in on the My Classes page instead of on the login page
  • Clear your browser cache

Please email us and let us know if you still have trouble, and we will help you get logged in.

Updated June 22, 2020

Go to https://www.knitfreedom.com/lostpassword and enter your email.
Check your email for our password-reset email.
If you do not see it there, check your spam folder.

If that doesn’t work, please email us at happiness@knitfreedom.com.

Updated April 25, 2020

To get into your account for the first time, you’ll need to set a password.

Please use a modern Internet browser to do this. We recommend Firefox, which respects your privacy and aims to keep the Internet safe and open for everyone.

To set your password, click Lost Password and enter your email address. Then click “Get New Password.” We’ll email you a link to set your password.

If the site doesn’t recognize your email address (“ERROR: Invalid username or email”), not to worry. We probably have your records under an old email address, and we’re happy to update everything for you. Please email Candy from Customer Happiness at happiness@knitfreedom.com and she will take care of you right away.

To get to your classes at anytime, go to your My Classes page

Updated March 25, 2019

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