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New Website Sneak Peek – Erica’s Top 2 Favorite Features

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New Website Sneak Peek – Erica’s Top 2 Favorite Features

Erica Beach - Customer Happiness

March 20, 2014

KnitFreedom new site (2.0)For several months now, both Liat and I have had the opportunity to talk to many of you about the new KnitFreedom website that is coming. We are both incredibly excited about the new site and wanted to start sharing some of the amazing new features that will be available to you.

It wasn’t easy, but I picked my top two favorite new features of the site to share with you – personalized accounts and a fully integrated forum.

Personalized Accounts

Ever forget to save your Download Links e-mails from KnitFreedom or have trouble remembering which e-books you have already purchased? We know that can be frustrating and wanted to make accessing your favorite content easier than ever before. To do that, we are giving every student an account where you can save your e-books, favorite articles, and patterns.

New "my account" menu bar - new KnitFreedom site

Here’s how part of the homepage will look when you are logged in:

New KnitFreedom Website Member Area

Fully Integrated Forum

We love getting your questions and being able to share answers with the entire KnitFreedom community. Now, when you have questions, you will get to stay right on KnitFreedom and your questions – and answers – will be tracked right inside of your Personalized Account.

We’ll Keep You Posted

I hope a little sneak peek into what is coming will get you as excited as it has us. We still have some work to do and will continue to share updates with you. If you have any suggestions or things you hope to see on the new site, you can always feel free to share them with us. We want KnitFreedom to be the place for all of your knitting needs.

Coming Next Week: Craft Yarn Council’s New Article on Knitting and Its Health Benefits – Featuring Liat!

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Do you have questions about the upcoming site? Leave a comment and let me know!

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123 thoughts on “New Website Sneak Peek – Erica’s Top 2 Favorite Features”

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  1. Is there a proposed launch date in the works for the new website? I simply don’t explore anything new from Knit Freedom as I spend so much time trying to find videos and lessons I have already purchased. The result is that I spend time, but I don’t spend money. Please help me and my peers return to knitting (and shopping) instead of searching! :)

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      Hi Georgia :)
      We’re working on the new website with a view to launching it early spring so while we don’t have a fixed date, be assured that it’s a top priority for us right now! :)

  2. Really great idea as it has been difficult keeping my courses in one place and finding my post.
    Right now though, I can not get into your current web site at times on any computer, or tablet and can not open my ebook videos course videos this week.
    I would love a contact phone number or chat directly with someone about this recent problem.

  3. Am really looking forward to the new web site. I miss the weekly updates. When do you think you will start up again?

  4. Is the new web site still in the works, or did I miss an announcement about it? When I first read the news about it, I thought it was too good to be true. I could not believe that I’d actually be able to find and use the terrific articles and videos!

    1. Hi Georgia,
      Yes, it’s still in the works. It’s not too good to be true. But it is taking WAAY longer than I had ever planned! I hope to launch the new site by the end of 2014.

  5. I purchased your book on become a knitting superstar item # 0151. Because i love to knit, i am 74 years old, and i am just learning to knit. I payed for it, and i went to download it, and i dont know what happend but i lost it before i could print it off. Here is my receipt no : 5625-2142-6060-0524 my name is Margaret i. Collingsworth.

  6. This is wonderful news! I, too, can’t remember which ebooks I have purchased. I also have a hard time with the passwords. Sometime they don’t work and I can’t get into my ebooks. I have to hunt for the passwords..then I can’t find where to get to the place where I can use them. I am a disabled nurse. I spend 90% of my time either in bed or on the couch. I also have severe chronic pain, so I am pretty miserable most of the time. Then I found you, Liat, Erica, and knit freedom. Talk about a life saver!!! My husband has taken me to our local yarn store and I have spent hours there, knitting, and talking with the staff. They are very helpful and friendly. Sometimes the pain is so back they have told me to go home and rest and come back next week when the pain lets up. The trip is 1 hr to and fro and then I am wiped out for several days. I still order from the lys, I want them to stay in business. They should be good with my business alone!!!

  7. I bought some of your stuff but can never find where to sign into my account to see what I purchased. Do you have a home page with a sign in field. Frustrated.

  8. Somehow I missed this preview and thank you, thank you, everything in one place and easy to find. When I’m knitting and need help, this will take less time away from the actual knitting and I can follow along with the videos. How very delightful.

  9. I’m getting SO excited for the new web site! Is there a hint
    of a projected date? You can tell me…I won’t tell anyone else.
    sshhh just whisper it. ;-)

  10. I was recently trying to find a link to an ebook I had purchased months ago and downloaded and couldn’t find it, so I’m really excited to see they will be all in one place in the new site. I also loved the tip to download the icon to the desktop. I used it immediately for Ravelry too!

  11. OMG this will be awesome! Though a little late (just kidding) LOL I just got a new computer, since XP is going away, so I was trying to find all of my files to transfer over – I sure don’t want to leave any behind! I hope I got them all but having them all in one spot on your site will be fantastic! Looking forward to checking out the new site :-)

  12. Sounds great to me. Was just upstairs looking through my stash,
    and it IS a stash, to refresh my memory of what I have. It was like
    Christmas going through totes and bags. My BIG problem is that I
    cannot tell what the content of my leftover yarn is and I do not want
    to knit an article with the wrong yarn. I need a system to put the yarn
    and pattern together in a large baggy immediately upon getting home from buying it
    and store it until I am ready to start the project then its all together and
    I do not have to “hunt” for what it needed in order to begin Then upon
    completion of the project all the leftovers including the pattern goes back
    into the baggy for reference down the road. No more seizures trying to
    remember. In the meantime, I have all these little/medium balls of yarn
    that I cannot tell the fiber content. I know that some of the cotton, to me,
    looks almost like the merino,silk,baby camel yarn (as an example) and I
    have soooo many different yarn blends. So I am hoping you will be giving
    out helpful tips. Wish you success…………

  13. Thank you for all of the effort that has been put into the new site. I hope there will also be a way for us to download all of the videos to our desktop/i-devices from the new site ;)

    I know that I like to keep videos on my ipad/iphone for when I’m in an area without internet (such as a cruise or a plane) and I wanted to refer to my class but had no way of accessing internet.

  14. Genevieve Schardt

    Congratulations! I’m sure everyone will enjoy your new site. Thanks for everything
    you do for us.

  15. Your new website will be great, I’m sure. You’re the best !!! Looking forward to viewing it as always. Wish you much success. Velma

  16. Looking forward to the new website. Love the idea that all the download links for e-books purchased will be there. I really have learned many things from you. I have made several pairs of socks using your toe-up techniques, which was the first e-book I purchased. I recently purchased the new bind off and the cast on video e-books to add to the others. Thank you so very much for all you do.

  17. Barbara Buchanan

    Liat I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do to help each of us but AM SO glad that you do. You are the best! Always something new, creative and so very helpful.

  18. Will the classes I have purchased in the past be in my new homepage? I get frustrated with how to view my videos so this will be the answer to my problems. Look forward to see my new account.

  19. I will be looking forward to have access to all those good videos, and great techniques that you have known to share.
    thanks for all your help.

  20. Esther Takenaka

    Hurray! This is great news . I appreciate and am grateful for your new website which I’m anxiously looking forward to simplifying and organizing my computer task in locating and learning “things” (all about) knitting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  21. I love the idea of a place to keep all these things. I have been copying and pasting the tips into my word processing and then saving them. This will be so much easier.

  22. This looks GREAT!
    However, I took your “superstar ” class so long ago that I don’t know how to sign in anymore. Can you help?

  23. Sherry Maghsoodloo

    Thank you so much for simplifying life I. The knitting world for us! I too have to hunt down passwords and links. I really enjoy your emails and your help. I always go back to the website for my classes. Keep up the good work.

  24. Thank you so very much. I had so much trouble to find the classes that I bought previously. I even forgot exactly what classes I bought. It will be sooooooooooo nice to just go at one place to find my paid classes. Thank you, again. Fern

  25. Wow – you’re spoiling us! What a great idea and it will make it so much easier to have all my info compiled together – looking forward to it and thanks so much!!

  26. Oh FANTASTIC!!!!! I can never remember my passwords, and sometimes find it cumbersome linking on my iPad. I think this will be just awesome! Can’t wait! Big thank you!!

  27. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t remember what I’d purchased and what the passwords, a different one for each class, were. I’m tickled pink that you’re doing this! THANK YOU!

  28. I love the idea of having our accounts on your website so we can easily see what we’ve purchased previously. Thanks for your hard work.

  29. I am so excited to hear this great news. It will make life so much easier to have the tutorials in one place and also be able to ask questions on the same site rather than going to Ravelry where I always had trouble finding you.

  30. Excited !!! It’s been interesting to read through the responses so far. I thought I was the only one sending Erica emails asking what classes I have purchased. It will be nice not to have to remember passwords !!! Sometimes I give up because I’m too lazy to find out how to get into a class to get answers. This sounds like it will be much easier.
    I originally found you by searching u-tube videos for visual examples. I love your clear instructions. Will all the short u-tube type video’s that you have made be listed also on this new website?
    Thanks and also can’t wait.

    1. Hi JoAnn –

      You’re not the only one who needs the occasional reminder about your classes. I’m so excited that it will be so much easier for everyone to keep track of their classes.

      As for the YouTube videos, keep your eye out for future sneak peeks into the new site. I don’t want to give it all away at once!

  31. Thank you for setting this up.It is going to make it so much easier to keep organized,etc.
    Looking forward to the new site.

  32. I’m looking forward to this! It’ll be much better than wading through emails. Although I’m an experienced knitter I find Liat’s tips very useful. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you

  33. Sometimes I must confess i just give up trying to find the information from Liat that I stored “somewhere”. This is great news! Keep up the good work, ladies and we will all enjoy the results!

  34. Catherine Paxson

    I love the idea of having all my purchased lessons stored on your site. It’s my biggest problem as a non-techy person. I have trouble finding my downloads! Thanks for this feature. I’m sure more will be appreciated as well.

    1. Margo, you should not be seeing that pop-up every time you come to KnitFreedom. Is your browser set to clear your cache every time you exit? That might be what’s making the pop-up appear every time.

      Regardless, there will be no popup on the future site.

  35. I love the fact that we can stay right where we are when we have questions! I’m looking forward to seeing your new site!! Your videos have “save” me many times! Thank You for that!!!!! ;-)

  36. I can’t wait for this new site to be ‘up and running’. I know it takes a lot of thought and hard work when you want to get it just right. Question: I take lots of notes when I take a class of watch your videos – will there be a section with each where I can type in my notes? I have a large 3 ring binder with patterns I’ve printed and I keep my notes with each pattern. Just means extra paperwork which takes away from my knitting time. lol


  37. hi,
    the new website and the great effort it required is a messsage says”my web subrcribers you are so dear and this is done especially for you! thanks for the love that we share.

  38. This will be wonderful! Between what I have on my computer and what I have on my iPad, it’s been hard to keep my classes and tips organized. BTW I just took a knitting class on Craftsy and although it was good, NOTHING compares to KNITFreedom and Liat’s videos for clarity, detail, and thorough explanations. Having everything easily available in one place will a great help!

  39. Wow, that is fantastic! I have purchased most, if not all, of your e-books, and having them all in one place will be tremendously convenient, both for access codes and for seeing what I might still be missing. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming e-books as well.

    The rest of the world could learn something from the lengths you go to to take care of and meet the needs of us, your devoted students and biggest fans, Liat. You are the best! My Signature Arts red needles, which snuck into my house for Valentine’s Day as a gift to myself, are a close second. (Thank goodness they don’t display the price on them, or there would be a “homicide by expensive needle” crime to solve…) Thanks for that recommendation and for all you do!

  40. So excited as it just looks so good with that initial tease. And what a tease!

    Looking forward to the new website.
    Thank you, Erica and Liat

  41. I’m new to this site but I am looking forward to your e-mails and appreciate the fact that you are making things easier.
    Thanks for all of your hardwork.

  42. I can’t wait either!!!! I have learned so much from you. It will be nice to come to one place to find everything i have saved. Thank you, Julie

  43. Having everything in one place where I can find it will be wonderful! Also, it will be so great to see other’s work and responses. I like that I will have in one place, my orders and updates too. Great job!

  44. I’m happy about all what you do for us. You are working all the time to make it easy for us.


  45. Does that mean I will be able to play my “How to be a SuperStar” again? Now I can
    only read the instructions. Love you Liat, your the best teacher and thank you Erica for all your work with her.

    1. Hi Lois,
      Let’s get your “Knitting Superstar” course up and running right now! I think you just might need to download the updated PDF. I’ll send you the link.

  46. Thank you guys for doing this. I save all my bits and pieces in a folder on my computer but can never find it, now it will be so easy to find. I’ll have more time to improve on my superstar knitting ahahahah
    Love your work

  47. The announcement describing the revised website is like having Christmas in March!! It will be so very nice to have all of the website’s information and personal account information so easily accessible. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU….,

      1. OH, BE STILL MY HEART. I hate having to seach through Ravelry to find out about what I bought… what I have filed away somewhere :) This is going to be truly Knitfreedom at it’s best!!!!!!
        Again… appreciate all you are doing to make it better and friendlier.
        It’s really our own knitting club ;)

    1. Bobbi, I am hesitant to give a date, but I will tell you this: we will roll out a “soft launch” to beta testers in mid-April, and the new site should be live to all users in June. :D

  48. THANK YOU!! This is a great idea especially about the accounts when logging and knowing which e-video books we purchased. I had that exact same problem so this is wonderful news!

    By the way, thank so much for sharing your bind-off tips. I e-mailed it to my current knitting group and they all loved it. Your advice is wonderful and so helpful. And it’s so nice to see you back in touch.

  49. I really appreciate the tatting pattern you published – the 15″ round one. Before you published the directions, I thought I could make that by looking at the picture. But now that I have the printed pattern I have it half done. The directions were not too clear so between reading the directions and looking at the picture; after 3 tries I’m about half done now and it’s getting to be fun. I want to make another one just like it. I think I can do better on the 2nd try. Vellum

  50. Without your videos and tutorials Liat, I’d never have learned to knit. I started knitting in July 2013 and I’m nearly done with knitting two toe up socks at once on one needle and I’m also working on a fairly complex lace shawl with cables. I’ve watched your videos over and over and at 66, I’m proof that you can teach an old chick to knit!! Yes!

  51. Hi there – I have only been with you for a short time and am looking forward to the new and exciting site you have been working tirelessly on – bring it on – Cheers “K”

  52. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for creating a place that I can store all the items if have purchased from you. Very frustrating to try to remember “where did I put that log in information” Thanks again!


  53. Thank you so much. I’ve been a little anxious, wondering what I’d do if my computer should decide to go “on strike.” You have become my go to place when I have a knitting question. I’m sure this takes a lot of time and effort. You all are the greatest!

  54. I obviously need your new site! I can never remember where I’ve been or my passwords and I get distracted way too much when I’m looking for things. You have the best videos and the best courses and explanations and short-cuts. Now just need to find some way to stop time while I’m on your site so I can really learn things.
    Thank you so much for all you have done and are still doing!

  55. Excellent features! Will accounts have past downloads and e-books in them? I suppose that’s too hard but it would be great.

  56. WooHoo! This is great news! I can never find my paid for classes where I think they are and end up searching YouTube for Liat’s tips. It will be great to be able to find it all in one place. I’m really looking forward to the message board.

    One question I did think of….will our complete purchase history be there or only what we buy after it’s released?

  57. Congrats ! Being able to have just a little ‘peek’ is so awesome. You should be oh so proud of yourself and your team.
    Can’t wait… so will be awaiting to hear when it is all Official…

    Hope there may be a spot where we might be able to ask a question(s) – often times
    on websites they have forums, and you leave a question but no one evers answers

    In the meantime, take it easy and again Congrats.

    1. Hi Sandra –

      We’re making sure that we have our amazing new moderators in place and ready for the new site!

  58. I’m so excited, I just can’t wait to see the new web site! I’ve been a fan from the beginning—what will you do next?

  59. This new site sounds like nothing else I’ve seen on the web! Great idea! Can’t wait. I’m wondering how difficult it will be to get ALL my previous purchases on the site. Thanks so much,


    1. Billi –

      It will not be difficult at all! We’ve set it up so that everyone’s e-book purchases will transfer seamlessly to the new site.

  60. Looking forward to the new website. Well overdue. I can’t wait for all the changes and it will be so much easier to save our tips, and everything. Thanks.

  61. Oh! Thank you. I cannot remember much these days & want to spend my free time knitting & not online searching, searching, SEARCHING!

    1. Dorothy Atkinson

      Hi Erica and Liat, this is happy news as I have forgotten what I have ordered.
      It has been awhile since I ordered anything as my pension won’t allow it. I can never remember the name of the big tutorial. I purchased it a couple of years ago. Super something, I now use an iPad because I could’nt handle my computer anymore. I am 80 years old now and can’t figure out if I could download that particular programme or not. So, as you can tell this will help me so much. I do hope that the older orders will show up. Best Wishes on your new endeavour. Dorothy Atkinson

      1. Hi Dorothy –

        Liat and I are always here to help. You can e-mail KnitFreedom Support and we’ll get you set back up with your purchases.

        1. Dorothy Atkinson

          Hi Erica.
          I am more organized than I thought. I found my two receipts in my file folder. So all I have to do is go the link and put in my password and then bookmark it. I haven’t been knitting lately but have been crocheting baby clothes and Amigurumi Stuffed Animals for next Christmas. They will be distributed among children. Next month I will start back on toe up socks for another group. I also have to finish an afghan for one of my sons. Best Wishes and am so looking forward to the new site. Hugs Dorothy.

  62. I am so happy to hear about the personal accounts. I don’t download the classes, I just view them online when I need to find something and I can never remember the darn passwords, have to go hunting through old email receipts to find them.

    Also I had to dig way back to find out if I already had the cast ons class before purchasing the bind off (or should I get the combined purchase?) Well, I finally found it. But having my purchases shown in the account will be a lifesaver.

    And favorites? Yes, please. As clear and concise as Liat’s instructions and demos are, there are things that just refuse to stick in my gray matter and I have to look them up every time.

    Thank you, Liat and Erica, for your continued work!

  63. Oh what wonderful ideas you two have come up with! A place to store things and a forum to get answers to questions! Can’t wait to see the rest of it!


    Momma mia, I am just going through the crazies… trying to figure out where I put what.
    Then, do I have the updated version????? Erica just responded …. helping me with that one.
    So excited….. all my e-books will be listed in one place. The passwords drive me crazy too…. as I’m not that good at organizing and filing. This is going to help me and a lot of us. I can feel it.
    Finally …. one place to go! OH JOY !
    Answer this question…. What about Ravelry? Is this going to be separate completely from that link? Explain that one to me please.
    I love all the growing you are doing. It’s what we need too at this point in KNITFREEDOM :) :)
    And… as far as health…. oh boy that is definitely is a subject ”near and dear” to my heart. It’s a relaxer, a social, a confidence builder, and you know the story.
    Thanks Liat and Erica….. hugs from my heart to your hearts.
    CONGRATULATIONS for knowing and doing what you can to make all our knitting lives better and more fun.
    Love you, Louise

    1. Hi Louise,

      We love you too!

      There will be a forum that is completely integrated on the new site. You’ll be able to track your questions (and answers) right on the site when you log in.

      1. Erica….. Love being in contact with you and Liat this way. Thanks for taking the time to respond to us and always giving us yet another tip. Exciting time to come for you both AND FOR US ALL. :)

  65. I can’t believe I will be getting a place to store all Liat’s tips, and her
    videos! What will I ever do with all the free time I will have, since I
    won’t be hunting through my whole computer? Probably have time to
    go through my stash.
    Liat, you are amazing!

    1. Hi Louise –

      I imagine you’ll be able to work through your stash rather quickly with all of your free time!

    2. I am looking forward to your website. I am one of those “forgetful” ones. I really enjoy your how-to videos – so clear and concise.

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