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Liat Gat Takes Hiatus

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Liat Gat Takes Hiatus

Liat Gat - Founder

May 19, 2015

Dear readers, I have to take a leave of absence from KnitFreedom due to a family emergency. The upcoming lace class will be temporarily canceled. Thank you for your understanding!

I’m very sorry to tell you that I need to take a leave from KnitFreedom for the next few months, due to a family emergency.

In light of the new Lace class that I had planned, I know I’m letting you down. I was very excited to teach you.

Candy, our Customer Happiness expert, will still be here to answer any questions you have about our patterns and products. However, I won’t be able to answer your knitting questions or post anything new on the blog.

Thank you for your understanding. I will miss your enthusiasm for knitting and your wonderful questions.


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All proceeds will go towards keeping KnitFreedom running while I am away.

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52 thoughts on “Liat Gat Takes Hiatus”

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  1. Hi Liat–getting back to sock knitting and am so glad I re-discovered your toe-up videos and tips/links for the Fleegle heel (which is the best!). I’m sorry to read that you had family difficulties, but also see that things are good now–that’s great to know! Hope we’ll see out out there again some day. Just know that your videos are still viewed and I see some really positive comments. Thank you & stay well & happy! All the best wishes, Sheri.

  2. I pray that this finds you and your family in a better situation, Liat. After having lost my computer to an unresolvable crash some time ago, I lost touch with you and your web site. I no longer have my account information, including any password required. As a matter of fact, it’s been so long that I don’t remember what my payment to you entitled me to, or how to access it. Would one of your staff be able to provide this information to me in an e-mail so that my private information would not be seen here? Thank you so much for any help you can provide. May God bless and keep you.

    1. Hello Sheila,
      Thank you for your kind words. I will certainly pass them along to Liat (she is doing well and so is her family). If you would kindly send me your email address (the one you used when purchasing) and your last name I will see what I can find. You can contact me at [email protected] I will get back to you asap. ~Candy….your customer happiness guru!

  3. Hello Liat! I have been away from knitting for several years and decided I would check in on my favorite Youtuber! Sorry to hear you have been away so long, but I want to let you know how very wonderful your personality and teaching were for me at a difficult time in my life. I watched your video of 5 ways knitting can save your life and was ever more impressed by you and the advice you gave. It has been a long time now. I am not knitting yet but still thinking about it! Sending you my prayers and best wishes from the Midwest. I have been through long term issues myself and I can appreciate the value of time and space. Hope you get all that you need.


  4. Hope all is getting there for you Liat . Just wanted to say I love this site of yours and the wonderful helpful videos make my day thank you sooo very much .

  5. Lorri Fitzsimmons

    Hi Liat. I hope things are improving for you and yours. You are missed! Nobody can do a tutorial like you! I am always referring to my knit freedom collection and miss updates on new things to learn. Best to you and yours!

  6. Hi Liat – Thank you for the time and effort you invested in creating your website and training classes. You’ve made a tremendous contribution, and not just to knitting. I started just a few weeks ago and had no idea that this would be such a relaxing, meditative way to spend some time. One of my teenagers is learning too, and it’s something we can share. Now I’m working my way through both of your “superstar” classes. They’re simply the best I’ve found anywhere (including some ladies at church…) Being left-handed, I have a trick I use sometimes with your videos when I’m trying to learn a particular skill – I watch them in a mirror! It might look a little silly, but it works great! Take care.
    Paul, in Idaho.

  7. Hello Liat
    Checking in to see if you’re back. Your patterns, videos and advice are timeless and I continue to refer people knowing your website is the best and will become one of their favourites too. Miss your sunny self, your enthusiasm, it never fails to bring a smile. It’s motivating, encouraging. I look forward to your return – it’ll be like a breath of fresh air!
    I was on yesterday trying to find a cast on I’d seen a while back. It was like a knitted on, short tail, wrapped around her left fingers and thumb, stitches picked up on the right. It was fast, no worries about running out of tail. I can’t find it anywhere so I’m going to have to find her and ask she show me. I’ll pass it on to you when I do. Hope things are going well . Take care dolly and all the best to you and yours in the new year, S. xoxo

  8. Just want you to know you are missed. Take your time. Sorry about your problems. We all have them and some take a good deal of time to solve and then time to heal. Sending whatever positive energy is in the universe your way.
    I am working at casting on two at a time on one circular. I watch the videos over and over. It’s getting better. I don’t mind being a slow learner. I have had interruptions to my learning because of family things. Family is the first priority, so the interruptions don’t count. Then, when things calm down, I pick up learning to knit again. I get a little further along the road each time I pick it up. It’s just like that. It’s become a long term goal; it’s like a long, journey with many stops along the way. One day at a time. Much love.

    1. Hi Carla,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Although I’m not actively working on KnitFreedom these days (and am very grateful for the time and space to attend to what I need), I still read (and try to answer) every comment, so that my wonderful readers are taken care of to the best of my ability.

      Your note really touched me. Thank you.

  9. Hi. I just recently found you. Have enjoyed your website and videos. Am trying the fleggling heel, or however it’s spelled…..on my two socks at a time attempt.
    Hope you are able to return soon….are you missing it?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Candy (KnitFreedom Customer Happiness guru)

      Hi Alisa,

      Liat is making plans to return little by little. I will pass your sweet message on to her. In the meantime, send pictures of those socks!

      Happy Knitting

    1. Candy (KnitFreedom Customer Happiness guru)


      Thank you for your sweet words, I will pass them along to Liat. As I said in the previous reply, she is planning on coming back little by little.

      Happy Knitting,

  10. Many of us are concerned about the silence over on your forums at Ravelry. Any moderators there seem to have vanished as there has not been any reassurance at all from them once concerns were raised. I’ll admit that I even felt it was time to put the forums to bed as nothing has happened there in quite a while. Not even a word from a moderator. If you want to leave something here, I’ll pass it along, if that will make life easier for you, Liat. Take care and I hope that you, your family and life in general are doing much better now.

    1. Candy (KnitFreedom Customer Happiness guru)

      Hello Sue,

      I can certainly understand your concern. Liat’s emergency leave extended longer than she anticipated. She is working on coming back to KnitFreedom little by little. Rest assured the problems with the Forum will be addressed once we get back into full swing. Thank you for your kind words, I will certainly pass your message on to Liat.

  11. Hope all is well and you will soon be back. I am nuts about knitting and talk about it to everyone who will listen… And sometimes those who don’t. For all new knitters or those who have been stuck in baby beginner gear, I always refer them to your site. I encourage them to check out a lot of your free videos and tell them I have purchased many of your E-books and have not been disappointed.
    Happy hugs!

  12. Jennie Gillihan

    Goodness! I had no idea you were still away (frownie for my inattentiveness). I sincerely hope your family is well and we can look forward to seeing you back here soon!

    Sending you healing prayers and much peace.


    1. Hello Jennie,

      Thank you so much for your concern and your patience. I will be returning in the near future. I miss teaching, and of course I miss all of you.


  13. Katherine Spitznagel

    Hi Liat. I am sure that I am among a group of people that think of you and wish you well during this time. I look forward to you returning to Knitfreedom and learning from you. I enjoy your online classes, blog, and support from knitfreedom in knitting. I tried to learn to knit for many, many years. Knitting clicked for me with your videos and style of teaching. I sure wish you live near me. It would be fun to learn in person from you.

    I remember the Lace Class. I am patiently waiting for your return so we can do that class. Until then, you are in my prayers.


    Kathy S.

  14. JUST FINISHED A PAIR OF TOE-UP SOCKS! I’ve tried to do this a few times and was going to give up on knitting socks, but this technique with the simple pattern and magic loop worked for me. In fact, I was surprised at how quickly these came together. Thank you – the videos are very helpful. My prayers are with those above – praying for your situation and that you can return to this soon.

    1. Molly, you rock! Congratulations. I want to personally thank you so much for your sweet and caring message! We are so blessed to have supportive students and fans like you. Liat will be coming back to KnitFreedom in a limited way in the months to come, but until then, know that we are truly grateful for your support and your patience.

      Happy knitting and big hugs!
      Candy ~ KnitFreedom Customer Happiness Guru

  15. I just found you and I’m looking forward to sharing with my two mini students, 9 and 11 yrs old. The few videos I have watches are wonderful. You seem so patient and kind. Looking ahead to getting to know you. Be well!


    1. Hello TR,

      I can’t tell you how excited I get when I hear that my videos are helping a whole new generation learn to knit. Thank you so much. I hope you will send pictures when they finish their first projects.


  16. Hi Liat. I stopped by to see if there was a update. Family and self always come first. You are in my prayers. Looking forward to when you return to Knitfreedom. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Kathy

    1. Hello Kathy,
      I want you to know that I really care about you and the rest of my students and that I’m sorry to have been away for so long. I greatly appreciate how patient everyone is being, and I hope to be able to come back soon.

  17. Hello Lovely Knitter!

    Thank you for your kind words and may your New Year be a memorable one.
    You can access your course from any mobile device with an internet connection.
    Please don’t try to use the PDF file on your mobile device – just navigate to the link for watching your class online, enter your password, and you are all set to get started.

  18. Hi Liat, happy new year to you and Candy! I hope all is getting better with your family, 2016 promises to be a great year. I hope you are able to come back soon, you are so missed. I have a quick question, are the video e-books compatible with an iPad? Thank you and please don’t forget toe kind and gentle to yourself.

  19. I have severe Crohn’s disease and 2015 has been quite a year for me. I had a bowel resection in Feb which led to serious complications and a two week hospital stay. Due to my ill health the past number of years and all the toxic medications I have tried my abdominal wall had deteriorated. My 12″ incision let go underneath and I had massive surgical hernias. I just had them repaired a few weeks ago and had a 10 by 11 inch piece of mesh sewn into my abdominal muscles to keep everything in. Which is my way of saying that stuff happens but you keep going. I really miss the Knit Freedom newsletter and hope Liat is able to get back soon.Liat is missed.

    1. Candy Franks – KnitFreedom Customer Happiness

      Hi Susan, Sorry to hear about your troubles. 2016 is right around the corner and hopefully it will be a better year for you. Liat is still on family leave. I know she misses doing the newsletter and will get right on it when she returns.

  20. Dear Liat,

    I really hope that your family situation has improved. Sending you my prayers and wishing you all the best.
    By the way, I just know that your Lace Knitting class is going to be awesome.

  21. Dear Liat,

    I just wanted you to know that you are missed. I miss my newsletter in my mailbox. :) I have been concerned about you and wondering how you and your family are doing. I want to thank you for all your hard work on the KnitFreedom videos/courses. You are such a great teacher. I was very hesitant to spend $$ on this since there are so many ‘free’ options out there. I have not regretted it one bit. I only wish I could attend your classes in person. :) Please update on us on how you are if you are able.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and anxious for your return!
    Polly the KnitWit

  22. Margie Chellberg

    Dear Liat, I’ve been thinking about you, and wondering how you are doing, and your situation. I pray God’s blessings to you.


  23. You will be missed, but you and your family will be prayed for while you’re gone. Take care and we will be here when you return!

  24. So sorry you and your family are going thru a difficult time and I hope the situation improves quickly.

  25. You’re in my prayers, Liat. Of course you are making the right choice. We will miss you but always support you!
    Bobbi, in Bozeman.

  26. Liat, hope everything settles down with you. Take care and know you have NOT let us down. We all understand that family comes first!

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