It’s KnitFreedom’s 3rd Birthday: Get 50% Off TODAY ONLY

cupcake with three candlesHappy birthday to us, happy birthday TO us, happy BIRTHday to KnitFreeeeeedommmmmmm...

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Happy birthday to us!

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Happy birthday & happy knitting!
Liat from KnitFreedom

By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

1 thought on “It’s KnitFreedom’s 3rd Birthday: Get 50% Off TODAY ONLY”

  1. You’ve shown me how to tink and now I use it often, but what should I do when I come to a sl1, k2tog, psso. I have been taking those out the old fashioned way. Can I tink them too?

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