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It’s Time To Knit! Knitted Clock Pattern

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It’s Time To Knit! Knitted Clock Pattern

Liat Gat - Founder

September 16, 2010

When I couldn’t find the perfect wall clock anywhere, I decided to knit my own! Thank you to all of the Ravelers who requested this pattern. Knit with fingering-weight yarn. The numbers are added with duplicate stitch. 10 years later, this is still my favorite wall clock.

knitted clock pattern in purple, green, and neutral
When I couldn’t find the perfect wall clock anywhere, I decided to knit my own! Thank you to all of the Ravelers who requested this pattern.

Please pardon the pattern slang — if you don’t understand something, please leave a comment.

Knitted Clock Pattern by Liat Gat

Yarn: Fingering-weight yarn in three colors: MC, CC1, and CC2 (shown in photo: ShiBui Knits Sock)
Needles: US Size 1 (40“circulars for Magic Loop or DPNs)

  • Scissors, tapestry needle
  • Purchased clock parts (find at Michael’s, ~ $7.00)
  • A flat piece of cardboard, cut into a 7.5-inch-diameter circle
  • A flat piece of cardboard, cut into a 1/2-inch ring with an inner diameter of 7.5 inches and an outer diameter of 8.5 inches
  • Nail polish or paint to match CC2.
  • Fabric glue.

Finished size: 8.5 inches in diameter
Notes: The numbers are duplicate-stitched on. Use a DARKER color for the numbers, and a light color for the background.

Click to download and print out the clock chart

Knitted Clock pattern super close up
Knitted Clock Pattern Instructions:
Using MC and working back-and-forth following the clock chart, knit a flat circle. Slip the 1st st of each row to leave a smoother edge. Do a YO, K2TOG right in the middle of the chart to put the clock part through (this is not on the chart).

Increase stitches to follow the chart by casting on the additional stitches at the beginning or end of each row (however you prefer).

When it’s time to decrease the number of stitches at the top of the circle, bind off the specified number of stitches at the beginning of each row.

After you create the circle (the “blank” face of the clock), pick up and knit all around the circle, and using Magic Loop, work in St St for a few rounds.

Cut a long tail and thread it through all the live sts, so you can cinch the fabric over a circular piece of cardboard.

Using CC1, duplicate stitch the numbers on.

Don’t weave in ANY tails. They’ll be hidden.
Block the clock face and put it on the round cardboard, cinching the tail tight. Tie off.

Using CC2 and Magic Loop or DPNs, CO 12 sts and work in St st in the round for 22–24 inches (however far it is around the cardboard ring).

Cut the ring cardboard ring and slide the tube onto it. Tape the ring shut and using a tapestry needle, graft the sts on the needles to the CO edge of the knitted ring.

Using fabric glue, attach the knitted border to the edge of the clock face.

Using nail polish or paint, paint the purchased clock hands. Paint with white nail polish first, if you think it will help the CC show up better (that’s what I did for the purple shown above).

Assemble clock movement and insert batteries.
Hang on wall.
Be awesome!

If you like this knitted clock pattern, post in the comments!

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32 thoughts on “It’s Time To Knit! Knitted Clock Pattern”

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  1. Have just cpme across your facebook site. May i join as the different ideas are so stimulating. I am a competent knitter, and coordinate a craft group at U3A L ondon, but stuck in a vacuum! Wl b trying out the clock in our next group meeting aftet easter.U3a, is university of third age, so whilst we all hve the sills, our ideas are somewhat stale and jaded. Thanks. Carole nolan

    1. Hello Debbie,

      I’m so excited! I want to see a photo of it. Could you post a photo of your clock on Ravelry and link it to my clock so I can take a look?


  2. Holly Magleby

    I absolutely,positively love this cool clock. what a super creative idea. I want to make one. I love knitting and crocheting, too.

  3. Please mail me the clock pattern. (I don’t know how to download yet). I just love your e-mails, and have learned something new almost every day.

    1. Hi Marion,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the emails. Look out for an email from me in your inbox with the clock pattern PDF attached.


      P.S. The easiest way to download is to right click on the link and choose ‘save file as …’ Hope that helps :)

    2. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      Hi Marion :)
      The email Liat sent you with the pattern was returned to us as ‘undelivered’. If you have a different email address you’d like us to send you the pattern to, just let me know.


  4. Hi
    I’m having trouble downloading the clock face chart. Could you email a copy to me please. I’d love to make this clock to put on the wall in my craft shop. It’s fab.


  5. Thanks! Your idea about the embroidery hoop is genius – it would work much better than cutting a circle out of cardboard like I did. I’m glad you posted!

  6. This is a really cute clock! I was wondering if an embroidery hoop might add some stability for hanging. You could stretch the knitted face piece over the hoop (would help with duplicate stitching, as well), pop a fitted cardboard piece in the back for the clock parts to hold onto. The outer ring would cover up the hoop tightener. It’s an inspirational pattern.

  7. Hi Liat, I just joined and have been knitting for years. I cross-stitched a clock and this is brilliant!! I’ll be doing one or more of these, too!!
    Thank you for a gorgeous pattern!

  8. Rosie Kessler

    I love this! A knitted Clock how cool is that! The border looks like I-Cord but the pattern doesn’t sound like it, is it?

  9. Wo! I love this. I have a clock in my craft room but I may have to knit this one just because. And using nail polish as paint…brilliant!!
    Thanks for the great freebie and inspiration,

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