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I’m Back!

Liat Gat - Founder

November 8, 2017

Hello lovely darling followers and blog readers, Liat Gat is back! Yes, that’s right, at long last, after a long, much-needed, and much-appreciated hiatus, I’m back at the helm of KnitFreedom and ready to take it wherever it’s going to go next.

Hello lovely darling followers and blog readers,

Liat Gat here of KnitFreedom. I’m back!

Yes, that’s right, at long last, after a long, much-needed, and much-appreciated hiatus, I’m back at the helm of KnitFreedom and ready to take it wherever it’s going to go next.

I’ve already reached out to my Facebook followers (if you haven’t already “liked” the page, click here to do so) to see about what they’d like me to do differently now that I’m back.

How lovely you all are. Many of you said you’d like to see more videos, new patterns, and hear more often from me. Thank you so much for this – these are suggestions I can really use. And any others are really appreciated as well.

Starting November 27th and running for one week (with bonuses for early customers), you’ll be able to get one of my videos classes, plus FIFTY more handcraft classes and patterns (a $1011 value), at just about the cost of my class alone.

That’s right, is running a great handcrafts promotion and I was one of the lucky knitting instructors they invited contribute a class.

Of the variety of the classes included in the bundle, I’m especially excited about the Sewing School 101 class – I’m getting really into sewing at home and this class is right up my ally. (Oh yes, I can imagine a SewingFreedom website some day in the future…)

I’ll send you more info and a freebie from my bundle class coming up soon.

Love and hugs,

Liat Gat
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25 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

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  1. Linda Carpenter

    yay! I’ve been waiting and wondering. So glad things are well with you. Nothing since November , however, have I missed something?

  2. I have learned more from your knitting videos than from others I have watched. Whenever I talk to people who want to learn how to knit, you are always at the top of my “must check out” list. Thanks so much for all you have done. I appreciate the way you treat knitters of all levels as capable of learning even the most complex technique. Your instructions and videos are clear and to the point. I’m so pleased you have returned and look forward to learning more from you.

  3. I’ve been waiting and waiting. Finally, you’re home. I’m so glad you’re back. I hope you hang around for a (long) while. Your enthusiasm is a blessing to all knitters and would-be knitters.

  4. Glad to see you back, Liat. We are all still here and eager to see your new enterprises and to hear your learned (and shared) wisdom too.

  5. Best advice about perfect casting off method. I used to do it that way quite a few years ago – but when recently starting knitting again it had slipped my memory. Thank you.

  6. Hi Liat,
    I have had your Fair-Isle instructions for years. I had never tried Fair-Isle knitting.
    I finished the bag in a few days 11/10/17. I Love this Bag
    The instructions and videos are excellent.
    Now, I plan knit other Fair-Isle project. I may post a picture.
    Thanks so much,
    Ms. J.

  7. Liat, I am so happy you are back and hope that all will go well in your future!
    I was recently (and FINALLY) able to get your “SuperStar” class. Already I have learnred lots. As I told my dh, why get your class and not follow your guidance?! So now I swatch, even for scarves and blankets. As I do this I can see improvement in my knitting and my self-confidence. Thank you!
    I probably am taking the lobgest of any other class members in completing the first project! I have frogged FOUR times! And have done a fair amount of tinking because I want to like my product and it seems the universe has a lot to say to me. I am really improving in my understanding of what I should have done and how to avoid some problems in the future.
    Hugs from Yvonne in NC.

    1. Wow, Yvonne, I loved reading your comment. Way to go! I love how determined you are and I KNOW you are going to succeed in your knitting if you have that kind of attitude.

      You seem like the perfect student to me, so hungry for knowledge. Yes! Thank you for posting and please do keep in touch as you go. Love and hugs to you.


  8. Music to my ears……. ” I’M BACK ! ” So happy you are feeling good and back where you belong………… online with us.

  9. I’m glad your back, I love seeing your knitting, keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff. I live in a small town so spend most of my time on the Internet watching knit classes and looking for patterns.

    1. Hi Jean, sounds like the perfect life to me! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have something in particular you’d like to learn or just hear more about.

      Thank you for being part of KnitFreedom :)

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