Hold my knitting, I’m going on vacation

KnitFreedom will be in good hands until I get back...

After the momentous and fantastic launch this week, I need a break! I will be taking a short vacation starting on Thursday, February 10th.

I'll be back with more free content and tips on my blog next Tuesday, February 15th.


I'll be checking email sporadically for urgent questions, because I know some of you who have recently bought the "Knitting Superstar" E-Book will have technical questions, but the KnitFreedom forum will be the best place to search for answers to any of your questions (especially on Wednesday - Saturday).

I hope you can all help answer each other's knitting and tech support questions!

In case you're curious, I'm biking part of the way to Denver to go see the Decemberists! I'll be biking all the way back, so I will be really tired!

16 thoughts on “Hold my knitting, I’m going on vacation”

  1. I’m trying to find a biking vacation with knitting for me and my boyfriend. Know of any knitting events that we can go to in the U.S. that offer biking also?

    1. El Edwards - Customer Happiness

      Hi Cynthia :)
      Whereabouts in the US are you thinking about going? Narrowing that down will make it easier to help with a recommendation.

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