So Easy, Turned Out Beautifully

In regards to: Toe-Up Socks

Wow! You are one terrific knitting teacher. Your videos are so easy to understand and presented so well. I really appreciate the camera angle, colors and light you use, I feel as though I’m looking at the real thing right before my eyes! Your toe-up socks on the Magic Loop were so easy and turned out beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Xanthey73

Everything I Learned About Knitting…

1. I LOVE the combination of print and video. The print is an easy reference, which is great for looking something up later. The videos are short and to the point and make it easy to find a ready stopping/restarting point. The biggest thing is that nothing substitutes for a good visual! A good example is the Crocheted Cast-On.

I have several cast-on books and liked the idea of the crocheted cast-on because it looks like the standard bind-off. I attempted to use that cast-on before your video and was so confused by the instructions I was reading that I gave up and did my standard long-tail – and I’m a crocheter!!! When I saw the video, it was so easy and that was one of my DUH moments.

2. I love that you leave in some of the minor mistakes you make. You comment on it, undo, and move on. You never overreact and you show exactly what you preach, that mistakes are inevitable, but fear or frustration doesn’t have to be part of it. You practice what you preach!

3. I love your matter-of-fact, simple approach – not overly complicated, just ‘how to’.

4. The hints you give along the way are super. They are simple things, like where to leave the yarn so you’re prepared for the next step to avoid confusion, and moving the yarn to the back sometimes to keep that final cast-on stitch in place.

5. You make me laugh and smile and you keep it light without being tedious – God bless you! :)

6. Your simple approach makes me want to try some new things. A good example is the Twined Cast-On for Two-Color Ribbing with Contrasting Edge, setting up for 2-color ribbing. When you began the first row after casting-on, you showed to keep one color on the left (continental) and the other on the right. Another DUH moment. How much easier is that than having to move that other color around all of the time?! It made me want to go do some color work, which I’ve avoided because it was so tedious. THANKS!

7. I'm a huge fan of yours and if I were to write a book it would be titled "Everything I Learned About Knitting I Learned From Liat" and the text would be short...."Here's the link to her site and her ebooks!" LOL Whenever I run into someone that's learning how to knit, I recommend your site. It's a no-brainer!"

– Kendra W.

Number One, Go-To Resource

You are my number-one go-to resource when I need to "see" how something is done.

– Chuck D.

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