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KnitFreedom Has Changed My Life

After struggling to teach myself by searching all over the Internet for examples and videos, I came across KnitFreedom and it has changed my life.

– Mari I., Knitter and blogger

You Invite Knitters to Try What Seems Impossible

Your videos and instructions are the absolute best! I have learned so much from your videos. Your voice is amazingly clear and your tone is perfect. You are encouraging and invite knitters to try what seems impossible.

– Toni D., KnitFreedom student

Relaxing, Rhythmic and Beautiful

Watching you knit is like listening to music… relaxing, rhythmic and beautiful.

– Donna W.

Your Videos Help Me Manage the Stress

As a beginning knitter it is so hard, when there is no available local hands-on help, to know if you are doing things correctly. Your videos help me manage the stress and I have found many answers on your site. You have great humor and positive energy!

– Lisa S.

Your Videos Made Me Brave Enough To Fix My Mistakes

In regards to: Fix Knitting Mistakes

Your videos about fixing mistakes made me brave enough to learn how to fix my mistakes instead of “frogging” everything and starting over and making the same mistakes again. Love your lessons! Thank you!

– Pam M.

So Clear and Well Presented

This was SO clear and well presented. Thanks so much! I especially like how you go at a slow enough pace and have enough repetition that someone can practice along without rewinding over and over. Really well done and greatly appreciated.

– Karen G.

You Make Knitting Make Sense

You make knitting make sense!!

– Ramona S.

You Taught Me How to Read my Knitting

I just wanted to say that you are unbelievably awesome. You have a way of so calmly explaining (and showing) but also of teaching.

I love the way you made the wrap and turn make sense.
For years I've been writing down hieroglyphics, putting in markers to note where to W&T, often messing it up, and you, in your gentle way, explained it. It makes sense.

You taught me how to read my knitting rather than just follow charts or counts.

– Tracey B.

Kind and Positive Words

Not only are the videos encouraging but your kind and positive words make me think I can tackle the scariest projects!

– Danielle C.

I Am Smoothly Sailing Along

In regards to: Magic Loop

Thanks to your detailed magic loop instructions, I am smoothly sailing along without messing up and not knowing why.

– Nancy R.

Worth the Investment

In regards to: Premium Membership

I love your videos, and now that I am a serious knitter since I have retired, it’s worth the investment.

– Lydia S.

So Fortunate to Have Your Videos

In regards to: Fearless Knitter

Those just learning to knit are so fortunate to have access to your videos.

– Renna

A New Knitter Over Sixty

I love all of your videos but especially the yarnovers. Since I am a new knitter I need all the help I can get. And since I’m over sixty it probably takes me longer to learn than, say, the young ones. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

– Lane R.

Liat Gave Me The Courage to Knit On

I would have given up learning to knit if I hadn’t found Liat! Her easy-to-follow videos and calming voice gave me the courage to knit on.

– Carol

An Essential Calmness

You are simply the best! I am so impressed with your ability to communicate with an essential calmness. I refer to you and your valuable teaching methods frequently in other knit groups.

– Yvonne M.

I Use It Whenever I Have A Question

In regards to: Premium Membership

I am very pleased with the Premium service and glad I joined at the beginning. I am not an experienced knitter and use it whenever I have a question.

– Judy H.

Clear Video & Easy to Understand Directions

Thanks for your quick response & for all your videos. You should win a prize for clear video & easy to understand directions! You’re #1 in my book.

– Cindy H.

Taught Me To Relax

LOVE your videos and want you to know they single-handedely taught me to relax so my tension could be better. Better tension equals a better project!

– Shari B.

My First “Go-To”

One of the best instructors for knitting on the internet. Liat is my first "go-to" when I don't understand something. She not only demonstrates the technique, she is able to explain WHY the technique works.

– Yvonne M.

Wonderful Calm Voice

Your videos and your voice are wonderful. In fact, my sister (who doesn't knit) said she wouldn't mind listening to you just to feel calm about life.

– Rhonda M.

Clear Everyday Language

Your videos are so excellent. One of the things I enjoy best is how you explain things - in clear, everyday language. The pacing is always just right, and everything sounds natural, not forced or scripted. They are, seriously, the best I've come across. Thank you!

– Zaelia Min

Everything Seems Easy

Your videos are the best on the Internet. You make everything seem so easy and doable, and you do it in a friendly and real voice. In face, you have the same voice as a friend of mine, which makes it even better!

– Cindy R.

Knowing How To Undo Mistakes

In regards to: Fix Knitting Mistakes

Your soothing and encouraging voice was in my head last evening while I successfully knit a lace pattern that is new to me. Every time I made a mistake, I swear I heard you say, "That's alright, you can fix that." I feel much more confident as a knitter knowing how to undo mistakes. Thanks, Liat, for all that you do.

– Donna B.

Tried YouTube

I've tried to watch knitting videos on youtube and none are as useful as your ebooks.

– Kristin

Wonderfully Helpful Videos

In regards to: Free Dictionary

Bless you dear lady for the wonderfully helpful videos you have posted! They are so well done, moving neither too fast nor too slow, and the viewing angle is just right!

– Susan

The First Place I Go

Your site is the first place I go when I need a video on a new technique.

– Debbie K.

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