Can’t Wait to Do More

In regards to: Toe-Up Socks

BEST teaching EVER! Liat breaks everything down so that even complex steps are easy to learn... and her tips on how to knit quicker, more efficiently, and avoiding common errors are the most useful help I have ever received.

I thought knitting socks would be an arcane process that was accessible only to the experienced knitter. I'm pretty much a beginner, although I did know magic loop... and now I've knitted my first pair of socks and can't wait to do more.

– ggraveled

A Whole New World Of Knitting

Your tips and techniques have opened up a whole new world of knitting for me, and I’m grateful beyond words.

– Rochelle M.

Saved My Knitting Countless Times

Thank YOU! Your tips have saved my knitting countless times!

– Christy

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