Saved My Life!

Thanks for EVERYTHING! You have saved my life time and again.

– Ina

Saved My Knitting Countless Times

Thank YOU! Your tips have saved my knitting countless times!

– Christy

Like a Knitting Angel

You are like a little knitting angel come down to save me!

– Rebecca

Made a Difference In My Life

PLEASE know that without you I would have given up on really KNOWING how to knit. My first exposure to knitting came when I was four. I sat on my aunt's lap while she was knitting. She showed me the mechanics of the knit and purl stitch.

She gave me yarn and a set of her knitting needles. She helped me knit a potholder. I didn't knit again until I was 10. Then I knitted a coat hanger cover with my grandmother's help. But, in those knitting endeavors, I never made a mistake or the mistakes that I did make were fixed by my aunt/grandmother.

I went on to learn to crochet, and left knitting aside until I was 30. From 30 to 48, I would knit on a project -- until I made a mistake. Then the yarn would be put into a sack and set aside, and along with it my self-esteem would suffer. During those years, I was also dealing with the drama of domestic abuse from my husband. I wanted nothing more than ever to wear a sweater that I had knit myself.

I would start again and again, knit until I made a mistake that I couldn't fix and feel like a failure -- until I encountered you and your videos on YouTube. You changed my life.

Your wonderful way of explaining things made all the difference. I signed up for your KnitFreedom classes and I am now an empowered, fearless knitter. I thank God for the difference that you have made in my life -- all the while you have never known how much you have helped me. You are someone that I wish I could hug in person!

– Diane B.

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