Best I Have Seen

In regards to: Fair-Isle Knitting

I must tell you that your Fair-Isle course looks fantastic. I love the way you coordinate the text and video in the single ebook. The layout of the ebook is the best I have seen. Not only do you excel at knitting and teaching knitting, but at ebook design.

– Pat

Everything I Learned About Knitting…

1. I LOVE the combination of print and video. The print is an easy reference, which is great for looking something up later. The videos are short and to the point and make it easy to find a ready stopping/restarting point. The biggest thing is that nothing substitutes for a good visual! A good example is the Crocheted Cast-On.

I have several cast-on books and liked the idea of the crocheted cast-on because it looks like the standard bind-off. I attempted to use that cast-on before your video and was so confused by the instructions I was reading that I gave up and did my standard long-tail – and I’m a crocheter!!! When I saw the video, it was so easy and that was one of my DUH moments.

2. I love that you leave in some of the minor mistakes you make. You comment on it, undo, and move on. You never overreact and you show exactly what you preach, that mistakes are inevitable, but fear or frustration doesn’t have to be part of it. You practice what you preach!

3. I love your matter-of-fact, simple approach – not overly complicated, just ‘how to’.

4. The hints you give along the way are super. They are simple things, like where to leave the yarn so you’re prepared for the next step to avoid confusion, and moving the yarn to the back sometimes to keep that final cast-on stitch in place.

5. You make me laugh and smile and you keep it light without being tedious – God bless you! :)

6. Your simple approach makes me want to try some new things. A good example is the Twined Cast-On for Two-Color Ribbing with Contrasting Edge, setting up for 2-color ribbing. When you began the first row after casting-on, you showed to keep one color on the left (continental) and the other on the right. Another DUH moment. How much easier is that than having to move that other color around all of the time?! It made me want to go do some color work, which I’ve avoided because it was so tedious. THANKS!

7. I'm a huge fan of yours and if I were to write a book it would be titled "Everything I Learned About Knitting I Learned From Liat" and the text would be short...."Here's the link to her site and her ebooks!" LOL Whenever I run into someone that's learning how to knit, I recommend your site. It's a no-brainer!"

– Kendra W.

Better Than Being In a Classroom

Hi, Liat. I’m so excited with this whole method which you’ve put together. It’s even better than being with you in a classroom, because I don’t have to be scared to ask a question.

– Joan

Inspires Calmed Confidence

I’m so happy with what you’ve done with the concept, the contents, the front-row seating & your soothing teaching style. You have a voice that is calming, & that’s good when a person’s attempting to learn something new. It inspires calmed confidence for the learner. You've made Become a Knitting Superstar a quality product for lots of people who probably never dreamed that they could knit.

– Joan

Greatest Idea Since Ravelry

This is the greatest idea since "... uhm"... Ravelry. :) I am a left-handed mirror-knitter, have done for a thousand years or so but have recently taught myself to knit right-handed just so that I can help new right-handed knitters and to teach my UD (Ungrateful Daughter) to knit.

I downloaded the freebie e-books to try them out and I am going to get some of the paid ones because it is SO much easier to watch the videos to see the right-handed technique, rather than trying to unlearn what I’ve always done.

I love the way you are so calm and if you make a mistake, like we all do, you just calmly fix it and move on! I have watched your "fixing a dropped stitch" so many times, I have probably worn a hole in the website! :)

Sorry to ramble on about things other than this particular video e-book, but if this one is the same as the free ones I’ve seen so far- anyone can learn ANYTHING from watching you! THANKs for making these!

– Vicki S.

It’s Easy and Clear

In regards to: Toe-Up Socks

I LOVE your ebook. I got the toe up sock and your videos make everything so clear, it's easy to scroll to the place I want and I can work at my computer without having to make the rest of the household watch my DVDs.

– Andrea

Love the Visual Format

Having a visual to keep referring back to makes the difference between being stuck and moving on in my knitting. I just love the format of Become a Knitting Superstar. I’m a visual learner and dyslexic, so the additional tips and visual clues are key. I especially like the fact that you have the solutions ready for me even before I get to the problem. This has helped me avoid many a mistake.

An especially huge thanks for getting back to me on Christmas day. Many a business could take lessons from you in customer care. I would recommend your e-books to anyone and everyone. They are thorough and easy to follow. If anyone is considering getting an e-book from you, then they need to just go ahead and get it. You’ve taken the risk factor out of the purchase and seriously stand behind your product. :-) It’s a great way to learn new techniques. I’ll be back for more!

– Alisan D.

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