Absolutely Fabulous

In regards to: Toe-Up Socks

This is the best Toe-Up Socks instruction video! Not only does it present clear instruction, it also answers so many of those little? questions such as how to keep the darned yarn from tangling, how to keep the loop from twisting and/or disappearing, how to position the stitches on the needles, etc. Absolutely fabulous and I am SO happy I bought the book. Thank you!


A Better Method

In regards to: Magic Loop, Top-Down Socks

I have never done Magic Loop prior to finding this. I attempted 1 pair of socks on 3 DPNs and was not happy with either the process or the result. (I hated dealing with all those needles!) I purchased this Top-Down Socks class in the hopes of finding a better method and I wasn't disappointed.

Your videos and instructions were so clear and easy to follow that I have now completed my first pair on ML and I'm hooked! (No pun intended). Haven't tried 2 at a time yet, but that's next up for me. I can see that now I'm going to have to purchase your knitting superstar book :-)

– Robin

Clear and Easy to Follow

In regards to: Cast-Ons

Very clear, very easy to follow even for someone who is new to casting on techniques.

– Sandra

Cleanliness Counts!

I very much appreciate the care which you take in your videos to show both American/English and Continental style, the clarity of your explanation, the terrific camera angle and focus, and last, but not least, the cleanliness of your fingernails.

– Marilyn P.

Clear and Concise

I really like the way you have done these videos, they are clear and concise and so are you :-)

– Linda

Caring About Customers

"Thank You" to Liat and her team at KnitFreedom for the best videos, the most clear instructions and caring enough about customers to have a Customer Happiness Expert who answers questions quickly and kindly. You have a customer for life!

– Michele R.

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