Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

Video Knitting Class

Seamless Dog Sweater

Learn to follow a dog sweater pattern without worrying about seaming. Acquire tons of intermediate skills while keeping a canine pal of any size snuggly warm.

Fit Your Pooch With a Warm and Stylish Sweater

Knit to fit any dog, from extra-small to large.

Have A Blast Learning to Knit a Dog Sweater

No seaming! Knitting this sweater in the round makes for a stress-free knit as you learn important new skills.
Dog Sweater Ebook Cover 31022

Most dog sweaters are made from pieces you seam up... ugh.

Tapestry needle and yarn 4 22 22
Knitting flat pieces back-and-forth can be slow, and there’s no guarantee the pieces will match up perfectly.

This Is How You're Going to Grow Your Skills

Knitting in the round on one long circular needle (Magic Loop) takes this project from fiddly to fun. No more double-pointed needles or buying different lengths of circulars! Liat’s videos will take you through every step of learning the best techniques to knit this adorable sweater.

Ten super-clear videos guide you from cast-on to bind-off in every step of this adorable intermediate dog sweater project.

Dog Sweater 1 - Gauge Square video thumbnail sm 31022
1. Knit in the Round on Magic Loop

Dog Sweater 2 Ribbing Square video thumbnail sm 31022
2. Cast On and Work Neck Ribbing

Dog Sweater 3 Body Square video thumbnail sm 31022
3. Increase Evenly for Body

Dog Sweater 4 Leg BO Square video thumbnail sm 31022
4. Bind Off Leg Openings

Dog Sweater 5 Leg CO Square video thumbnail sm 31022
5. Cast On to Finish Leg Openings

Dog Sweater 6 Weave in Ends Square video thumbnail sm 31022
6. Weave in Ends

Dog Sweater 7 Continue Body Square video thumbnail sm 31022
7. Continue Knitting the Body

Dog Sweater 8 Decreases Square video thumbnail sm 31022
8. Decrease Evenly for Back

Dog Sweater 9 Body Ribbing Square video thumbnail sm 31022
9. Pick Up and Knit Body Ribbing

Dog Sweater 10 Legs Ribbing Square video thumbnail sm 31022
10. Work Leg Ribbing and Finish

KnitFreedom Classes Maximize Your Knitting Time

In-person classes often go too fast and, if you miss a session, you’re out of luck. Our up-close, step-by-step video classes support your knitting journey 24/7.
You can become a confident chart knitter

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I Was Shocked By Time-Wasting Videos on YouTube

Liat Original Old Happy Smiling Headshot Christmas
When I started creating knitting videos in 2010, I knew I had to save people time and sanity.

My name is Liat Gat, and I’ve created an expert library filled with over 450+ high-quality videos to help you become an amazing knitter.

Every knitting video I make is clear, to-the-point, and shows you exactly what you need to know so you can get on with your knitting.

Read on to discover some of the courses we offer, or try them all with our popular Monthly or Lifetime video memberships.

Beginner Courses We Offer


My First Hat on Magic Loop

Knitting your first hat can be challenging, especially if you're using double-pointed needles. We teach you the easiest way to knit in the round on Magic Loop so you can knit a beginner bulky hat with confidence. Read More
BECOME AN INTERMEDIATE KNITTER FAST Two dishcloths and a rectangular hand towel folded

Fearless Knitter

Don't get stuck knitting just scarves. We teach you every beginner foundational technique so you are ready to knit hats, mittens, and socks in no time. You'll learn and practice on scarves, dishcloths, washcloths, pillows, and a patchwork blanket. Read More
BEGINNER FELTED PROJECT Felted Slippers and Tiny Foot

Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers

Felting and seaming are two techniques most beginning knitters avoid because they seem scary. Learn how easy they both are on an adorable, instant-gratification project you'll love. Read More

How to Fix the Top 10 Knitting Mistakes

If you can't fix mistakes in your knitting, you won't take risks. These videos show you how to catch and correct the 10 top knitting mistakes so that no misstep can slow you down. Read More
K Knit Stitch Dictionary Cover image 92921 sm

Knitting Terms at Your Fingertips

Baffled by an abbreviation in your pattern? Demos of 30+ abbreviations help you knit any pattern correctly.

Read More


Glossary of Knitting Terms with Photos

Knitting lingo can be confusing. We define and illustrate over 80 knitting and yarn terms so that you can keep up with any pattern or discussion.

Read More


Beginning Crochet

Crochet is a fast, fun hobby that's just as addictive as knitting, but learning the abbreviations and understanding how crochet works is tough on your own. We teach you the complete fundamentals of crochet so that you can approach any project with confidence. Read More

Learn to Knit

New knitters can pick up bad habits that hold them back later. Build a solid knitting foundation while making a gorgeous fringed scarf for under $20. You will then be able to quickly approach harder projects without getting tripped up. Read More
Stork Embroidery Scissors Ultima made in Italy square

Ultimate New-Knitters Toolkit

When you're just starting out it's hard to know what supplies are essential and which are nice-to-have. Our list of supplies with links will help you choose yarn, needles, project bags, and notions for beginners at every budget.

Read More

Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic knitting is a colorwork technique even beginners can do. But the instructions can be confusing. Learn to master Mosaic and slip-stitch techniques to make stunning color projects. Read More
KNIT WITHOUT TENSION OR PAIN Knit without pain with Portuguese Knitting

Learn Portuguese Knitting

Hand pain and arthritis limit the amount of time you can knit each day. The Portuguese method of knitting is a stress-free way of knitting that frees up your hands to enjoy knitting and removes tension. Read More

Intermediate Courses We Offer

CABLING WITH OR WITHOUT A CABLE NEEDLE Bulky cabled legwarmers with buttons

Cable With Confidence

Cables create beautiful, flowing motifs, but using a cable needle can be cumbersome. We teach you with and without a cable needle so you can knit any cabled project FAST. Learn and practice on a gorgeous pair of bulky cabled legwarmers. Read More
MASTER ALL 8 STYLES OF CHARTED KNITTING Charts mashup image 92921 sm

Charts Demystified

Charts allow you to knit complex patterns easily, but their symbols and rules can be confusing. We teach you knit-and-purl, lace, cable, Fair-Isle, Intarsia, double knitting, duplicate stitch, and Mosaic charts so that you can approach any charted pattern, and any of the above projects, with confidence. Read More

Continental Knitting

Holding the yarn in your left hand to knit can feel awkward. We help you get comfy knitting Continental so you can knit faster and with better posture. Read More
KNIT A SEAMLESS DOG SWEATER Seamless Dog Sweaters Rule!

Dog Sweaters

Most dog sweaters are knit from pieces you seam up, which can be a total headache. Knit a great-looking dog sweater without seaming on Magic Loop. Read More
INTRODUCTION TO LACE Pink Feather and Fan Summer Lace Scarf

Beginning Lace

Lace knitting is intimidating because it's so hard to recognize and fix mistakes on lace. Learn and practice on an elegant feather-and-fan summer scarf so you can feel confident approaching harder lace projects. Read More

Magic Loop

Knitting tubes (round knitting) using double-pointed needles is slow, difficult, and frustrating. Learn Magic Loop so you can knit socks, sweaters, and hats easily and even do them two-at-a-time! Practice on a perfect slouchy hat. Read More
Many Baby Socks from Knitting Superstar

Knitting Superstar

The original KnitFreedom course that taught thousands of knitters to knit with confidence and enthusiasm. Includes 10 Magic Loop sock patterns. Full of bonuses like top ten lists, recommended books, how to read patterns, and speed-knitting tips.

Read More

Knit Faster

Many knitters knit slower than they need to due to errors in their tension and technique. It can make knitting laborious and even painful. We teach you to correct those errors so your knitting is smooth and rhythmic and you feel proud of your stitches and tension. Read More
ONE- AND TWO-AT-A-TIME SOCK KNITTING Purple toe-up socks with heel flap, shown out of car window

Toe-Up Socks

Most sock patterns are very hard for beginners, especially if they are written for double-pointed needles. Our classes teach you the easiest techniques using Magic Loop. You will knit a simple pair of worsted-weight toe-up socks that fit great. Read More
ONE- AND TWO-AT-A-TIME SOCK KNITTING fingering weight top down socks purple araucanía book med 92921

Top-Down Socks

Top-down socks have several complex parts. Learn to knit a pair of top-down fingering-weight socks with our simple Magic Loop pattern so that you can knit even advanced socks without getting confused. Read More

Advanced Courses We Offer

Many important bind-offs

45 Perfect Bind-Offs

Does your finished project not look quite right? Learn the perfect bind-off for each knit fabric and project. Five stars from Knitting.

Read More

Brioche Knitting

One-and-two-color Brioche knitting is beautiful but can be intimidating. We teach you every tip and trick so that knitting Brioche feels like second nature. Practice on a gorgeous scarf and hat.

Read More
Cast Ons two at a time

Over 40 Must-Know Cast-Ons

Using just one or two cast-ons makes your projects look home-made, not professional. Learn 40 unique ways to start your knitted projects, with stretchy cast-ons, invisible cast-ons, center-start cast-ons, and more.

Read More
Starlight Lace closeup

Charted Lace

Knitting lace from charts can make your head swim if you don't have a plan. Learn to strategize each stitch and row so you never get lost or confused. You'll practice on three complex lace patterns, including a lace hat in the round.

Read More
Deb Dav double knit Jesse and Mabe square crop

Double Knitting

Two-sided knitting involves specific new knitting techniques. Master double knitting from a chart so that even complex projects, like the above, are simple. You'll learn by making a chunky heart or checkerboard scarf.

Read More
KnitFreedom Fair-Isle bag

Fair-Isle Knitting

Grab 2, 3, or more colors of yarn because you're ready to knit Fair-Isle. Fair-Isle tension can be tricky, so we walk you through it, American, Continental-style, or both, on a fun and easy felted bag project.

Read More
Worsted two-at-a-time mittens

Perfect Magic Loop Mittens

Thumb construction makes first-time mittens fiddly. Learn the world's best mitten thumb plus the two-at-a-time on Magic Loop technique to create a pair of perfect-fitting bulky mittens that you can knit in one day.

Read More

Felted 5-Twist Moebius Bowls

Moebius cast-ons can be confusing and getting the right number of twists is a challenge. In this class you’ll master the moebius with this perfect felted 5-twist bowl where you can keep precious items.

Read More

Membership to KnitFreedom sets you up for Success

The Internet is flooded with free knitting videos, some high-quality, some, not so much. If you are a knitter who wants answers, you know you need a reliable source of video instruction you can turn to day and night. Membership to KnitFreedom gets you:

  • Over 450 Premium Knitting Videos
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