Stuck Understanding Knitting Abbreviations While Working on Patterns Late into the Night?

Baffled by an abbreviation in your pattern? Demos of 30+ abbreviations help you knit correctly.

Video Knitting Dictionary ebook Cover

K2tog, psso... They're No Mystery Anymore

A video knitting dictionary is a must if you're going to successfully knit patterns on your own.

K2tog, psso... Refer to this video knitting dictionary every time you come across a knitting term or abbreviation you don’t understand or want to try.

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  • Helpful text, written instructions, and illustrations to refer back to
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  • Troubleshooting: Fix any mistake you might make - taken from REAL, in-person classes
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  • To be used in conjunction with downloaded video files
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one.

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Video Knitting Dictionary ebook Cover

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What KnitFreedom Students Say About This Free Dictionary Knitting Class:

Wonderfully Helpful Videos

Bless you dear lady for the wonderfully helpful videos you have posted! They are so well done, moving neither too fast nor too slow, and the viewing angle is just right!

– Susan

Stress-Free and More Fun

Your videos have helped make my knitting stress-free and more fun.

– Katherine

Toe-Up Socks – A Miracle

I appreciate your videos and regular emails a lot. I just finished a pair of toe up socks with picot cuff; a miracle, thanks to you; a year ago I could not even read most knitting patterns.

I plan to order your superstar knitting program, but I have to tell you how helpful you have been when I am out and about knitting and come to a stitch or abbreviation I'm not sure of, to be able to access Knit Freedom online on my iPhone and hear your friendly voice and see your lovely hands explain what to do and how in a clear relaxed style.

When I did the picot trim on my toe up socks, on my first attempt, the work did not flop over into the sock as on your video; I watched it again and thought about it, then tried working the lace round the opposite direction, and it worked beautifully.

Your instructions have given me the confidence to work this out, try new things; I am now sock knitting confidently and ready to move on to previously unthought of challenges like two at a time on a circular, and the lace patterns I love.

– Joan S.

Brilliant – Finally Makes Sense

Your videos are excellent. I have just downloaded your video dictionary, and the idea of a pdf linked to youtube videos is brilliant. Beautifully-designed site as well. Really great stuff–I finally learned how to knit backwards in a way that made sense. Thanks!

– Paula W.

Video Knitting Dictionary ebook Cover

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Superstar?


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