Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

Learn to Knit Charts Like a Pro

Our 7-Hour Video Class Teaches You To Knit Any Chart With Confidence

Charts Demystified

Charts are full of symbols that can be confusing and hard to remember. But they also allow you to knit complex patterns easily.

With over 7 hours of video, our Charts Demystified video class teaches you everything you need to know about knitting from charts so that you can approach any charted pattern with confidence.


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Advanced lace in the round
Complex Chart Key

Charts Can Be Frustrating and Overwhelming to Learn on Your Own

Charts can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming. The symbols can be hard to remember, and they also mean one thing on the right side and another on the wrong side.

Plus there is the challenge of knowing how to read the charts when they are flat vs. in-the round.

In addition, it can be hard to keep track of where you are and go back and fix mistakes, like missed yarnovers.

Charts Demystified teaches you to knit any of the world’s best, most beautiful charted patterns with confidence.

You can become a confident chart knitter

Now You Can Master Knitting Charts and Knit Any Charted Project With Confidence

1. You get a complete understanding of how charts work and how to approach and interpret charts, no matter what kind of chart you are faced with.

2. You learn why the symbols look the way they do so they’re easy to understand and remember.

3. You understand how to read where you are on your work so you never get lost, confused, or overwhelmed.

4. With over 7 hours of video, you learn specifically how to work knit-and-purl, lace, cable, Fair-Isle, double knitting, Intarsia, duplicate stitch, and Mosaic charts so that you can approach any chart with confidence.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Students Overcome Their Fear of Charts

Expert Video Instructor Liat GatInstructor Liat Gat has helped hundred of in-person students understand charts in her Beginning Lace Charts and Conquering Cables classes in Salt Lake City.

“I understand how a chart can be so overwhelming you don’t even consider learning to knit from it,” she admits.

“Nobody stayed confused after my classes, and my student-focused Charts Demystified video class is guaranteed to demystify charts for you, too.”

In This Class You Will Master All 8 Kinds of Charted Knitting

In this class, video teacher Liat Gat takes you by the hand and teaches you how to knit every kind of chart out there, from the incredibly simple to the most complex.

Knit and Purl

Knit-and-Purl Swan

Starting with four knit-and-purl charts, you’ll understand how to approach the symbols on a chart and why charts are easier to work from than written patterns. You’ll practice on interesting and increasingly more challenging knit-and-purl swatches that get more complex as you go, culminating in a beautiful swan design. You’ll also learn to fix beginner and intermediate chart mistakes.

Beginning to Advanced Lace

Diamond Lace

You’ll then learn to knit lace from charts. Even if you’ve never tried to knit lace in your life, you’ll be able to once you work along with Liat’s videos.

Thorough and in-depth, she teaches you why the charts are written the way they are and how you can approach each row of your knitting with a strategy that helps you understand and memorize what you are supposed to do. No more going over the chart over and over!

You’ll also learn many troubleshooting techniques like how to fix wrong stitches, notice missing yarnovers, put in a lifeline, take your knitting out and fix it with or without a lifeline, and many more.

Lace in the Round

Foliage Toddler Hat

You’ll progress to working lace charts in the round on Magic Loop. You’ll even learn advanced chart techniques like moving the marker at the beginning of every round if needed. You’ll also knit a lace hat for a toddler as practice.

You won’t just be knitting swatches in this class!

Simple and Complex Cables

Complex Cables

After you’ve learned to knit lace charts, you’ll learn simple and complex cables, and Liat teaches you to knit cables without a cable needle for more speed and enjoyment. She teaches you the logic behind each symbol and the movements to make the cable so you don’t have to stop and think (much) before doing any kind of cable. Beautiful aran sweaters will be within your reach once you finish this chapter.


Fair Isle

You’ll then learn to knit with multiple colors of yarn at once as you interpret an easy Fair-Isle chart. I’ll teach you how to knit Fair-Isle American-style, Continental-style, or a combination of the two. Tips for tension, avoiding those “corners” on Magic Loop, and when you should and shouldn’t cut your yarn are all included in this comprehensive video chapter.

Double Knitting

Double Knitting

Continuing your color-chart education, you will learn to double-knit a simple reversible design, plus learn how to create your own charts and patterns from photographs to make jaw-droppingly realistic double-knitted projects. We’ll also give you some amazing example of double-knitting projects to inspire your creativity.

Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch

Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll then learn to knit Intarsia which are large color-block projects. You’ll learn how to make bobbins and twist your yarn so that the design comes out perfect.

Next you’ll learn to decorate your projects using duplicate-stitch charts and techniques.

Mosaic Charts

Mosaic Knitting
Culminating your charts education are the often-confusing Mosaic knitting charts. You’ll learn a deceptively simple mosaic concentric circles design with thorough step-by-step video.
Barbara Walker’s famous Mosaic designs will all be within your reach after finishing this advanced chapter.

Reviews for Charts Demystified

Debra S.
Read More

I consider myself an intermediate to advanced knitter…I’m pretty comfortable with fixing mistakes (or at least I kinda fake my way through it) and I’ve knitted many and various types of projects with various needle and yarn sizes. Nonetheless, I learned SO MUCH from your charts course videos!

Because of your chart videos, I found myself approaching the lace shawl I started just prior to the course with 100% more confidence and enthusiasm! Before the course, I could follow a chart square-by-square but didn’t thoroughly understand how it related to the overall pattern…nor how it could help me to read my knitting and fix my errors.

In addition, your little (tangential) tidbits, like counting rows, coming up with a pneumonic for the repeats, and watching you make non-purposeful errors then listening to how you then dealt with them, proved to be so very useful. Those alone were worth the $ for the course!

The only constructive criticism I would offer is that it would be helpful to sometimes use a thinner (and or more slippery) yarn, as mistakes aren’t quite as easily fixed with less bulky/sticky yarn. I understand that the bulkier yarns tend to be seen better on video, but they don’t always reflect reality.

Anyway, I honestly didn’t think that I would learn as much as I did and I so appreciate your time and effort in putting the videos together. Time to go knit now! :-)

Marla D.
Read More

As a lifetime member, I got early access to this course. Although I’m still working through the first chapter, I already know I will learn everything I’ve wanted to know about knitting with charts and so much more! I’ve skimmed all chapters so I have a good idea of what’s to come.

Liat’s videos are invaluable. Along with the accompanying text, she expertly and patiently demonstrates every detail about the type of chart we are learning. The quality and resolution of her videos is very clear. And, she has thoughtfully built a progression from simple to complex to make it easy to follow along without the frustration of learning too much too quickly.

I’ve knit a few patterns with charts but, without a solid foundation in reading them, I relied more heavily on the written instructions. For me, that’s a recipe for mistakes as the text has no visual of the pattern and, as the text all looks so much alike, it’s easy to get lost even with the utmost attention to the row I am on.

I’m excited to have Liat teach me the fundamentals so that from now on I will be able to knit from any chart with confidence.

Liat and Skye, her expert knitting assistant, are prompt to reply to questions. Their “customer service” is unparalleled because we aren’t just “customers”, we are part of the Knit Freedom community. A community Liat has devoted herself to because of her passion for helping us succeed in any knitting challenge we wish to take on

Right now, for me, that’s a fab sweater with a beautiful cable running along each sleeve. As soon as I finish this course I’m casting on because by then I will look at a cable chart and know “I’ve got this”!

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