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Imagine Gorgeous Cable Motifs Flowing from Your Knitting Needles

A Step-by-Step Video Class

Using a cable needle to create cables the traditional way can be painstaking. Learn to knit intricate cables with or without a cable needle so you can knit any cabled project FAST.


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Techniques for Expert-Level Cable Knitting

Anyone can knit cables - just cross your stitches according to the chart or pattern. But you'll need the best tips and tricks learn to cable easily and efficiently.

In this cabling-for-beginners class, you'll learn to cable with or without a cable needle, follow a cable chart, and fix common and not-so-common cable-knitting mistakes. All while knitting a fashionable pair of super-bulky legwarmers with buttons.

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Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cables Superstar?


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Skills You Will Learn

  • How to read a cable chart instead of a written pattern
  • An easy way to think about and understand the many different cable abbreviations
  • How to keep track of your pattern progress without counting rows
  • Four different kinds of cables
  • How to cable WITH and WITHOUT a cable needle
  • The technique of making buttonholes
  • How to avoid, undo, fix many common cabling mistakes
  • How to recognize your stitches so you don't get confused
  • A fun and fast way to make a twisted-cord tie
  • How to choose and attach buttons
  • You'll learn all these tips and tricks for mastering cabling and MUCH more in this easy and in-depth guided video course.

This video course includes the pattern for how to knit legwarmers so that you can follow along with the videos: learn all these techniques AND have something beautiful to show for it.

Class Contents

  • Getting Started
    • Pattern Overview/Walkthrough of Finished Pieces
    • Introduction to Reading a Cable Chart
    • Keeping Track of Where You Are on the Chart as You Knit
  • Working a Cable Chart
    • Rows 1-4 of Cabled Legwarmers Chart (Border Rows)
    • Rows 5-6 of Cabled Legwarmers Chart (First Pattern Rows)
  • Cabling: T3L and T3R
    • Basic Cable Abbreviations
    • Rows 7-8: T3L and T3R With a Cable Needle
    • T3L and T3R Without a Cable Needle
  • Working Even
    • Recognizing Knit and Purl Stitches on the WS
    • Simple 2-Row Buttonhole
  • Cabling: C4R
    • Row 11: C4R With a Cable Needle
    • C4R Without a Cable Needle
    • Rows 13-24: Practice and Review
  • Fixing Mistakes
    • Forgot to Cable
    • Cabled Wrong (E.g. Purl Stitch Crosses a Knit Stitch)
    • Stitch in Pattern Looks Out of Place
    • Forgot to Put in a Buttonhole
    • If You Forget What Row You're On
  • Cabling: C4L
    • Row 25: C4L With a Cable Needle
    • C4L Without a Cable Needle
  • Finishing
    • Binding Off in 1x1 Rib
    • Blocking
    • How to Sew on Buttons
    • Easy Twisted-Cord Tie

About this Class

Using my most popular KnitFreedom pattern, the Bulky Cabled Legwarmers with Buttons, I created a video course that guides you through all the steps of learning this new technique.

This is really an intermediate knitting course in disguise.

While teaching you how to knit legwarmers, I'm going to teach you a large set of techniques designed to propel you towards Knitting Superstardom, without you even realizing it. These legwarmers are the perfect project to learn a whole new set of skills.

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cables Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

What Is a KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course?

A KnitFreedom Video Knitting Course is just like an in-person knitting class, but better.

  • Clear, distraction-free videos of everything you need to see
  • Instructions get right to the point, so there's NO WAITING
  • Helpful text, written instructions, and illustrations to refer back to
  • Practice projects and tips to help you keep learning
  • Troubleshooting: Fix any mistake you might make - taken from REAL, in-person classes
  • Tips and tricks: learn the tips to help you knit faster, more easily, and more efficiently

You Get: A Premium Online Video Course

  • Online class works on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire.
  • Set your own username and password to access your products at any time
  • Private "My Classes" page to track and keep all your classes in one place
  • Easily navigate even large classes with navigable sidebar Table of Contents
  • Read, watch, and enjoy your classes online from any device, at any hour of the day

Downloadable Videos for Offline Use*

  • Download course videos straight to your computer or mobile device
  • Enjoy offline video viewing for traveling or slow connections
  • Quickly scroll through videos with no buffering

A Reference PDF of the Class*

  • Download a reference PDF directly to your computer
  • Video placeholders show when to refer to your downloaded videos
  • Refer to all the text of the class without accessing the Internet
  • Save all your classes to your computer so you have them at your fingertips
  • To be used in conjunction with downloaded video files
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one.

*Not Included with KnitFreedom Monthly Subscription

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cables Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership

Projects You Will Learn to Knit in This Course

What KnitFreedom Students Say About This Cabled Legwarmers Knitting Class:

Really Easy to Understand

I am very glad I got this Cable Knitting e-book. Reading patterns is hard for me but Liat goes step by step and makes it really easy to understand. Anyone that wants to learn cabling this is the e-book to get and the price is great. thank you Liat

– Memary

Great Troubleshooting

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Liat for her Cables 101 course. I was looking for a pattern for legwarmers to wear on my motorcycle in cold weather. I wanted them to button, and be fairly warm.

The Bulky Cabled Legwarmers pattern was perfect, and the promise of videos to help me through my first knit cables was important. AS IT TURNED OUT... I really needed the troubleshooting videos. I got to the 54th row of the pattern on the left legwarmer, feeling pleased with myself because they looked so good.

As I read over the instructions for the last few rows, I saw a mention of sewing 4 buttons on. FOUR!!!! But I only had three button holes. Sure enough, on row 43, I had missed the buttonhole.

I took a deep breath, watched the video on fixing a missed buttonhole, and started ripping my stitches down to the missed button hole. Four or five tries later, it was fixed, a buttonhole and 10 more rows of fixed knitting.

WOW! Thanks so much for this. I would never have had the courage to attempt to fix this problem without ripping out all 11 rows without your videos.

– Erica

Skills Required

Because you learn so many new skills in this book, you should be comfortable with knitting and purling before you begin. Need a refresher? Just download my free video knitting dictionary, and you'll have all the resources you need to get started.

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cables Superstar?


Included FREE with KnitFreedom Membership


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