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  1. Easy Knit Hat Aspen Ice Hat three-quarters view thumbnail “Aspen Ice” Super Bulky Lace Hat
  2. “It’s Time to Knit!” Leftover Sock Yarn Wall Clock Pattern
  3. Pink Feather and Fan Summer Lace Scarf “Palm Springs” Feather and Fan Lace Scarf – Sport Weight
  4. 5-Twist Felted Moebius Bowls
  5. Any-Size Toe-Up Socks with a Fleegle Heel
  6. Basic Magic Loop Hat Pattern – Worsted Weight
  7. Beginner Slip-Stitch Throw Pillow – Bulky Weight
  8. Beginner Toe-Up Sock with a Fleegle Heel – Fingering Weight
  9. ShiBui Worsted Toe-Up Socks Beginner Toe-Up Sock with a Fleegle Heel – Worsted Weight
  10. Bulky Cabled Legwarmers with Buttons – Super-Bulky Weight
  11. KnitFreedom Fair-Isle bag Bulky Felted Fair-Isle Bag for Beginners
  12. Bulky Weight Beginner Garter-Stitch Scarf
  13. Bells and christmas tree square crop Christmas Bells – Knit Christmas Ornament
  14. Diamond Dishcloth/Potholder – Traditional – Worsted Weight
  15. Double Knit Heart or Checkerboard Scarf – Super-Bulky Weight
  16. Double-Sided Man Hat
  17. Slippers Milo hands 1 sm square crop Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers by Midnattsol
  18. Elegant Ribbed Scarf for Beginners – Aran or Bulky Weight
  19. Featherweight Two-Color Brioche Scarf for Men
  20. Hand Towel – Rectangular – Worsted Weight
  21. Hat – Basic Man Hat for Magic Loop – Worsted Weight
  22. Jared Flood’s Famous Noro Striped Scarf – Compete Instructions for Beginners
  23. Man Scarf – Mistake Rib Scarf in Three Weights for Men
  24. Liat posing with blue bulky weight mitten Mittens – Basic With a Perfect Thumb – Bulky-Weight
  25. Mittens – Basic With a Perfect Thumb – Worsted-Weight
  26. Phone Cozy – Custom Size for Magic Loop – Any Weight
  27. Sock Yarn Key Cozy for Magic Loop – Fingering Weight
  28. Stripes Brigade Mosaic Throw Pillow – Bulky Weight
  29. Super-Bulky Magic Loop Socks - Malabrigo Rasta - white background - side view Super-Bulky Toe-Up Socks – A Fast, One-Skein Project
  30. Photo Scarf BasicGarterChunky 04 LiatHoldingUp V1 square Super-Bulky-Weight Garter-Stitch Scarf
  31. Textured Stripes Ear Warmer/Headband – Bulky Weight
  32. Purple toe-up socks with heel flap, shown out of car window Toe-Up Faux Heel Flap Socks – Worsted Weight
  33. Toe-Up Faux-Heel-Flap Socks – Fingering Weight
  34. Toe-Up Baby Sock Toe-Up Socks – Baby – Aran Weight
  35. Bulky beginner socks for magic loop Toe-Up Socks – Beginner Magic Loop – Bulky Weight
  36. Bulky beginner socks for magic loop Top-Down Socks – Beginner Magic Loop – Bulky Weight
  37. Top-Down Socks – Beginner Magic Loop – Fingering Weight
  38. Super-Bulky Magic Loop Socks Top-Down Socks – Beginner Magic Loop – Super-Bulky Weight
  39. Araucania Worsted-Weight Sock Top-Down Socks – Beginner Magic Loop – Worsted
  40. Two-Color Basic Brioche Hat
  41. Washcloth – Embellished Chenille – Worsted Weight
  42. Winter Waterfall Lace Sweater - Field of Gold Winter Waterfall Lace Sweater

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