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Tapestry needles Outus squareTapestry needles are blunt sewing needles you use to weave in the tails (ends) of your yarn after you're done knitting. You can also use them to darn holes in your knitting. Tapestry needles are available in straight- and bent-tip varieties - it just depends on your preference which you should buy.

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How to Darn Socks and Repair Holes in Knitting
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How to Darn Socks and Repair Holes in Knitting To mend a hole in knitting, first clean up the edges as best you can by trimming ends that are sticking out. Use a crochet hook to re-knit any stitches that have fallen out. Using a tapestry needle, weave a thin thread through the stitches vertically to create some structure. Then, cut as many pieces of yarn as you have rows missing. Weave one end of yarn horizontally through the thin threads. Then use a crochet hook to re-knit that row of stitches. Repeat for as many rows as are missing. Finally, use a tapestry needle and your yarn to graft the last row of stitches closed.
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