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Recommended App: knitCompanion by Create 2 Thrive

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KnitCompanion is a pattern-tracking app for knitters and fiber artists, which is designed to help you keep track of where you are in the pattern as you knit.

Even if you put your knitting down mid-row, the app can mark precisely the point where you stopped.

KnitCompanion also helps you keep important reference material at your fingertips. You can easily pull up the key while you're knitting, even if it's on a different page, and you can flip pages of the pattern within the app without ever losing your place.

You can even link your favorite video tutorials for tricky stitches right into the app, so you can watch them in the app while you work the stitch!

The app also has intelligent chart recognition, which means you can import charts directly from your pattern. You then have a host of special features to help you navigate them, including reminders, one-tap markers, and magic markers (which help you count stitches).

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the app is its voice control function, which means you can track your place in the pattern without ever having to put down your needles.

KnitCompanion even connects to Ravelry, so you can easily import your patterns and view them within the app.

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