Knitters who have questions waste too much time searching for videos on YouTube. We eliminate that wasted time by offering a huge library of professional knitting videos that can transform anyone into a Knitting Superstar.

Serious knitters want a reliable source of knitting videos they can turn to day and night.

The Problem: There is no officially-recognized canon of knitting videos that are approved, certified, and easy-to-follow that you can turn to whenever you have a question.

The Frustration: Exasperated and without hope, you feel like you have to be an expert at searching on YouTube just to find (questionable) advice on how to do a technique.

The bottom line is, no one should have to waste their knitting time looking on YouTube.

Mature woman knitting at computer looking not so happy
Time-wasting videos on YouTube keep you from enjoying your precious knitting time and learning what you want to learn.

We understand how frustrating it can be to waste your time searching on YouTube when you’d rather be knitting.

The Best Organized and Comprehensive Set of Classes To Be Found

I like just about everything about the Premium Lifetime Library!

I really like having all my classes arranged clearly on one page. The site itself is clean and attractive and well-designed and certainly makes me itch to learn a new technique every time I look at it.

I love, love, love my classes! Yours is probably the best organized and comprehensive set of classes to be found. So much more useful than random, impossible to organize youtube videos put up by assorted people who may or may not be good teachers.

– Celine G.

Comfort in Knitting Knowing I Have All That Knowledge at My Fingertips

The Premium Library is fantastic.... like all your videos and classes.

I bought one of your classes before the Premium Membership became available and, thanks to that excellent course, I learned how to Double Knit.

I was super excited when I saw all the different cast-on and off’s offered.

It gives me great comfort in knitting knowing that I have all that knowledge ready at my fingertips.

– Ryan S.

I Use It Whenever I Have A Question

I am very pleased with the Premium service and glad I joined at the beginning. I am not an experienced knitter and use it whenever I have a question.

– Judy H.

[KnitFreedom] Judi J.'s Transformation As a Knitter
[KnitFreedom] Judi J.'s Transformation As a Knitter

KnitFreedom Has GREAT Videos

KnitFreedom has GREAT videos… up close and so easy to follow! Thanks for such great step-by-step lessons. I am a Lifetime Member!

– Donna S.

A Sense Of Comfort That I Have A Ready Source Of Reference When I Need It

Having the membership gives me a sense of comfort that I have a ready source of reference when I need it.

– Norine S.

Transform Your Knitting With Our 6-Step Premium Plan For Knitting Success

Woman proudly holding her knitting V1 sm
Transform Your Knitting With Our 6-Step Premium Plan For Knitting Success

Our 6 Step-Plan to Maximize Your Knitting Time and Results

Is Premium Monthly or Premium Lifetime Right For You?

Is Premium Monthly or Premium Lifetime Right For Me?

Our 100% Money-Back Happiness and Joy Guarantee

KnitFreedom's Happiness and Joy Guarantee
  • Try Premium Membership for 60 days
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t love everything you learn
  • No questions asked, just your money back

Q&A: What’s The Difference Between Premium Monthly and Premium Lifetime?

Choose Premium Lifetime if…

  • You need to download videos to your computer or phone for offline use,
  • You prefer to own the entire library forever for a one-time investment,
  • You want to have forever access to all 17 classes and 430+ videos, and/or
  • You’d rather the comfort of having everything at once for a one-time fee.
Choose Premium Monthly if…

  • You do not need to download videos to your computer or phone for offline use,
  • It is important for you to access the library at a low monthly fee you can cancel at any time,
  • You’re looking to spend as little as possible and just quickly learn a technique, and/or
  • You would like to test-drive the Premium library to see if Premium Lifetime is worth it.

Q&A: What’s Included in Premium Membership?

You’ll Have Access to a Wealth of Classes from Beginner to Advanced

13 Topic-Based Video Classes (see them all here)

  • Brioche Knitting
  • Cables
  • Continental Knitting
  • Double-Knitting
  • Fair-Isle Knitting
  • Felted Slippers
  • Fix Mistakes
  • Knit Faster
  • Magic Loop
  • Mittens
  • Mosaic Knitting
  • Toe-Up Socks
  • Top-Down Socks
  • Fearless Knitter
  • Knitting Superstar

3 Video Libraries (see them all here)

  • Bind-Offs
  • Cast-Ons
  • Knitting Dictionary

430+ Knitting Videos In Total (see them all here)

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Watch as Liat Gat Takes You For a Tour Inside Premium

Ready To Stop Wasting Time Searching and Start Having Fun Knitting?

What You’re Leaving Behind:

  • Wasting time searching on YouTube for a technique without being really sure you got the right answer,
  • Watching long-winded, blurry, and too-fast videos,
  • Unable to ask questions or get help when you need it, and
  • Feeling alone instead of supported when you start a new knitting project.

What Awaits You As a Premium Member:

  • A sense of comfort and relief knowing you have ready knitting knowledge at your fingertips,
  • Inspired to knit new and different projects just from seeing all the classes available to you,
  • Feeling supported, capable, and special, and
  • Ready to tackle any knitting problem that comes your way.

Your Transformation Awaits


Discouraged by the cost of private lessons or lack of local help; isolated, alone, and unsatisfied

Transforms to


A special member of our knitting community; supported, reassured, pampered, taken care of, ready to learn!

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