Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

About Our Students

About Our Students

Our Students

Woman in Yarn Store Looking Up Videos on Computer

At KnitFreedom, our ideal students are knitters who…

  • Are over age 65,
  • Are serious about knitting as a hobby,
  • Stay up late at night knitting and need a reliable source of instruction,
  • Live in remote areas without good Internet,
  • Often go on cruises/RV trips/vacations, and
  • Live in areas where there are no yarn stores and have no other knitters to ask.

How do we know?

Woman proudly holding her knitting

At KnitFreedom, we make it our business to understand our students and their frustrations with currently available resources. We’ve found that our students…

  • Have taken a variety of online video knitting classes,
  • Find videos on YouTube random and impossible to organize,
  • Get frustrated when videos take forever to load or stop and buffer,
  • Feel left in the dark when teachers online don’t answer questions, and
  • Hate when classes skip over topics or assume you know things you don’t.

Want to learn more?

Our Ideal Students…

Senior couple by a cruise ship

1) Are Retired Or Over Age 65

Our students…

  • Are often newly retired and finally have time to devote to knitting
  • Are 65, 70, 75, even 80 years old and crazy about learning new techniques
  • Are intrepidly learning new knitting skills via the Internet
  • Appreciate the calm tone, unrushed pace, and clear explanations of our videos.

Our happiest, most satisfied students write in and let us know that in retirement they are finally able to devote their time to knitting.

A New Knitter Over Sixty

I love all of your videos but especially the yarnovers. Since I am a new knitter I need all the help I can get. And since I’m over sixty it probably takes me longer to learn than, say, the young ones. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

– Lane R.

The Best Way of Learning is via KnitFreedom

I am a 76-year-old male. I started to learn knitting 6 months ago. It is just wonderful. When browsing the web I quickly realized that the best way of learning is via KnitFreedom, a fantastic place. My congratulations.

– Göran G.

Finally Actually Been Knitting For The First Time In My Life

I've finally actually been knitting for the first time in my life and (for someone who is closing in on 80), I think that's an amazing tribute to your patience, clarity and articulate presentation.

– Valerie H.

2) Are Serious About Knitting As a Hobby

Our students…

Woman sitting at computer in yarn shop knitting

  • Are passionate about knitting and have a burning desire to succeed,
  • Are overcoming isolation and lack of local help and teaching themselves to knit via the Internet,
  • Feel determined to “finally get it” after many attempts, and
  • Are committed to knitting that cardigan, shawl, or pullover even it takes many tries.

Worth the Investment

I love your videos, and now that I am a serious knitter since I have retired, it’s worth the investment.

– Lydia S.

3) Often Travel by RV And/Or Go On Cruises

Our students…

Senior couple embracing outside RV lake trip

  • Regularly go on cruises or RV trips,
  • Sometimes go on a cruise as often as every three weeks,
  • Are often without reliable Internet when traveling,
  • Love to take their knitting projects on the road, and
  • Want to easily be able to watch knitting videos and classes offline.

Tip: Video downloads are a cornerstone of our Premium membership.

With Premium Offline, you can download your videos straight to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone for 100% offline, vacation-ready playback.

This is the Most Fun and Easy-to-Understand Course I Have Ever Seen!

I recently purchased the premium knitting course. I am on cruises about every three weeks, and I usually don’t have the internet. Kudos to the staff and Liat, as this is the most fun and easy-to-understand course I have ever seen!

– Judi J.

The Teaching Style is So Chill and Au Naturel

You are so cool over and beyond! The ability to freely download and watch the video is a real bonus. The teaching style is so chill and au naturel, nothing rushed or too scripted.

– Maria G.

4) Live In a Remote Area

Our students often…

Country House reflected in lake

  • Live in far from urban zones and don’t have fast Internet,
  • Travel to wifi zones in order to download knitting videos in bulk,
  • Tether wifi from their phones to access the Internet at home, and
  • Get frustrated with videos buffering and taking forever to load.

Hint: At KnitFreedom, easy video downloading is a priority because we know you don’t have access to fast Internet.

In addition, the videos on our website are streamed from YouTube so even at low bandwidth the playback is frustration-free.

5) Are Just Starting Out or Getting Back Into Knitting After a Long Break

Our students are often knitters who…

Woman knitting on park bench

  • Learned to knit from a relative 40 or 50+ years ago,
  • Are getting back into knitting after first learning as a child or teenager,
  • Were never taught how to fix mistakes when they first learned to knit,
  • Sometimes have trouble with the way they tension the yarn, and
  • Have doubts as to whether they are doing the fundamental techniques correctly.

Good news! At KnitFreedom we start with the fundamentals and never leave out a step.

Clear videos show you the right way to do techniques, plus tips to keep you from stumbling when the technique proves difficult.

We even provide one-on-one email coaching whenever you have a question or there is a direction in a pattern you don’t understand. All included as part of our Premium membership.

Thanks For All the Guidance

I have returned to knitting having last knitted anything about 40 years ago. Now knitting two-at-a-time with pattern and toe-up, also changing patterns which are top-down. Thanks for all the guidance found on your site.

– Gary

Advanced Self-Taught Knitter

I have taught myself to knit over the years with the exception of one course I took at my LYS. I consider myself knowledgeable and advanced, but am so happy to have found Liat. She is a phenomenal teacher and I have learned so much from her. I didn't know how much I didn't know and am so happy to learn so much from her courses.

– Nancy G.

Helpful, Clear Instructions

I, too, am a self-taught knitter. I have two bookcases full of instruction books and have found Liat Miriam Gat's videos so helpful, the instructions so clear. It is so much easier for me to see and knit than to read and knit. Thanks for your excellent instructions and keep up the good work.

– Jean M.

Started After 42 Years

HUGS. I LOVE YOU!!!!! You have helped me SO MUCH! I started knitting in September after 42 years of not knitting, and I have amazed myself!

– Lynn

6) Have Tried YouTube But Find It a Time-Waster

Our students have tried YouTube and find that…

Red YouTube Video play button crossed out

  • Time is wasted searching for different explanations of a technique,
  • There are many differing demonstrations showing how to do a single technique, leaving you still confused,
  • The videos can be impossible to organize,
  • The teaching is of varying and often dubious quality, and
  • You may search for something your pattern calls for and, after many tries, still not find directions for how to do it.

The truth is, videos on YouTube give you varying answers to your question. But when you’re serious about knitting, you just want to know what the right answer is.

You want to enjoy your knitting time and you don’t want to spend it all looking up videos on YouTube, just to come away as confused as ever.

That’s where KnitFreedom comes in. Clear, to-the-point explanations of hundreds of techniques, all in one organized library, filmed by a proven and beloved teacher.

If, after watching our videos, you still have doubts, just email us! We’re always here to provide a second set of eyes on your pattern or project.

And if don’t have a video on a technique you’re asking about, we may make one just for you! Beat that, YouTube.

Tried YouTube

I've tried to watch knitting videos on youtube and none are as useful as your ebooks.

– Kristin

Easier Than Searching YouTube

I love the Knitting Superstar video e-Book! It is so much easier to be able to do the part of the pattern I am working and click the video link than having to go to YouTube and do a search.

– Crystal

Don’t Have To Spend Forever Searching

Thanks so much… I just ordered the Knitting Superstar!!! Oh my goodness…. so awesome. Now I don't have to spend forever searching for every single little technique or method out there. I cannot tell you how many useless videos I have had to sift through. Thanks again… I can't wait to try the new sock pattern.

– Jeanne T.

It Was So Easy!

After about six or more tries with different YouTube teachers, and still not getting it at all, I happened to watch your Magic Loop video. And it was so easy! Listening to you and watching your hands, I was able to figure it out and actually do it!

– Candace B.

7) Have Invested in Craftsy/Interweave/Other Paid Video Classes But Are Left Unsatisfied

Our students are often knitters who…

Mature woman knitting at computer looking not so happy

  • Have invested in many different paid online video classes,
  • Get frustrated when teachers don’t answer questions,
  • Hate it when a class seems to leave out or skip over vital information,
  • Dislike having to wait for videos to load and buffer, and
  • Don’t like encountering difficulties when accessing paid classes.

KnitFreedom’s classes and services are different. Videos are filmed thoroughly and take you through each technique step-by-step. We don’t assume you know anything (while never talking down to you, either).

The best part: a real live team of knitting experts awaits behind our help desk just to answer your questions. Whether in a group knitalong context or one-on-one coaching, you can count on us to answer your question within 24 hours so you can get back to your knitting project with confidence.

Definitely Recommending You

I have purchased a large number of Craftsy classes, and I don't think I would have if I had known about your site first. I am definitely recommending it to everyone I know and in my online groups.

– Candace T. (Premium Member)

I’m So Very Grateful for Your Confidence in Me and Everyone

Thanks so much for hosting this KAL (knitalong) with your excellent pattern, precise steps, and prompt and thorough replies to all questions.

Most importantly, I’m so very grateful for your confidence in me and everyone. It makes it possible to take on challenges I would otherwise not attempt solo. This was a growth experience for me on all levels.

– Marla D. (In regards to Toe-Up Socks Knitalong)

Surpassing My Own Expectations

OH MY What can I say... Anyone looking for how to do a new technique, or just learning 'how to,' Liat's e-books are the way to go... She adds videos that show every move with comments for those of us that are challenged. Not to mention Liat is a very sweet and patient teacher.

If you still don't understand after watching her videos you can send her a question and bless her, she will answer or send you a link that will show you in a different way of how to master what you are trying to learn!

I am new to knitting and with the help of Liat's e-books I am surpassing my own expectations. I highly recommend her e-books and joining her e-mail lists, you will learn a lot faster and not get as frustrated. Bless you Liat!!!!

– lanagailey

8) Use the Internet to Look Up Answers to Knitting Questions

Our students…

Yarn balls lying next to tablet composite image Google yarn results

  • Often don’t have any knitting friends or resources locally,
  • Turn to the Internet when they get stuck on a pattern or project,
  • Look for videos online when they want to learn a new technique,
  • Try to follow patterns at home and when they encounter directions they don’t understand, search the Internet for clarification, and
  • Get stuck if they can’t find an answer to their question online.

We understand your frustration! The Internet is a miracle in that it provides us with so many patterns to knit and tutorials to watch.

However, you can’t count on the Internet to give you the answers you need 100% of the time.

At, with its over 400 high-quality, patient, and calm videos, you’ll find the perfect companion when you don’t have in-person resources nearby.

You can look up each technique in your dictionary and see a thorough, clear explanination of how to do it, plus tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Plus, we work hard every day to make a site that is easy to use.

And if you can’t find a technique, all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll help you out within 24 hours.

KnitFreedom Has Changed My Life

After struggling to teach myself by searching all over the Internet for examples and videos, I came across KnitFreedom and it has changed my life.

– Mari I., Knitter and blogger

My First “Go-To”

One of the best instructors for knitting on the internet. Liat is my first "go-to" when I don't understand something. She not only demonstrates the technique, she is able to explain WHY the technique works.

– Yvonne M.

The First Place I Go

Your site is the first place I go when I need a video on a new technique.

– Debbie K.

9) Stay Up Late at Night Knitting

Night owls, unite! Our ideal students…

Senior woman working on screen late at night

  • Are often up until 1, 2, or 3 o’clock in the morning knitting,
  • Get into the groove knitting and just don’t want to stop!
  • Are night owls who reserve that special late-night time for knitting,
  • Are so determined to get their projects perfect that they spend hours ripping out and re-knitting, and
  • Even if they do live near a yarn store, can’t ask questions because… night time!

We are just the same way. That’s why we aim to be your #1 reliable resource for late-night knitting help.

When you don’t want to wait until the next day to make progress on your knitting, having a video knitting library at your fingertips is a must.

And if you can’t find the answer, take comfort in knowing you can send us a photo of your knitting or pattern and get a helpful answer in your inbox the very next day.

Just The Right Thing For Me

I'm up late at night. You can't go to a knitting store late at night. It works perfect. It's just the right thing for me.

– Judi J.

A Sense Of Comfort That I Have A Ready Source Of Reference When I Need It

Having the membership gives me a sense of comfort that I have a ready source of reference when I need it.

– Norine S.

10) Could Sure Use a Knitting Friend When They Have Questions

Our students are often knitters who…

Two friends knitting

  • Do not know any other knitters who can teach them,
  • Learned to knit from a parent or grandparent who is no longer around to help,
  • Live far away from any yarns stores or other knitters,
  • Only see their knitting friends once in a while and have to wait to ask them questions, or
  • Don’t feel comfortable asking questions in a group classroom setting.

We are here for you! We know it can feel isolating at times to be the only knitter you know.

The marvel of the Internet is that KnitFreedom is just a click away.

If you have a question or you’re confused, our staff of caring, loving knitting experts are here to help you. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Made a Difference In My Life

PLEASE know that without you I would have given up on really KNOWING how to knit. My first exposure to knitting came when I was four. I sat on my aunt's lap while she was knitting. She showed me the mechanics of the knit and purl stitch.

She gave me yarn and a set of her knitting needles. She helped me knit a potholder. I didn't knit again until I was 10. Then I knitted a coat hanger cover with my grandmother's help. But, in those knitting endeavors, I never made a mistake or the mistakes that I did make were fixed by my aunt/grandmother.

I went on to learn to crochet, and left knitting aside until I was 30. From 30 to 48, I would knit on a project -- until I made a mistake. Then the yarn would be put into a sack and set aside, and along with it my self-esteem would suffer. During those years, I was also dealing with the drama of domestic abuse from my husband. I wanted nothing more than ever to wear a sweater that I had knit myself.

I would start again and again, knit until I made a mistake that I couldn't fix and feel like a failure -- until I encountered you and your videos on YouTube. You changed my life.

Your wonderful way of explaining things made all the difference. I signed up for your KnitFreedom classes and I am now an empowered, fearless knitter. I thank God for the difference that you have made in my life -- all the while you have never known how much you have helped me. You are someone that I wish I could hug in person!

– Diane B.

Your Videos Help Me Manage the Stress

As a beginning knitter it is so hard, when there is no available local hands-on help, to know if you are doing things correctly. Your videos help me manage the stress and I have found many answers on your site. You have great humor and positive energy!

– Lisa S.

Just Like Having Your Best Knitting-Pal Sitting With You

I lost my Mum a few months ago, and I don’t know anyone else who knits who can teach me.

Seeing Liat’s super clear videos and watching her talk me through each step is just like having your best knitting-pal sitting with you, patiently showing you all the little tricks that mean you can knit faster and more easily than ever before.

Yes it’s a little more expensive than buying a book, but you get so much more because you can see the movements of Liat’s hands and fingers, right in front of you as if they were your own. You see exactly what she sees.

Best knitting resource on the web by FAR!

– Abi G.

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Uplifting and Informative

I think you are the greatest. Love getting emails from you - always uplifting in addition to informative. You are my go-to person for any knitting issue, or for inspiration. Thanks for all your efforts.

– Joanne S.

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